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The Hanged Mare [Brony Tarot] by Pristine1281 The Hanged Mare [Brony Tarot] :iconpristine1281:Pristine1281 18 10 Justice [Brony Tarot] by Pristine1281 Justice [Brony Tarot] :iconpristine1281:Pristine1281 17 5 Sweetness by Pristine1281 Sweetness :iconpristine1281:Pristine1281 17 6 Art Commissions Prices (As of June 2018) by Pristine1281 Art Commissions Prices (As of June 2018) :iconpristine1281:Pristine1281 2 0 Golden Gaze by Pristine1281 Golden Gaze :iconpristine1281:Pristine1281 8 5
Stones of Incienda, Ch. 1, part 7
During this time, the royal family of Mulada was inspecting the city's damage. With them was much of their guard, which included Inaya and her father, Faris Nagi, who was the Captain of the Guard. Also with them were some of the city builders and healers. Even though the land was spared, there was still significant damage. Most of it was away from the center of the city where the palace was. Worse yet, in the most damaged areas, there was a lot of death. Inaya had seen death before, but never this much. Still, she kept her face stoic the way her father trained her. Her own mother died giving birth to her and since her father loved her mother too much, he never remarried. Unfortunately, he also closed off his heart to his daughter too, but did teach Inaya everything he knew and raised her as a boy, for the most part. When Inaya became a young woman though, her late mother's oldest sister added pressure on her father to get Inaya to act like a lady too. He did so her aunt "would get off
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Contemplation by Pristine1281 Contemplation :iconpristine1281:Pristine1281 15 8 Wheel of Fortune [Brony Tarot] by Pristine1281 Wheel of Fortune [Brony Tarot] :iconpristine1281:Pristine1281 32 20
Dragons of Fraidel, Ch. 3
Chapter III.
Adapting to
On Fraidel, burials were either private or public. Royal burials were different. First, there was a private memorial service for the family, then the actual burial took place where the entire clan was invited. Also, each clan buried their dead in different manors. With the Water Dragon Clan, they lowered their human loved ones, who were encased in a water based casket, into the closest river to the bottom. The dragons were burned to ashes and then scattered onto the river. In all clans, it was customary for dragons to be cremated. What they did with the ashes was what distinguished the clans. So on the day of the burial, the late King Tristian and his son, Lord Niron, were lowered into the river. It was a quiet event like all burials. Only this time there was an air of anxiety as to who did this atrocity. After the burial was over, everyone went home. They got ready for the coronation.
The next day, around midday, the coronation took place in the main cou
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Dragons of Fraidel, Ch. 2
Chapter II. Decisions are Made
Galeena Stellar was still screaming when she woke up. She sat up as she placed her hand on her heart. The first thought that entered her mind was that she was glad that the walls were thick enough so the neighbors on her floor of her apartment complex would not hear her. That very minute, her alarm went off. She turned it off before getting out of bed. She went into the kitchen and started fixing some coffee. While it prepared itself, Galeena went and took a shower. The warm water calmed her down. After getting out, she wrapped her hair in a towel, and put on her robe. She went back into the kitchen and had her coffee. While she was doing this, she thought about her dream. This time, it felt real, although it wasn't. Did this man even existed? If he did, where was he from? Why was she even dreaming of him? She continued to think about her mystery man as she prepared for the day. It took her another 30 minutes to dry her hair and got dressed. She was eatin
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The Hermit [Brony Tarot] by Pristine1281 The Hermit [Brony Tarot] :iconpristine1281:Pristine1281 30 19 Strength [Brony Tarot Deck] by Pristine1281 Strength [Brony Tarot Deck] :iconpristine1281:Pristine1281 17 9 Pristine to the Rescue [comic] by Pristine1281 Pristine to the Rescue [comic] :iconpristine1281:Pristine1281 10 17 She's a Lady [Bday Gift] by Pristine1281 She's a Lady [Bday Gift] :iconpristine1281:Pristine1281 11 10 The Champion [Brony Tarot Deck] by Pristine1281 The Champion [Brony Tarot Deck] :iconpristine1281:Pristine1281 41 14 Precious Little Filly [Birthday Gift] by Pristine1281 Precious Little Filly [Birthday Gift] :iconpristine1281:Pristine1281 16 8


Winnie the Pooh by daekazu Winnie the Pooh :icondaekazu:daekazu 1,171 35 Science Steel Rail Train Ride Part 20 by Lightning-Bliss Science Steel Rail Train Ride Part 20 :iconlightning-bliss:Lightning-Bliss 187 16 Alicorns in the wild by Fire-Torchie-Heart Alicorns in the wild :iconfire-torchie-heart:Fire-Torchie-Heart 5 2 An Angel by Assassin-or-Shadow An Angel :iconassassin-or-shadow:Assassin-or-Shadow 588 24 As the world falls down by BrogarArts As the world falls down :iconbrogararts:BrogarArts 46 6 Meeting With Jesus Christ!!! by unicorn-magic-80 Meeting With Jesus Christ!!! :iconunicorn-magic-80:unicorn-magic-80 9 7 Oh No She Saw Me!! by unicorn-magic-80 Oh No She Saw Me!! :iconunicorn-magic-80:unicorn-magic-80 8 2 Waterfall Shower ~ Snuffy And Snufkin!! by unicorn-magic-80 Waterfall Shower ~ Snuffy And Snufkin!! :iconunicorn-magic-80:unicorn-magic-80 8 4 Emperor Adorable by Quill-name Emperor Adorable :iconquill-name:Quill-name 24 17 3 Years of Love by zeldacw 3 Years of Love :iconzeldacw:zeldacw 149 12 Happy Birthday Dad Miss You by Lightning-Bliss Happy Birthday Dad Miss You :iconlightning-bliss:Lightning-Bliss 292 63 DG.:Water falling for you:. by bleuberry109 DG.:Water falling for you:. :iconbleuberry109:bleuberry109 33 7 ~Taka warm hugs~ by FaithStar1121 ~Taka warm hugs~ :iconfaithstar1121:FaithStar1121 36 14 Helpless - A Collab Piece by Lightning-Bliss Helpless - A Collab Piece :iconlightning-bliss:Lightning-Bliss 184 16 Another Spawn Sketch by IsidorSwande Another Spawn Sketch :iconisidorswande:IsidorSwande 14 9 Wave by mangaJag Wave :iconmangajag:mangaJag 10 4


