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4-23-13 UPDATE: Commissions closed.


If you are interested in commissioning me, please first make sure there is an available slot. Then, fill out the order form, and note it to me. Read under "How it Goes" for more information!

If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQ section below to make sure it hasn't already been addressed. Otherwise, just ask! :heart:





Photomanipulation base price: 25 USD

- One subject
- Attention to detailing over entire image
- Manipulated backgrounds

Add ons:
+10 USD per additional subject
+5 USD per complex subject (wings, fantasy colors, mythical creatures, etc)

Digital Painting base price: 25 USD

- One subject
- Attention to detailing over entire image
- Simple background

Add ons:
+10 USD per additional subject
+5 USD for a complex subject (wings, fantasy colors, mythical creatures, etc)


1. Fill out the ordering form (found below) and note or email it to me. Click here to note me, or my email is
2. Once we have sorted out any questions, I will give you may Paypal email to send payment. I don't start until I receive payment. If, for some reason, you can't use Paypal, we can agree on another method of payment.
3. When the commission is complete, I will give you a private link to show you. If you want anything changed, you are welcome to request it.
4. Once you are pleased with the commission, I will give you whatever else you want (fullsize, wallpaper, forum sets, etc). If you are not pleased with your commission, I can either refund you half of what you paid, or redo it once.


Photomanipulation or digital painting?: Please tell me here.
Price: Please add up your price and tell me what it is here. Also let me know if you're using this month's special offer.
Subject(s) Description: Please describe how your subject(s) will look here. If you have more than one subject, describe them all. Describe your character, horse, pet, etc here. Don't be afraid to go into detail! Pictures/references are a huge help, and required if you want your subject to look identical to your character or pet.
Image Description: Explain how you want the entire image to look. Atmosphere, backgrounds, poses, color themes, etc.
Other information: Is there a deadline this needs to be finished by? Perhaps a minimum size? Are you using this off-site anywhere? Would you like a wallpaper or an image with credits? Tell me anything else I need to know here.


Do you offer point commissions?
No, I do not offer point commissions. On very rare occasions will I open one, and that is if I really need the points. Please don't note me about one, unless you are willing to pay the points equivalent of money.

Do you offer anything besides photo manipulation?
Yes, I am willing to take on digital paintings and traditional drawings and paintings as well. I don't have any listed prices as these are not in high demand. If you're interested, note/email me.

Do you do anything other than equine subjects?
Yes, I am open to just about anything else. Equine art is just what I specialize in.

How long will it take for you to complete my commission?
Depending on how busy I am, it could take anywhere from 1 week to 2 months. It's will usually be complete within one month, though.

If I don't like how my commission looks, will I be refunded?
If you don't like your commission, you can do one of two things: a) be refunded half of what you payed for it, or b) pay half price for another of equal value.

Will I get my commission without that big "commission" watermark found on commissions in your gallery?
Yes, you will! You can also request for anything else you want; with credits (for offsite), resized, signatures, etc.

Is Paypal the only way to pay you for my commission?
No, we can agree on another method of payment if Paypal doesn't work for you.
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you don't have point prices ;_;