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Been working as a storyboard revisionist on Stevie U. It's pretty neat!

I've also discovered the world of Cintiqs and now I have no idea how I ever drew anything on tablet.
super busy rnn 3: the busy business
Hey there, I'll be running around with :icondigitallyfanged: this weekend starting on Friday afternoon sometime, so let me know if you want to hang out or whatever it is people do when they're not on the internet! Additionally, the two of us are good for now, but we don't mind taking one or two more people into our hotel room, so if you're still in need of accommodations or you are sharing your current room with only one other person and want a couple more roomies, don't hesitate to ask. Otherwise, see you all on Monday!
Your choices aaaare:
No lewds or suggestive stuff. I'm all about the cute, comfy, and fashionable.

Classic series

-Strange request, but...ANY two (or as many characters as you're comfortable with, just don't overburden yourself) of the RMs from MM9 or MM10 doing something cute/stupid/heartwarming/whatever.
...Especially partial to Chill Man, --->Jewel Man<---, Tornado Man, Splash Woman, Hornet Man, Sheep Man, Solar Man, but honestly I love them all, so wtfe. 
-Jewel Man or my Jewel Woman, on their own, hangin' with their bros and sisters, I'm down for anything.

X Series

-Axl, Red, or both.
-Midi and Techno 
-Similar to the prompt above in Classic. ANY two, or more, members of Red Alert doing something cute/stupid/heartwarming/assbad
-Gate and Alia, as a couple or as friends/rivals 
-Sigma and Lumine, where Sigma is a hopeless parent pushed around by his ill-tempered spoiled brat of a son.

Thank you so much!
**11/12/12 Edit: No stream this evening. Too much homework last week and literally like, no progress on the artwork I had up last time, so that's boring. See you next Monday!**

Starting a little late though today probably more like 8:45 EST. Life happened; I'm sorry!
Hey guys, I hope this post finds all of you on the East Coast safe from harm and dry. In spite of being pretty cramped for time, I'm planning on making a habit of keeping myself busy with art stuff by broadcasting every Monday night on Livestream. Wanted to do it this week, but we were in the clutches of Sandy then, so weather and life permitting, I'm shooting for next Monday, November 5, starting around 8 to 9 in the evening for New Yorkers. I'll make sure to post the URL closer to the time. Hope you get to check it out!
Good things always happen to somebody else. Irrational, and completely true.
I actually do not understand how people with lives - who sleep, and eat, who have school and/or work and maintain even the briefest of social interactions - can manage to draw on a regular basis much less finish something nice, which reflect current trends or events. Everyone except me seems to be able to pump this stuff out weekly or once every two weeks or so. And I mean finished, colored, clean work. The quickest I can respond to something cool that's going on right now is like three months later and by then the idea has lost its luster. Even the simplest digitally colored drawing for me normally takes about three days on-and-off if I want to balance other responsibilities in my day. And the last NICE CG I finished before I got really serious with the vector work (which isn't even a big deal by some people's standards) was the WCRG album cover, and this was in February, and it took me nearly a whole month. Not on-and-off, I mean from early morning until late at night, eyes red and popping out of my skull with very few intermissions.

I write myself to-do lists every day, I make schedules to allow myself time to get everything done, including housework, homework, job-searching, writing coverletters, touching up my resume regularly, responding to emails, writing emails, working on my portfolio, studying Japanese, watching software tutorials, doing freelance work, getting sufficient exercise, etc. And this is assuming I don't have to go on errands, cook meals, or mingle with people. I never have more than about an hour-and-a-half, and on most days it's closer to a half-hour, unless I stay up until a preposterous hour of the night, and that time usually goes to practicing ONE thing, and maybe Posemaniacs. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable and self-critical that even with an organized schedule and good discipline, I still cannot do what other people seem to pull off effortlessly.

Does everyone else just let their bodies and health waste away to accomplish this, or do they not give a shit at school or the workplace or what? It makes me wonder.
I'm OLD. Christmas cake.
Almost three months later, I'm kinda feelin' the idea of starting up a new art blog (AGAIN), but it's probably not wise to give into caprice before I finish my portfolio and fanwork websites. Besides, I'd be catering to the same ten viewers, so it's not a terribly worthwhile endeavor.

