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DESMC: Dockside Gym by PrlUnicorn DESMC: Dockside Gym by PrlUnicorn
This is one of a series of Sims building models for an RP project, The Dockside Emergency Services and Medical Center. While there are several buildings to go in this set, I wanted to get the three I finished posted. I used parts from several EPs and SPs. Store items are Skylights and Ballet bar from Skylight Studio for the Performing Arts and Vertical Challenge Rock Wall. Some sports equipment is from Severinka… I can't recall where some of the items like the window with blinds came from. If you recognize it, please let me know and I'll edit this accordingly.

The following is in character information that could be gained from brochures or other public resources:

From the specifications and description of Harker and Hall Architecture Ltd.

The Dockside Gym for the Fire Brigade and Watch has a basement and two levels above ground.  The transparent solar paneled roof allows daylight into the second floor as well as storing the energy for future use. The exterior rear of the gym features a rock climbing wall to build endurance and strength.

The basement features a pool with two diving boards, 3 large jacuzzi hot tubs, 3/4 bathrooms*, changing areas, and laundry facilities.

Reception is on the ground floor along with a juice bar and various exercise machines. This is also the place for weight training, knocking a punching bag around, and sparring in one of the two available rings. To relax after a workout,  there are three sauna rooms and two massage tables.

Second floor has a spacious floor area that can serve as space for several sports including basketball and volleyball. Additional space is available for dance, aerobics, and yoga. Locker/changing rooms, additional toilets, showers, and laundry equipment are on this floor. 

* 3/4 bath contains a toilet, sink, and a shower
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Huzzah! Looks fantastic!
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Thank you! :dance:
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