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Blue Eyes

By privatepino
I made this wallpaper with an image I found on photobucket, edited it a bit, and have been using it as a wallpaper for quite a while now, so I thought I might as well upload it.

I haven't been able to find the source of the image, thus the respective copyright owners, if you recognise it, please note me :)


Please let me know what you think! :bucktooth:

Download for 2560x1024.
If you want it in a diffirent resolution, let me know, I'll then scrap it in a diffirent resolution for you.
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very cool man! this gave me inspiration, so i modified it a little bit to make it the wallpaper for my displays...hope you don't mind. it's my first deviant and i made an account just so i could share it back. :D
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Haha, no worries, thanks for the credits!
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please! 2560x1440!
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I'm afraid I haven't got the original file anymore mate. ):
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1.920 x 1.200 would be appreciated ...
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I'm sorry, but I haven't got the source anymore, so I'm afraid you'll have to stretch it...
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would you mind terribly if i used it as an Original Character banner for my RP account??!!

cuz she fits perfectly... Black Hair, Blue eyes, lonesome, mysterious, unknown...

please please please!!! *pouts while begging on knees* I BEG YOU!!!
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I've got no idea about what RP is and all that, but ye sure, as long as you link back and credit me here, you can use this. :)
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oh sure! lol, its Role Playing... :333
thank you VERY VERY MUCH!!!!!

love ya to death
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I love this picture... I put it on my desktop :)
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Thanks for the comment and :+fav:!
I like the style of your desktop, keep it up :)
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its nice im using it as a background 2 :D trying to get the same effect but i kinda suck at it... well i just have to keep practicing keep upz the good work
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Thanks :D

yea, just keep practicing, I got this result after quite a lot of time of messing around in Photoshop, it required a bit of luck ^^ It ain't that hard to do though, I could explain it to you if you want to? :)
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you already did didn't you but no i need to improve my skilzzZz or something like it
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This is the lovely Lara Jade.

Nice job by the way.
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Ah great, thanks for finding that :D
I'll let her know that I used her work.

Thanks! :)
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n/m someone asked for a 1680, can edit one from that!! nice wall though.
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