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Inktober is right here and I’m rather slow to catch up… still, I feel like drawing because westbrook61 inspired me to do this again, and I want to know what. You – yes, YOU – can tell me what, if you like!

I’m starting on my own, but, by all means, send me your hearty suggestions. I’ll do my best.

It's been a while since I posted anything, and it's been a while since I did any Webcomics United. So...

Shortening a long story, my Mac had a problem where it couldn't load its OS and that meant the whole hard drive was toast. I was lucky enough to have a backup... which was months old, so I actually lost a lot of stuff, including what appears to be the last 6 WU strips I worked on.

...Welp. Moving on.

I want to get back at drawing and I think I'm finally squeezing some time off my new life schedule to get it on, and making promo art would at least  breathe some life back into the wasteland that I made my Patreon into. And, well, I'm taking suggestions.

Want to see Theo climbing a tree with sloths? Hit me. Jessica dressed as Faye Valentine? Leave your message. Zip dressed as a maid? You got that before, but sure. Let's do this.

Leave your comments, and I'll go pick the ones that pique my interest. Ideally, I should draw every character I ever introduced in the strip, and maybe some I didn't (yes, Zip has a sister), so let's do this.

I said: Let's. Do! THIS!
Putting it shortly: I haven't been doing comics in a while, I haven't produced much besides Inktober pics and even that fell out because last week has been frantic. A combination of trying to make a game for a jam(failed to make the cut because timezones), a raving double birthday party and most of the weekend out and about, not to mention increasing franticness of my college routine as the semester approaches its end, and work demands getting especially complicated... it all kept me from drawing in the flow I hoped for.

It'll come, though. I've failed to do so in last years, but I hope this one will be different. I have the ideas, at least.

In much happier news, and also getting at least one of my aspiring careers going on, I at least have the soundtrack of Quartet Quest, my upcoming game based but also totally different than the Quartet prototype from last year, done by the excellent :iconmrvorhias:. Link right below if you'd like to take a gander:

Quartet Quest - OST by MrVorhias 

Art will keep coming as it always does. For some reason I refuse to give up on this place. Go figure. :P

See y'all and have a nice day! o/
You didn't mishear that! The webcomic about webcomic characters is coming back to updating regularly (sort of, more or less, for liberal definitions of "regular") on the site !

You can also keep track of it right here, a few days after the new comic goes up on the site, but will you want to be the last of your friends to check out the new comic? No! Especially because, statistically speaking, you have no friends who read Webcomics United but never mind that, keep checking the comics at the site, man! It's , don't forget it!

Finally, our comic now is going into the world of enterpreneurship by finally getting its own Patreon campaign, where for as low as 25 cents per strip produced, you can help make WU a reality without me having to slash my budget with hosting costs, domain registration, marketing expenses and generally all those things that cost money, and you also get early access to my comics and exclusive content! Thank you very much! :D

So, get ready, for next week, Zip is back! And I'm not kidding, he's the protagonist of Monday's comic! :iconimgroovyplz:
So, just wanted to put the subject out as clearly as possible because I'm sure there are some people that still care. Anyway, let's cut to the point.

The Webcomics United Patreon is going up tomorrow, Mar 1st. Or as soon as Patreon let's the page go up. The plan is to start small and go up from there, focusing on getting the work flowing and the bucks coming.

Important point: no one will be deprived from anything that's been going on so far if they don't contribute. Basically, the site will always be free and, in general, all the things that are usually free for all will continue being so. Patreon incentives will mostly be "early access" and a few exclusive opportunities of using my time for free.

Finally, the minimum fee for benefits is 25 cents. That's right, one measly quarter per comic strip published. That's probably going to amount to about 2 dollars per month in a good run. I'm not asking you much, I'm just asking for literally anything.

Y'all have a good day, and I hope this works somehow. :P
Yes, I've managed up to #11 in my Inktober run this year. Last year I stopped it somewhere near the end for "being in another country for work related reasons" reasons, and never got back to it again. This year, this ain't happening.

