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extra joker

this is for :iconchildishx:, hope it's alright
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try something like this with Penguin

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Nice. You always see inflation art of Harley. Its now time for the Joker to have his turn.
Swagmaster6969696954's avatar
Puddn' needs more puddin' ^^
wojti2000's avatar
Miły dedektyw kurwa.
GMDay's avatar
you know, it is so sad when people let themselves go

love it!
Leopold002's avatar
Who would have though Harley would get the final word, that the Joker would have nothing to say.
Darkicedragon17's avatar
its a shame you don't do fat girls, I bet they'd look awesome if Harley here is anything to go by
Shark-Demon's avatar
This makes me happy on so many levels. :meow:
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Ahhhhhhh! :la: I love Harley Quinn stuffing the joker! Is this like sopposeto be a crossover kind of thing!? :dummy:
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Now do it with harley and catwoman is the one feeding her
ShinxK's avatar
Don't say that he draws male fattening and male fattening only.
Shadowruls's avatar
I did not relize this when I wrote this
ShinxK's avatar
Okay but it's true he does only male fattening. just take a look at his gallery.
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This is when I first found him so
ShinxK's avatar
Okay makes sense now.
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AAh this is rly adorable!
MadHatters-Wife's avatar
Loooooool) How turn Joker to Penguin in short time!
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Harleen your love just might kill him
gir131's avatar
That's cool.......
I wanna Fanfic about that....
JournalOfChubby's avatar
If you write this fanfic I wanna read it please ! :D
Biggerfic's avatar
(my other account)I wrote one...
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