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Im just wondering since I would like to sell my art someday. I was thinking maybe $3-$10 0:

Also, what should I change my username to??
papa-egg or prinxiue

any egg related/cute suggestions are welcome!!
yes hello no one probs cares buttttt,,
I recently got a job and i have finals next week so i will be veri beri busy and im a lazy piece o' shit so yah who knows when I will post art ???
I really want to fix up my art style too
umm i don't like to post traditional media on my dA and I do a lot of it bc doodles, so if u like my art (lol) then u can follow my instagram if u want to 0:
thank u i hope you have an amazing holiday and I hope your mental health is at least an 8/10, 10/10 would be ideal tho (:

my instagram is: prinxiue
Seraphy-chan is having a raffle!

Go check out the details if you would like to join!


<da:thumb id="617881059"/>
ever want me to make commissions or streams?
Band Camp is over and I have an instagram. :3
The username is the same as my deviant art username, prinxiue.
School starts next Wednesday and marching season isn't over until late December so I will try my best to make good drawings and improve. I'll probably post sketches on my instagram.
I have band camp and it takes away a majority of my day so I won't be posting Art or being onlinr much until Saturday. (ノд・。)
I am extremely sorry that I did not thank all of you for watching me. :c
I didn't think being featured on daHub will get me ~21 watchers.
Even if you're watching me for points or just to be nice. If you unchecked all of the boxes on the watch, it means a lot and I appreciate it.
But if you did do that, maybe you should stop watching me? I'd rather talk to a room with a small number of people that are alive than talk to a room full of people that are dead.
Thank you for all the watches! Comment and tell me what I should do for 30+ watcher special. :3
1. Tell you what I learned about you on your DA profile
2. Tell you the color that you remind me of
3. Tell you what element that I think that you belong in ( fire, water, ect. )
4.  Tell myou what my fave OC of yours is
5. I'll ask you a question that you MUST answer
6. Tell you what I like about your art
7. Give you a nickname
8. Tell you what I am doing right now
9. What food, flavor, and/or smell that you remind me of
10. Tell you to do this in you journal if you haven't already

From: :iconchibineko1234:
I really want to upload art and draw more, but Its hard. ; u ;
Do you guys have any suggestions on what I should draw? Please. ヽ(τωヽ)ノ♡
I'm wondering if you guys want to see speed paints of me drawing digitally?
If you do comment telling me cause I've been thinking about it. :3
Yes, I have moved to this account. I was :iconderpydrawr:
Now I am Artsukuma.
I am back with art to upload ranging from doodles to full on drawings. I can't wait to be back on dA with the occasional art block or trouble with uploading. (Being busy) :3