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Sketch dump the 2nd

By prite
Dangit, I'm sorry to re-upload this. It isn't new; I just mistakenly deleted it and I'd hate for it not to be here.

Um, just to re-iterate, Harry and Draco were brought about by "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality" ([link]), but the rest are just the sorts of things I tended to doodle in class or while at a loss for other things to do. They are: Some weeds, Thoth, Prite, Bat-ghost, and Robin.
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Thoth looks awesome! :D He is joint my Egyptian god with Ra! :D
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Heehee! Thank you! He's definitely my favorite Egyptian god. I've got a little statue of him which I love a lot (even though it just came from a casino somewhere), and I've wanted to make a jokey little comic thing with him in it for a while. It's nice to know that he gets some love from other people, too!
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He's so awesome isn't he! :D :love:
He had so many jobs! And he's so awesome in the myths! :)
Awww you should! There isn't enough love for him! D8>