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1. You MUST credit me when using my stock. When on dA, just in the artist's comments is fine. If it's offsite, please post ON the image itself, not written beside it(ask for permission before leaving it beside the image).
2. You don't have to show me your finished works. It is not required, though, if you do show me, I will reward you with a :fav:! :)
3. Am I allowed to make free premade backgrounds from your stock? No, I do not allow any premades or cut outs made from my stock. Please do not repost my pictures. If you want to show someone one of my pictures, please just link to the original image, thank you!
4. Can I use your stock in prints, commercial work, etc? Yes, as long as ALL my other rules are followed!
5. Can I use your images on other sites, such as sim games, rpg, etc? YES, you are allowed to use them on other sites! Make sure to still follow the other rules!
6. Please favorite my stock if you use it!I would appreciate this so, so much! :)
7. No mature content, please! A little blood/violence is fine, but nothing besides that.
8. Lastly, please don't put text on the picture and call it your own. Use it as a reference for an artwork, photomanipulate it somehow, or something of the like.

My rules shouldn't be too hard to follow, and if you have any questions, I'm only a note away! :)
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