Still not sure about the X series 20th anniversary calendar thing I wrote about in the last journal entry…?. I've been trying my darnedest to get a response from people affiliated with Cappy whether or not I can go ahead with it, but so far it seems I'm not impressing anyone with my [lack of] charisma - what else is new? So please, the three of you that were interested - try not to get too excited until I can get some confirmation that I won't be issued some gargantuan fine that I can't afford later. Sorry about that.

Overall, I feel gross and ridiculously unhappy. I've been out of a job for a year, I'm finally on my last penny, I have no means of getting around except public transportation that costs money I don't have so I'm stuck in the house all day every day with people I don't particularly care for, and no matter how focused and proactive I try to be about finding a job, IRL networking, studying, and portfolio building within those means, I end up with zero net gain. Somebody please remind me why I get up in the mornings.

I mean really, why don't I just lie here for a week staring at the ceiling? It'll amount to the same thing.


July 22, 2012 Updated Commission Pricing and Info - Now with sexy examples!

Because I'm not hardcore. I'm effin' DIAMONDcore, beaches!

The idea: An MMX series 2013/2014 calendar. Totally haven't ruminated on the specifics for sufficient time, but it's been floating in my head for a while. And I'm not talking about one of those Japanese-styled calendars either, 'cause you can't make memos for shit on those.

I'm mentioning this now, because next December marks the 20th anniversary of X1, and it may be a good idea to get a head-start on producing it if I intend to put something like that in circulation by next January...(I'm not even thinking about the rights or anything within a ten-mile radius of legality right now.) I can't imagine making a profit off it, so the price would likely only offset the cost of printing and shipping.

Of course, I'm too slow to produce that much artwork in six months (I'm so sorry for the people I'm doing commissions for ;_; ), so I think it'd be nice to have 12 artists - and hopefully diehard fans - from all over the world collaborating on this project, or more if multiple people collaborate on individual pieces. Ideally, it would encompass all 11 unique titles evenly, and each picture would go well with the respective month. With each person only responsible for a single illustration for one month of the calendar year, that would be pretty respectful of everyone's time, right?

*Edit: Regarding artists, my idea is to choose people who've proven they do excellent work for one, but skill is not the only determining factor. I'm also looking for a nice variety of digital artists from various countries, with something unique to bring to the table style-wise, but still within an admittedly arbitrary range. For the most part, I'll come to you, but if you think your stuff is worth printing to be distributed among other fans, and you're not gonna flake out, send me a note and we'll talk!

Any ideas? Would you buy one? Would it be better if I made it for 2014, starting in December 2013? Is this worth it? Will I get a cease-and-desist letter from Capcom? Why don't you need me when I make me so damn easy to need?

*Edited July 24* I'm starting to lean towards working on something for 2014, MAYBE a 16-month starting in last quarter 2013 bringing up the number of potential participants.

Keep in mind, this is all under the assumption I decide it's a viable, manageable project.
I don't know what I'm gonna do, World. What do you want from me?

I'm not trying to sound humble or miserable here (because I'm neither of those) but while I know my stuff is all right, 'all right' is not good enough for the professional sphere. If artists more skilled and enthusiastic than me multiple times over are having so much difficulty getting work these days, I don't see how a poser like me has a chance. Not going to use that as an excuse to stop hammering away at portfolio work, but I can't help feeling that this is all for naught. And if I'm still broke by this time next year, 'at least you tried' won't be much consolation.

What I'm trying to say is, realistically, nepotism is my only friend here.  And I don't know a lot of people. So if you are or know anyone who's anyone in the industry, try to convince him or her that I'm a really awesome artist, funny as hell, I bake killer cakes, and I should have 110% of said anyone's recommendation.

That's it.
In all seriousness, how do you personally go about coloring your artwork?

What's your system, how do you choose colors, what programs do you use and why, etc.
Hi. I am well aware that I'm taking forever with commissions, and I am very, very sorry about this. I'm not going to provide any excuses or reasons, and just say that I have not forgotten about you guys, and I'll try to get the rest of them taken care of as soon as possible. Thank you so so much for your patience, and don't hesitate to let me know via notes if you want to make any changes.
How do you filter weird-ass-shit/terrible art/MySpace vanity shots from dA's search?
Whoa, I don't even know how to go about...I feel like I just had the wind knocked out of me all day. Wow. I want to go to each and every one of you and thank you for your comments and favorites and watches (and of course thank you to the kind person who suggested my work, as well as the one who featured it), but I can't uuggghh that's so unfortunate.

I'm still in a bit of shock, so I'll just leave you guys with this. I'm very pleased, but I will do my best not to become complacent. From now on, I have to work harder to wow you and earn your respect. For those of you who added me to your watchlist - thank you; I'll try not to let you down.

***10/29/13 Commission Status: CLOSED***

Read carefully, and if you're interested, send this bad bitch a PM, or an email to robo_nyanya(AT)hotmail(DOT)com. I'll juice this post up with samples in the near future.


Everything below is approximate and may vary based on complexity, technique required, and of course, your budget:)

SKETCH pricing:

Includes full body of 1 character/person/figure and a simple background. If you just want a bust, let me know.
  • Black and white - $10 (+$5 for second character, +$1 for each character after second) [Example 1],  [Example 2]
  • Shaded or simple coloring - $15 ($5 for second character, +$1 for each character after second) [Example 1] , [Example 2],  [Example 3]
  • Fully colored - $20 ($7 for second character, +$2 for each character after second) [Example]


Includes full body of 1 character/person/figure and a simple background if requested. Lineart is cleaned up digitally, not sketchy.
  • Black and white - $25 (+$7 for second character, +$5 for each character after second) [Example]
  • Shaded or simple coloring - $30 (+$10 for second character, +$7 for each character after second) [Example]
  • Fully colored - $40 (+$10 for each additional character) [Example]

To give some explicit examples:
-If you request a BLACK AND WHITE sketch of THREE (3) characters, the total would be: $10 + $5 + $1 = $16
-If you want a COLORED sketch of FOUR (4) characters, it's going to be $20 + $7 + $2 + $2 = $31
-If you want a SHADED digitally inked drawing of THREE (5) characters, the total is $30 + $10 + $7 = $47

For more complex artwork like my Megaman Tribute piece or my holiday piece, please send me a PM or shoot me a tweet prnnography and we'll sort it out together.


I am equally comfortable with males, females and anything in between. I will happily draw original characters, robots, your fursonas, caricatures of your friends and family, pretty much whatever.

I don't have any hard and fast rules except:
-I will not draw porn. I have no moral objection to it; I'm just a shy-ass person.
-I will not draw anything terribly gruesome. I have some moral objection to this, but what's more important is that it would only turn out hilarious.

Otherwise, I'm pretty flexible, so please don't hesitate to ask if you're not sure, and I will decide on a case-by-case basis. I would prefer to take your request, but if, for any reason, I refuse - please do not take it as a personal judgment, but a lack of confidence on my part to fully realize what you want. It only makes sense that if you are going to pay me with your own hard-earned cash, I shouldn't give you something I held back on.


-Paypal. If that doesn't work out for you, PM me and we'll figure out an alternative.
- A 50% downpayment once we've agreed to work together; the remaining 50% will be due once I am done with the piece and ready to send it off through email.
-If I am unable for any reason to start or complete your commission, I will refund you in full.


-Good reference pictures or at least a detailed written description of your character(s).
-As much background information as you can give me. You don't need to give me your little guy or girl's full story and pedigree, but again, even if it's just a simple sketch, you're going to be pay me to draw something. Chances are the subject matter means a great deal to you, so I want to be familiarized with it to make it sufficiently meaningful. ROIGHT?
-The ability to express clearly what it is you want, what you don't want, what kind of coloring, mood, interaction, etc. I don't mind surprising you, but only if you're okay with surprises.
-Patience ;)

I look forward to working with you. Thank you and heff nice day!
I just noticed the asterisk next to my username! Whoooa, thanks :iconrockmiyabi: - this is awesome and you are awesome!  Oh man, I'm so out of touch. What do you suppose I should do with this membership now?
YES or hell-to-the-NO? a journal entry.