Shark as Totem by Ravenari (print image)


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Shark as Totem

Well, folks, we're back to the deck; with only one more picture to go after this one! (And maybe a few that I'm going to redo, but officially, this means I will have illustrated all 73 animals, over half of them twice).

I actually really like this picture now, but at about 10 stages through the colouring process I didn't like it. It was one of those pictures that didn't 'work' for me until the final touches, and then suddenly it came together.

Shark in the deck represents all forms of journey-making, particularly those of the spirit. Shark also represents the reconciliation of opposites, how to be a peaceful predator and you can read the rest here:



illo's board, fineliner, pencil, aquarelle, silver and white acrylic
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