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Taz is possibly the sharpest and sleekest messagestyle I have made to date. Combining features from all my previous themes as well a meticulous attention to the tiniest details, Taz has been almost a month in the making, far longer than any of my themes.

I just have one request, if you like the theme and have twitter, give a shout out to my inspiration @tazzieeee and tell her you liked the theme!

Well, enough rambling, full view the promo shot to see what you're getting.

As usual, includes
- Light and Dark variants
- Native display picture and header toggling
- New glowing animations on status bars
- smoother fading in messages
- Sleek and stylish background image for when there are no messages in the window (seriously, turn off showing history and see it!)


-Fixed colours of Mention blocks in Dark variant
-Fixed consecutive Mention backgrounds
-Minor colour adjustments
-Modified JS used for header and scrolling (RESTART ADIUM AFTER INSTALL)
-Fixed topic headers (or atleast implemented a somewhat better solution :P )

-Minor bugfix for link colour on dark service status

-primary release
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what are the icons for emotions you use ?
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Hey mate. Just love this. Have been using it for ages but now after a clean install of ML it's gone haywires. All I get is (null)(null)

Example: [link]
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theres a fix in the works atm. Working with some of the Adium crew to make this awesometacular :)
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AH, awesome news. Looking very much forward to that then.
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oh. my. god. apple needs you.
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I still have tabs altough I've unchecked "Create new chats in tabs"
Anyone knows how to get rid of them? Like in the description picture.

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Really cool messenger style :P
Can you make a version without scroll ? I'm using lion :D
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Wow! You made me install Adium again after a year or two of using only iChat!
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Taz is my favorite Adium theme by far! There are lots of details and polish in this theme.

Are you planing on updating it for Lion –without scrollbars– ? :)
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no point in removing my scrollbars tbh. currently, adium applies the fugly visible scrollbars in lion. not the iOS style ones. i'll remove th scrollbars when they fix this :)
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I just deleted (renamed to .bak) the css files for the scrollbars and it worked perfectly in Lion with Adium 1.4.2.

I don't know if that's a stable or beta version, though.
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I'm running the latest 1.4.3 beta, and it shows a scrollbar for me. could you perhaps show a screenshot?
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I deleted Scrollbars.css and Scrollbars-Dark.css on Taz resources, and Adium displayed automatically Lion's new iOSque scrollbars.

When I take this screenshot you could actually scroll the conversation and the iOS scrollbars would show up. Also the resort effect is there if you scroll at the end.

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Other themes without custom scrollbars display Lion non iOSque scrollbars, you're right. Something in Taz code makes it happen, not Adium, at least for the time being.

It's quite strange, because the scrollbars don't simply disappear if I delete those files. Scrolling actually works Lion natively: scrollbars appear if you scroll and then fade, and you even get this resort effect at the end that not all apps with Lion iOSque scrollbars have (like iTunes).
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that IS strange. it doesn't work like that on 1.4.3 b1 lol reverts to the white lion scrollbars.

adium is more temperamental than my batshit crazy ex :|
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what is this
a rainmeter skin
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well, this is submitted under Mac Util > Adium

so yeah, its a rainmeter skin :)
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Really good!! ;)
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