Fall 2015: Self Portrait Thing by AzeeraTheNinja (print image)


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For a self portrait project we had to make three different styles of self portrait:

1. Using Gestalt
2. Semiotics
3. Non-Objective

This one is Semiotics, or a more collage sort of feeling. This is supposed to reflect how crazy curious/nosey I am, as even when mountains are in my way, I'd find a way to peek over and listen and see what's happening... ^^;
I also made the mountains out of the bricks because I'm more of an urban person than an outdoors/country/rural person and I didn't want mountains to symbolize that. So yeah...? We didn't have very long for this project so I didn't think on it as much as I wanted to (and I had to design two other portraits...)

So yeah, here we go!

:heart: Allyson
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