I'm taking this story to its conclusion on page 31, and it will be... good, I guess? To be honest, I need to plan better the gaps between the depicted events, and just try to not rush everything near the end. And yes, there will be violence, and gross parasite worms. They will be related. And Eirani will have a cute costume, too, so that balances out, I guess?

So, I still have a project. And, talking of projects, you might want to check out Farmer Fran (Prototype), just because it's a game I made and I'd like to know what you think. :)

Have a nice time, and... happy belated halloween! :la:
Look, nobody made this pun before. I know it's because it's horrible, but still: I had to.

Anyway: October is upon us and thus it is time for Inktober! And this year's Inktober will follow the steps of :iconwestbrook61:'s inkstravaganzas(again: I just had to) which means it will have a plot and stuff.

And unless I have a marvelous idea in the next 12 hours or so, it is going to be "A Very Eirani Halloween", which will feature the characters from my still upcoming comic book Angela, in special the scrawny nerd Eirani and her incipient Ink powers.

That's not a pun, she does have ink powers. I'd like to remind you that in this comic the great villain is a giant ancient cephalopod.

Anyway... get ready. For ink.

(PS.: Inklings may or may not be an Ester Egg; still deciding)
Here's the thing: almost all my efforts are now turned to game making in this second half of my yearly run of the "One Game a Month" project. This means that, while I did post some new quick sketches a while back, I don't think this will be happening again soon, sadly.

Instead, I'll start putting concept art and in-game stuff I did for the games. Guess it also counts as advertising, seeing that I most definitely will redirect you to the games themselves, if they're done. :la:

So... more on this later. And by this I mean I'll start posting those things. Let's do that!
I don't think a lot of people have been reading these or paying attention so I'll just lay down some three pieces of big news going on in my life in the last months.

1. I've been working out, now. Not to get all fit and beefy, but just so I can keep on eating as I like to. I love eating, so instead of eating less, I'm burning excess. It's a solution.

2. I've got a new pen tablet, a mix of plans I had for a long while and it being my birthday last friday. Perfect opportunity, they say. :dummy: It's not very different from the old Bamboo, except it seems to work on updated software, which is neat.

3. I'm going to France again by the 25th. So, hey, if you're actually reading this and you're in Europe and not afraid of being contacted by a total stranger from Brazilian lands, hit me up. I'll try to fight the impulse of stealing your watch and wallet. :P

And that's about it. Se y'all. :wave:
Tagged by brietta-a-m-f and I decided to do it because it's about music. :eager:

1. Write down every letter of your name
2. Write down a song that pops up in your mind beginning with each letter
3. Count the number of letter and tag that many people in your friends list

For this I'll select only one of my last names because Latin America naming conventions seem to be kind of obsessed with genealogy. And by that I mean the last names start to pile up. :P

B: Barbara Ann - Beach Boys
R: Roll Down The River - Harry Chaplin
U: Unforgettable - Nat King Cole
N: No Children - Mountain Goats
O: Off To The Races - Lana Del Rey
G: Gita - Raul Seixas
U: Unbreak My Heart - Tonni Braxton
E: Escape - Rupert Holmes
D: Disparada - Elba Ramalho & Geraldo Azevedo
E: Enter Sandman - Metallica
S: Santa Baby - Marylin Monroe

So, I was supposed to tag 11 people(or 25 if I went with my full name :P), but I won't.

I'm just going to tag MrVorhias and call it a day. :dummy:
You can play TreeHopper right here on Unity player, or download the standalone builds! The game features chromativ metamorphosis, endless defense and also a high score system. It's local only for now, but I'll work on some online competition and achievements later when I get back to it.

Meawhile, the next game on the queue is finally going to reference the Farmer Fran mythos, what with it being an enactment of a siege on the White Castle by the Vicious Vegetable troops, lead by the Queenucopia herself. Not a single word of that made sense yet, I suppose, but it'll be good. I hope.

