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Young Vetinari

I did some poses for Mon over a year ago when Terry Pratchett's 'Night Watch' came out and we were both squealing over the sheer sexiness of young Vetinari. She wanted to draw the scene in which Vetinari simply sprawls into a chair in Lady Meserole's house (we had to fan ourselves), but Mon never finished the drawing, so I resurrected the pose and finished the piece myself. Ya snooze ya lose, Izcovich! XD Hope you don't mind, Moni.

The piano, Oriental rug (Auriental?), and weird chairs are straight out of my living room. In this context, I imagine they're not too far off from the kinds of furnishings Lady Meserole might have had. And yes, I know he's wearing his grey/green/brown thing instead of his Assassin uniform in this scene. I claim artistic license because the uniforms is sexier. If you don't like it, draw your own. Muaha! Illustrator 9.
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What a handsome man) Great job!