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Dashboard Revisited

I got sick and tired of seeing the ageing widgets on my dashboard and decided to update em since apple wouldn't

included are Weather, World Clock, Calculator, Google Search and iCal widgets.

Note: These are simply modifications of apples widgets. I only did minimal code modifications to them.

The widgets will not replace the original ones by apple, just incase you want to revert to them (wtf??!?)

but yeah, hope you enjoy em! :D
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Excelent work!
ok, they are wanderful, but... how to revert in case of mistakes???
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Amazing work! Love the revisited iCal.
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I think you saved my computer, pretty much the only thing that's been bugging me is the dashboard...
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like them :) nice!
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And the menu bar icons are preety too.
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I love you Finder icon, can I know where did you get it? (:
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Could I beg and plea for a Dictionary widget makeover? I use this a lot, but it clashes hard with all the sharp-looking widgets :o
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hey, its cool you do this stuff, i was also wondering what you did with the menubar? i like it the way you have it :D
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search for Clean menubar :)
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I like your dock, can I have it too? :D
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aah the dock is NFR XD made up of bits of other docks :P
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These are so great!! Thanks for sharing! Now I'm using my dashboard again!
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great work bro :thumbsup:

these look 100x better than default :)
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I am on Leopard 10.5.8 and it works perfectly. Thanks so much for sharing your mods. I am loving them. :dance:
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I've tried iCal and World clock --> wont work... calendar only shows current date --> [link]
And world clock freezes up when I try to change the city...

I'm on 10.5.8 btw, maybe works only on SL
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i dunno, cant test on 10.5 :S
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Too bad, I was looking forward :/
anyways, great job moding these ;)
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