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Art for Everyone

Tue Jun 17, 2014, 3:51 PM by renonevada:iconrenonevada:
"To shop, perchance to buy. Aye, there's the art,
For in deviantART, what Prints may ship,
Whether fine art, canvas, or calendar,
Must give us joy."
-Billiam Shakespeare
I remember when I received my first set of deviantART Prints. This was many years ago, well before we started selling Fine Art or Canvas Prints. I bought a couple of my own deviations to see what the quality would be like, but, more than that, I wanted to see what my art looked like in print. Boy, was I blown away! Digitally coloring an image and seeing it on my computer was a far cry from holding the professionally printed art in my hands. After that, I've been hooked and have purchased many Prints on deviantART from many of my favorite artists.

One of the best things about deviantART is the sheer variety of art available. Any genre you can think of is represented here, and if it can be printed, chances are you can find it.

A sunset in Tuscon, Arizona?
Sunset 0316 by Mammoth-Hunter

A dress created by the ocean?
Calypso by AquaSixio

A sad robot with a cat on
its shoulder playing guitar
in the rain in the city?
Singing In The Rain by GorosArt

Yes, we have all of that, and more.

The greenest of beginners can add their art into our Prints Shop and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with seasoned professionals.  With the range of products we offer and uploads at the click of a button, it couldn’t be easier to become a part of the largest shops for original art online or off.

 We are living in an artistic renaissance for the digital age. The arts are flourishing like never before, with both digital and traditional tools becoming more accessible, and the ease of bringing one’s art to the public making it easy for people across the globe to view and enjoy. This is a terrific reason to have as many products as possible on our end available to you, the artists and art appreciators. There is truly something for everyone.

Fine Art

Our Fine Art Prints are giclée Prints on a heavy stock paper. These matte Prints are beautiful rolled or in either of the two frames that we offer.

 Mg 2757 F by renonevada


Canvas Prints are printed directly on the same canvas that painters use. This will give any image a unique texture. Whether you choose to have them printed rolled, wrapped on a stretcher bar, or framed,  the resulting Print is breathtaking and classic.

Canvas 3- Wrapping by renonevada


Our Photo Prints are beautifully faithful replications of your art using high quality photo paper.

Photo-1 by renonevada

Art Gifts


The deviantART Prints Shop has more than art to display on your walls. Greeting Cards, Mugs, Coasters, and more allow you to take the art you love off the walls and into your everyday life. One of my favorites is the Calendar, where an artist can compile their favorite images into a single product for sale, but there are a ton of different Art Gift options to browse through.

If art is to nourish the roots of our culture, society must set the artist free to follow his vision wherever it takes him. -John F. Kennedy
Looking to the future, we would like to add even more quality products to our Shop. We've had a number of requests over the years but only recently have we been in a position to truly expand the shop and offer these new products. We want to know what would make you say "I would love to see my art on that!"


Questions for the reader:

1. What new products would you love to see?

2. Does this "digital renaissance" help fuel your passion to improve your art? How have you experienced it in your art life?

3. Have you purchased Prints of your own art yet? If so, what was it like when you unboxed the finished product?

4. As a potential buyer, do you prefer a Shop where you can view all art, or would you prefer a curated gallery of only our best work?

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Hello Prints Market Square--Art for Everyone Team,

I would love to see digital art paintings of:  Oceans, Sunsets, Sunrise, Landscapes, Space, Flowers, Born of Imagination pieces, Abstract, etc.

Yes, this "digital renaissance" is helping me fuel my desire to paint better and create beautiful works of art.  I have experienced it through many ways.  Through:  Life, Books, Art Galleries, Research, Programs on the computer and iPad. Also, through my Family and Friends in interacting with them, discovering their likes/dislikes...conversations with them...corresponding with them through writing.

Yes, i have purchased Prints of my own Art in the past.  The first Print I purchased amazed me beyond my greatest expectations.  I stood there with my mouth open wide, and at the same time I was smiling from ear to ear.  It was a wonderful experience.  One that I will always remember.

The last question is a bit difficult to answer.  Truly, I would prefer an equally divided portion of both..."viewing all art" and..."a curated gallery of only your best work."  Then, after some period of time...change the art in both divisions...and give others a chance to show their talents.

Thank you for the opportunity to give my input to your intuitive questions.

(aka) Margaret A. Buono
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Hello, anyone can tell me what the differences between art print & photo prints are? Does the high price in art print somewhat guarantee the durability/long-lasting-ness compared to the photo counterpart?

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