Seriously, one month deadline's ain't kid's play. :P
Second month is over, second game is up! Also, I now have a page in Looks neat, and integrates all the hosting/store part that I don't have so that's very nice. Just figuring how to customize my page and all, but it's super neat. :V

So, before going to the rest of news, I'd just like to thank MrVorhias for the soundtrack again. I've reused the tracks I've got on the old Stencyl version for this port, and they still are awesome. Thank a lot! :highfive:

Coming up next, I'm not sure. I am tempted to take #1GAM's theme challenge this time, because it's Transformation. :V I also want to work some AI concepts, so I'm guessing something kind of RTSish. Something with colors. Yes... yes...

Anywhoo, more news: I desperately need to start drawing again, because I'm feeling like I'm rusting up. :P So, expect new art, I hope. Meanwhile, I'll keep reuploading art from last year. As usual. :dummy:

Have an awesome time, y'all shiny happy people! :D
Been a long while without journals, so I wanted to say hi to you all shiny happy people. I'm still going on with last year's daily drawings(they did end in December 31st, I'm just catching up with my slow reblogging rhythm :P) and I'm still planning WU's triumphant comeback(I was stuck with a joke and finally got free; it'll probably not be very good, but I just needed to get it done).

So now, to the stuff I mentioned in the title!

I'm bringing my not so old game making site BrazMogu Games, with a twist: now it's a Wordpress blog with my very own homebrew design as a theme. Converting my site into a WP theme was kind of fun. :) Migrating my old posts(all written in XML files saved on the disk) into Wordpress, not so much. :| But it's there.

And this year in game making has already started, with two treats so far! First, the comeback of an old project of mine, Beetle Bog Revival, a maze game that got a turn-based twist added to it as I was experimenting with the engine.

Coming up this month is Metal Angler, a port of my old project that I posted here until the Flash file became too big to be uploaded. :P Both are done in Unity, so you'll need the player to check them out. :V

Feedback is, as always, appreciated. Otherwise, a nice day for you, and here's to me trying to not be super absent here as always. :dummy:

Suuuure that will work.
Welp, the years comes and goes and guess what it's that time o' the year again. No use dwelling on that much, right?

This year was pretty awesome and intense. I feel like there was a lot going on on each part of it and that makes it feel less rushes than other years(though for me it seems holiday season got  me by surprise, somehow, haha :la: )

Anyway, Happy Holidays to you all, my dA friends. Celebrate with your family and friends, or by yourself, but do not miss the cheers. And feel free to stay around and say hi whenever through the year. It's bound to be pretty neat. :eager:

Cheers, and the best of wishes to all of you! :D
I think we can all just agree dA's new logo and mission statement post are incredibly pretentious and just move on with our lives, right?

That's it. I told you the words would be few. :P
Ok, so remember I once wanted to make this game where a farmer named Fran went out on a magical quest to save the prince of a faraway magical land?

That's still around. I just decided how I'm going to go about it.

Some time ago I started this plan of implementing 12 classic gameplay demos(and then turn them into full games) in LÖVE2D, a Lua engine. I'm still doing that, currently I stopped at Pac-Man. :P Anyway, some time ago I decided I would start investing in Unity 2D because, well, Unity is awesome. Among other things, it allows me to publish pretty much anywhere, and I surely can use that.

But I'm not going to do that "classic gameplays" thing in Unity because, well, I'm doing that once already. For Unity, I'm deciding to go boldly. I'll start simple, yes, but I'll start building up to the greatness that once will be "Farmer Fran"(and its inevitable sequel "Farmer Fran 2: Fran's In Trouble"), by starting up the mythos of the magical lands that Fran will visit. You know, the Vegetable Kingdom, the Kingdom of Colors, the Mineral Empire... oh, wait, obviously you don't know. I'm the only one who does.

But yes, a couple thematic games are going to come about while I figure Unity until finally Queenucopia of the Vegetable Kingdom decides to kidnap the Prince of Colors and Fran somehow enters the story.

It's gonna be cool, is what I mean. :V

So... stay tuned. Stuff is going to happen.

(Though, to be honest, it'll probably only start around next year :P)
I know, it seems Christmas comes up earlier every year right? :V

Seriously, though, every once in a while I get whiff of something like this going on(usually it's louizim starting it :P) and this year I decided to take my part in starting the suggestions. Though I have little more than a vague idea, so I guess this post is the one in which I'd like to know who's interested in this.

