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Assault on a Space Fortress



A large spacecraft action scene, my latest large drawing (I spend most of my time on game pixel art now).

The large purple ships are of my favorite design-type, largely inspired my the Gwazine Class ships in the original Gundam series.

2018 Update:

This piece is part of a collection of my old mixed-media artwork, largely before I moved to digital in high school. I just recently had the chance to scan them in when I visited my parent’s house. All these works are over - wow - 10 years old? They all depict some war in space. Unlike many, I had no back story in mind other than there were angular white/blue ships modelled after real-life battleships fighting more curvy ships.

The visual identities two factions eventually however I later used in never-completed game project in high school (Axis Shift), which led to a lot of the digital spaceship art on my gallery.

As for the visuals, I took inspiration from an old art book put together by Stewart Cowley, Spacecraft 2000 to 2100 AD (part of the Terran Trade Authority series), as well as various sci-fi movies and shows, most notably Mobile Suit Gundam (especially later on).

I generally used colored pencil for the ships with the background space and stars completed with acrylic. Later on I got better about mixing the two, especially for explosions. 

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They look like the Arkbird (Big White Spaceplane from Ace Combat 5), and the Arkbird was beautiful, great job. I can see a bit of the Gwazine inspiration, but it looks more like a Spaceplane-type ship to me, regardless, it is very very pretty. Great Job!