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#312 DeviantART by Picolo-kun #312 DeviantART :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 9,251 541
He couldn’t stop watching her. In the dim lights and blinking strobes, she was a vision. She wore fitted jeans cut off just above the knees and a layered, gauzy blouse, patterned with a faint cheetah print. It swayed against her frame, teasing the senses. That girl oozed sensuality. She looked at Tod twice, the only sign that she knew he was there. Each time, his chest tightened, and it seemed to get harder to breathe.
    The floor was her world. The others only existed because she allowed them to. She bent and leaped and twirled in time with the music, an extension of it. Soon, she was all color and motion. There was nothing human in what remained.
    He couldn’t help but wonder what everyone else would be thinking of her. Sharp pangs of possessiveness pinched his gut. His grip tightened on his seat. There was no way he could allow anyone else to hold her, to touch her. He shook with the effort to keep from whisking her away, to guard her from the predators that lurked e
:iconbrietta-a-m-f:brietta-a-m-f 4 9
Last Stops
The kid was quiet for the first several hours after he had picked her up. Obe glanced at her occasionally, particularly when he changed the radio station, looking for a sign that he had found the one she liked. She was quiet, but expressive, and she wrinkled her nose for the first five that he tried. When he found a classic rock channel, she smiled slightly and her shoulders relaxed. She was staring out the window at the endless dusty desert, but he caught her stealing glances back at him several times. Obe was patient, and waited for her to start the conversation.
    “I don’t remember how I got out here,” she said finally.
    “That’s okay. Most people don’t.”
    “Yeah, but it seems weird that I don’t remember how I got in the middle of nowhere.”
    “Does it?”
    “Yeah. How did you get here?”
    Obe smiled. The girl, who had told him she
:iconbrietta-a-m-f:brietta-a-m-f 125 64
I never thought time would end this way.
I beg you to go. You beg me to stay.
:iconbrietta-a-m-f:brietta-a-m-f 10 20
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Stars / The Moth / Just Dance
Simply Red - Stars
He walked by without a care, but several. To his credit, none were romantic in nature; the world offered enough variety in worries to leave the heart unbothered. That girl, now she was a different story. How hard the thought of him would make her shake! Actually facing him demanded courage she hadn't yet developed, and doubted she ever would. What reality can't bring, fiction provides in spades, and one day, her imagination caused her to wonder...What if by mere whim of destiny, she ended up in his arms? All of a sudden, without previous warning, without any intervention from either of them. That he'd find himself holding her body, which would no longer be shaking. No, if that ever happened, she'd be too petrified to make the slightest move. But at least he could see her, as he carried the weight of emotions turned heavier everyday, and perhaps words wouldn't be needed. Maybe all he needed to know could be derived from that face. Her simply red face.
* * * * *
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Self Portrait! by brietta-a-m-f Self Portrait! :iconbrietta-a-m-f:brietta-a-m-f 2 2 #275 Apnea by Picolo-kun #275 Apnea :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 5,794 226 Inktober Halloween 2014 by westbrook61 Inktober Halloween 2014 :iconwestbrook61:westbrook61 1 4 Inktober 10-28-14 by westbrook61 Inktober 10-28-14 :iconwestbrook61:westbrook61 1 4 Inktober 10-27-14 by westbrook61 Inktober 10-27-14 :iconwestbrook61:westbrook61 1 1 Inktober 10-26-14 by westbrook61 Inktober 10-26-14 :iconwestbrook61:westbrook61 2 1 #266 Long Distance Relationships by Picolo-kun #266 Long Distance Relationships :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 5,059 243 Inktober 10-25-14 by westbrook61 Inktober 10-25-14 :iconwestbrook61:westbrook61 1 5


Bruno Guedes
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi, there!

I just realized I haven't written a bio for myself and decided it's about time, after 10 years around here. Time sure flies, yep.

So, I'm a Brazilian software developer who's been drawing since he was a little kid and never stopped. Here you may find my musings and creations, including a whole unfinished universe of mythos, some unwritten stories that are nonetheless being illustrated and fleshed out as art, a whole lot of musically inspired artistry, a few attempts at game design and also comics about comic characters working in comics.

Welcome and enjoy, leave a comment if you so feel inclined, chat about if it flies your fancy. I don't bite, and have been restraining myself about the scratches.

Because, you see, I'm a professional mole. That's kind of the joke.

...Seriously, thanks for the visit and have a nice day. :)

Inktober is right here and I’m rather slow to catch up… still, I feel like drawing because westbrook61 inspired me to do this again, and I want to know what. You – yes, YOU – can tell me what, if you like!

I’m starting on my own, but, by all means, send me your hearty suggestions. I’ll do my best.



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Aha! That's nice! Good for Candy! :D
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Happy Birthday, Molly! Also happy mother's day! *Zap!*
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Well, I was hoping this wouldn't happen, but what I do I know... -_-

Thanks, anyway. :D
animal-delos Featured By Owner May 8, 2016   Writer
Hehehe... that's what happens when your b-day and mother's day are on the same day. ^^
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It feels great, I just wish I had something real good to do with it while I still have it :V

11-markita-pencils by pro-mole  
Oh hey, at least I can do this :la:
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Roxy says "Hi." Untitled by westbrook61  
Just discovered the stash tool. This is one of many pics Didi and I send to each other via text message as her phone does not have emojis.
pro-mole Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Custom emoticons :V
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