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Tim Morris


Eocene Faunas - Sampler


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Eocene Faunas - Sampler


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TFB - Trundling Flinchworm

TFB - The Future Beyond

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The Naish Bestiary

Assorted Media Fan-art

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Kaiju Concept - Metatron


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Legend of Zelda Fan-art Concepts - King Lizalfos

TLOZ Fan-concepts

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Star Wars - Yavin 4 - 2

Star Wars Wildlife Concepts

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Poncho Redraws - Iguana Snake

Fan-art of Others

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My Ideal Prehistoric Figure Set


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Paleo-art - Tullimonstrum


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Primeval Redraws - GMO Pig

Primeval Redraws

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Childhood Redraw - Piscogong

Childhood Redraws

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Neocene Submission : Banjora

Banjora, False Koala (Pseudophascolarctos rotundus) Order: Two Fore Teeth (Diprotodontia) Family: Phalangers and cuscus (Phalangeridae), Subfamily Pseudophascolarctidae (monotypic) Habitat: Jarrah forests of the southeast of Meganesia, temperate forests of eastern Meganesia, exclusively where eucalyptus trees grow. Specialized kinds of animal often suffer the worst effects of mass extinction, and thus the Koala suffered extinctions at the hands of man’s forest clearing and disturbance in Australia during the Late Holocene. But the niche of a slow-clambering exclusive leaf-eater is one that has often been repeated by evolution, and so it happens again with the False Koala, or Banjora (coming from an Aboriginal boy’s name meaning Koala). The ancestor of this species was the rather generalist Brushtail Possum (Trichosurus vulpecula), as we often see, specialists commonly evolve from more generalized ancestors. Outwardly it is a stocky round animal with a large hindquarters and a stubby


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Commission by another - Obscure Fish of Hell Creek

Commissions by other Artists

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Facetember - Day 1 - 1


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The Lost World Bestiary - Lake Coelacanth

The Lost World Bestiary

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Skull Island Bestiary - Cat-bat-rat-monkey

Skull Island Bestiary

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The Future is Wild Collab - Colony Fly

The Future is Wild

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My Little Safe Space - Pet 6

My Little Safe Space

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Fakemon - Armadillo

Fakemon Pokedex

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Magical Creatures Down Under: Yowie

Magical Creatures Down Under

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Folio Verminus - Introduction

Ambrosius R Beau wrote the "Folio Verminus" first in 1962 and it has since been updated and revised numerous times. It provides a summary of less renowned magical creatures, particularly those considered as pests or of relatively little use. It actually covered many species that Newton Scamander did not cover in his work, and those that were subsequently better covered by Scamander are sometimes omitted from new editions of Beau's monograph. Copies of this book are usually present and well-used in many wizarding schools, though Beau still remains much less famous, undeservedly so, than Newton Scamander.

Folio Verminus

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Magestone Collab - Addazahr

Magestone Collab

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The Lost Islands - Wader-looper

Rhinogradentia - The Lost Islands

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Prehistoric Monsters - Talking Dinosaur

Prehistoric Monsters

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IAOR  Collab - Night Watcher

IAOR Collab

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