This piece has a good layout. You can tell the two mares are in the foreground and the males are in the background thanks to the propor...

by chirun

It is pretty obvious that the focal point of this piece is the girl on a horse and the everything else helps frame the subject matter. ...

Emphasis is the key word for this piece. The curvature of the lines create the optical illusion of a warped out space. There is definit...

by KimiK-A

The colors here could have easily clashed, but they don't. That's because you managed to take similar cool colors and add them to diffe...


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Tiffany Leavelle
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
I am a fine artist now taking commissions for both digital and traditional art. I really enjoy creating things for others and I hope to share my love for it for others. I primarily focus on MLP art, manga, and animal artwork.

Commission Prices-…


I also love to read, play video games, and travel!


I'll keep this short and sweet, but here's the first video blog of what happened yesterday.  It's pretty short, but I hope ya'll like it.

Hi everyone!  I have a major announcement that'll affect what I'll be doing from here into the Spring of next year.  For those who are not aware, I live near the city of San Antonio, Texas.  Every spring the city has a 10 Day event called Fiesta San Antonio.  It was originally created to honor those who have fought in the Battles of the Alamo and San Jacinto which resulted in Texas's independence from Mexico.  It's such a major event that classes are always canceled in the city for the Battle of the Flowers Parade.  So many things happen in it.  One of the things associated with Fiesta are the Royal Courts.  These courts are sponsored by different groups and what they all have in common is they raise money for different local charities and other non-profits.  I will actually be campaigning for one of these Courts.  The one I'll be participating in is the Fiesta Especial Royal Court Campaign.  This court is for those with Special Needs.  I have a form of Autism called Asperger's Syndrome, which mostly affects me socially, but it can also affect me physically and emotionally.  Anyway, so I will be trying to raise money for charity.  60% of what I raise will being going to DisabilitySA (which is sponsoring our group).  The rest of it goes to a nonprofit of my choice.  I picked the Autism Treatment Center of San Antonio (this is a state-wide program with local chapters).

Now I am going to need help and this is where ya'll will come in.  Fundraising will be happening now until the beginning of December (7th I think, but I'll get back to ya'll on that).  I have my own Fundraising page which I'll link to here- Fiesta Especial Royal Court Campaign

So be sure to donate if you can and help me become Queen!  The more money I raise, the more I can help out these charities.  If you aren't able to donate, then please help spread the word at least.

Yes, my real name is Tiffany Leavelle.  I've been allowed to video blog my experience.  In fact, ya'll can expect my first vlog pretty soon.  It's downloading to Youtube as I am typing this.  I decided to do this because I wanted to grow as a person and become more involved locally.  I love San Antonio and want to be a role model for others.

I will be doing a Sale for artwork with all the proceeds going to my fundraiser, but I need to finish a commission first before I do that and work out the details for it.

To those who live near the San Antonio Area- There will be a Chicken Fajita Dinner on September 30th this month from 4pm to 8 pm.  I'll be at one of 4 Los Barrios restaurant locations.  I'll be at the Blanco location.  All the information regarding that is here- Royal Court Campaign Kick-Off

At this event there will be an auction.  I plan on auctioning one or two of my pictures.

That's about it for now.  I'll keep ya'll posted of what I am doing and all that.  Thanks so much everyone!
The Hanged Mare [Brony Tarot]
Title: The Hanged Mare
Series: Brony Tarot Deck
Size: 6" x 12"
Date: August 2018
Media: Ink and Colored Pencils

Whelp, despite different guesses, no one managed to guess Heartsong Pony.  One was close with the guess of Burgundy Patches, because I was thinking of Mothers in the community.  My mom told me something some years ago that always stuck with me.  She's said that by becoming a parent you have to sacrifice a lot of things.  Heartsong use to be involved in the Brony Community but after getting married and having her daughter, she had to prioritize and focused more on reality.  She did try coming back last year, but I knew from our interactions that she was always going to put her marriage and child first because they were having rough real life issues.  The Hanged Mare card is all about self-sacrifice.  She is willing to blindly travel the harder path and let's go of things she doesn't need.  Unlike the Fool though, she has a focused path in mind.

The format here is pretty simple.  I wanted to draw Heartsong as an acrobat of sorts since they are always good at being upside down lol.  Also, I also flipped the image to draw her right side up first.  That's how you make your subject upside down.  I did keep in mind that she was dangling too.  Really love how Heart Song turned out.  Colors associated with this card are violet, white, and red.  I went with more raspberry tones here since Heart Song has pink on her OC.  I made a yellow-orange background because I knew it would go with the deep raspberry colors.  So Heart Song, I hope you see this and like it.

Nice reminder to everyone, those who make the Major Arcana cards- I either know them personally or l've watched enough of their material to get a good perspective of their personality.

Next one is an interesting one, it's Death, but I'll be working on an art commission next so ya'll have to wait.



Heartsong (c) :iconmy-star-seeker:

Artwork (c) :iconpristine1281:

I'll keep this short and sweet, but here's the first video blog of what happened yesterday.  It's pretty short, but I hope ya'll like it.



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