I'm accepting suggestions on how to actually manage this(keeping track of everyone, shuffling the participants around, that kind of stuff) and also on how we should determine what's to be done. What comes to my mind would be either start with a list of gift suggestions by each person, or establish some common guidelines(say, do your gift inspired on the person's creations.

And yes, third-partying would be approved, because lurkers are always welcome(anyone is welcome when you expect like 5 people to even bother reading :P).

Well, it begins. And it may end here, or it may not. Let us wait and see. :V
I have got yet another feature thing. This one goes thusly:
- 3 features per artist
- request, and you shall be given
- if you are given, you gotta do this and feature me at the top. Yay for alls.

Also I realized I don't have a subscription anymore so... no thumbs. Oh well. :roll:

Oh, never mind, it seems I do have thumbs still. Also thumbnails. And also the ability to post thumbnails of deviations.

Wordplays are my kryptonite, yes. :|

#1 - MrVorhias 

Adventures In P-Town: True Story by MrVorhias  Subpar Co-Star by MrVorhias Meet Vanilla Pie by MrVorhias

#2 - YOU??? :D
I've been thinking I should give another try at being social in this social network we got here. Knowing people. Talking. I don't know. Might as well start with what's been going up in my life since the last news.

Firstly, I have posted all those Les Mis pictures, and so I've finally continued getting up to date with my current art project and posting the rest of the pictures here as well. It could use all the love it can get, so go up there if you'd like to see illustrations based on songs. All sorts of songs. Pop songs, indie songs, game and movie soundtracks... there's all sort of stuff. :D

I have been doing one game(more like one prototype) a month for a while but then this has slipped through my fingers last month. Mostly because I've got vacations and I seem to never be able to actually get going with my own projects during vacations, but also because I've got myself a freelance job. Will get back on that later. Anyway, with 1 Game A Month down I've turned back to working on games as they come. Actually, getting back on my "12 Demos" series is my main priority. Next up: Bejeweled. Just in case you're wondering. :P

Also, I've got a deal illustrating a book. A book written by a 10-year-old pupil of my mom, actually. A short story about kids getting super powers and fighting evil and it's awesome. Not objectively awesome, but still. It was a fun project, I was paid for it, and I had a crazy deadline that got me sleepless nights and makes me feel like I'm an art professional, finally. :dummy: I'm going to post the pictures later, I suppose, because I really like how some of them came up. Especially the cover.

I've got another bout of quick depression, but that's kind of happening twice an year lately. Guess it comes with the anxiety of the modern world and young adultness or something. It's okay, I'm okay, you probably don't care about this, it's just here because it's news. If you do care, thanks a lot. I'm fine.

I've got myself back into reading books. Actual paper books, the ones I've bought so long ago and have been abandoned ever since I got a smartphone and realized I could spend my commuting time reading Cracked instead. Just finished House of Leaves one of these days and holy crap it's haunting and terrifying and awesome. Highly recommend it.

And talking of recommendations, I've been watching and reading and playing some very good stuff and this makes me feel like writing reviews again. Of course, only thing between me and that dream is the same thing between me and most my other projects, that is, that time is a finite resource. Not kidding, if I had a lamp genie and three wishes, my second wish would be to never need to sleep again. (The first one, obviously, would be to have my own soundtrack :V )

And I think that's enough of news for now. Ambitious, for something probably no one will read, but the first step for achieving is not to give up. Or something.

Have a nice day, y'all shiny happy people! o/
Because there's going to be A LOT of it these days. I've been postponing posting all 40 illustrations done based on Les Mis musical songs, but I finally gotta do it so I can get on with the postage of my daily musical pictures project here on dA. So look down, look down... into my gallery. Soon. You'll know it when your devWatch raises all of a sudden. :V

Also, if you like Les Mis you should take a look at my Les Mis poster starring the cast of Webcomics United. With autographs! :D

Woo, shameless plug! :dummy: