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DESMC: Fire Brigade Station by PrlUnicorn DESMC: Fire Brigade Station by PrlUnicorn
This is one of a series of Sims building models for an RP project, The Dockside Emergency Services and Medical Center. While there are several buildings to go in this set, I wanted to get the three I finished posted. I used parts from several EPs and SPs. The ownable firetruck/paramedic vehicle is from Simslice. I can't recall where some of the other items came from. If you recognize something, please let me know and I'll edit this accordingly.

From the specifications and description of Harker and Hall Architecture Ltd.

The Gym, Watch and Fire Brigade Stations are grouped together with a common parking area that also includes spaces for bicycles and motorized two wheeled vehicles.

First and second floor are primarily the garage and maintenance area for firetrucks and paramedic vehicles. The remainder of the first floor houses office space including the Watch Commander's office. The second floor is home to a classroom, lounge area, 3/4 bathrooms*, and fully equipped kitchen with counter seating. The third floor is sleeping quarters with captain's beds and wardrobe storage. This floor also has several 3/4 bathrooms and a laundry room. The roof levels have solar panels and other equipment to allow this facility to be self sufficient in energy and power production. Panels over the sleeping quarters darken for privacy.

* 3/4 bath contains a toilet, sink, and a shower

Dreamer7770 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2018
Is it wrong that when I see this, the opening credits of "Emergency!" play in my mind's eye?  :)
PrlUnicorn Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2018
Not wrong at all! It was a good show and if this reminds you of it, I've done well. 
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