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Taskbar Transparency v2

By Prisoner7
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Taskbar Transparency - Power User version
By Prisoner7.

This version lets you set your own hotkey and your own level of transparency. Hit the hotkey once, it sets the transparency. Hit it again, & it makes the taskbar fully opaque (not counting Aero effects, of course).

The readme file tells you how to use the program, but the program is so simple that you don't really need to.

It's still in beta stage, and there are "bugs" (I think of them as slight inconveniences) that I'll smooth out eventually. Nothing serious as far as I know.

Hope you enjoy it. :)
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Not working, HOTKEY error.

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Are there any ways of making the taskbar transparent without making the icons transparent aswell?
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works on windows 10 pro
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SkippyStudiosHobbyist General Artist
This is really cool, it is just a shame the icons are affected too.
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GarouDHobbyist Interface Designer
This works in windows 8? O.o
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GarouDHobbyist Interface Designer
Sorry, it works xD, i tested on windows 8 pro

if you don't want the blank space when you maximise the window in the bottom side just make the taskbar hide automatically before make it transparent xD
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Is it possible to run it at startup so my taskbar is gone when I launch my computer?  I don't need the taskbar and for now on I just press my shortkey but :-)

Kind regards

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Only operating Systems:
Windows XP/Vista/7/8
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Is it possible to make taskbar not transparent but only remove blur ?
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Great! But is there any possibility to put my custom 2 cents in the source code?
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Elaborate. =p
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aluckymuseProfessional Digital Artist
8C it worked for me but....then i wanted to change the opacity so i went to the system tray icon and opened up the program again but i had to pick a new hot key combo.....and so i did and then i wanted to change it again so i do the same thing but i can't use either combo's i made so i just said ok thinking i could just close out the program and open it up again but now i can't change anything since i try to open settings and it just say's it's invalid because there is no hot key assigned....
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Yea, I didn't really failproof this program when I made it...
There should be a ".ini" file in your Documents. If you delete that, it should reset all the settings & allow you to use the program again.
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dont worry figured it out :)
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sorry to be a pain. Iv been trying to get this going for hours lol, i click on the desktop icon but it wont open after i click run?

any solutions?
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this look very clean.!!

will it work with XP SP2 though?
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It'll work for you. It works for anything XP or newer.
And thanks. :D
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rudykayaHobbyist Digital Artist
wont open on xp sp3 pro
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moty26Student Traditional Artist
it would be great if you could make the taskbar as transparent as you want, leaving the programs' icons visible as well as the toolbars in the bottom right
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At this time, I can't do that. I'm trying to figure out a way to do it, but so far, this is it.
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moty26Student Traditional Artist
well its really cool and i like the rest of your work too
well done
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This is cool but this will be great if the icons were not affected.. :)

And i think its not possible... :(
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I don't think it is normally, but that gives me a vague idea that just might work. Lemme go write it down before I forget ;)
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