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Webcomics United Cosplay Special - Les WUs by pro-mole Webcomics United Cosplay Special - Les WUs by pro-mole
Fun fact: I've been listening to Les Miserables musical track in loop for this whole week. On the good side, it's awesome(not the 2012 movie soundtrack, btw; no Crowe). On the better side, it made me pretty much immune to ear worms. :P And then I decided to draw my characters as the Les Miserables cast.

Thus, Madams et Monsieurs, in this desecration of Victor Hugo's opus "Les Miserables" we present...

- John Stiff as Jean Valjean (or John Valjohn :P )
- Mrs. Ribbon as Inspector Javert
- Flora Ein as Fantine
- Zip M. Stiff as Marius
- Theo Hummer as Enjolras
- Duncan as Grantaire
- Ella M. as Gavroche
- Mim as Cosette
- Jessica Ein as 'Ponine (she can't pronounce that "É" :P )
- Franz Ohm and Laura Lockhart as M. and Mme. Thénardier

And the full res thing is available for paid download. No idea how that works yet, but I'll try to work the best deal, guys, trust me. Everything has a little price, after all. :V

EDIT: Guess what?! The high-res version now not only is huge(it really is, you guys), but also is SIGNED! :D Yes, indeed, every character left their signature there! That's also valid for the prints, so you know you'll be getting something extra! :D
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September 8, 2013
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