EXO-L by Silverwind3D (print image)


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With the break between projects, I did something for me for shits and giggles. I made myself as an EXO fan... because I am... even in the fan club (yeah... fangirling HARD :giggle: ). This is the result of being exposed to too much EXO and Kai.  He's warped my fragile little mind! Dear god that boy can dance. OMG! :love: :drool:  :squee: 

Seriously though, I love music of all kinds and lately I've been all about K-Pop. It's upbeat, been quite the inspiration, and definitely helps to get through the long nights of content creation. I've seriously not fangirled this hard on anyone or group since I was around 12 years old if that tells you anything thing, not even Joey Jordison from Slipknot. My fiancee got me a pair of EXO headphones and my first official K-Pop CD, ever, that came with an EXO poster, and I got myself a jacket and cap for my birthday. IF they had dolls, I'm sure my mom would have gotten me the whole set by now. It's THAT bad. lmao Still, it's been fun and great for my creative outlet. 


Rendered in Daz Studio 4 with post composition in CS6. The background started as one of the EXO wallpapers from the official website available for download to fans. I cut Kai out (unfortunately hehe) and used the background as my base then added the sparkles and glows. The title works two ways: 1) The name of the official fan club is EXO-L and 2) it's me as an EXO fan and my name starts with L so in essence it's "EXO Letoya." I like it. :heart:

Character: SWD Benita by Silverwind (me)
Hair: Pris Hair by outoftouch
Headphones: Kitten Phones by lilflame & NemesisT
Jacket: FASHIONWAVE College for V4 by outoftouch (I modified the texture to look like my EXO jacket.)
Pants: The Cargoz by Rhiannon & RPublishing
Sparkles: Brushes by Obsidian Dawn

©2015-2020 Letoya B. Jackson/Silverwind/Silverwind3d/Silverwind-Elf/Silverwind-Designs. All rights reserved. 

This image may not be reproduced, copied, edited, tubed, published, transmitted or uploaded in any way without my written consent. This includes being used for signature tags and/or online avatars without my permission. 

**EXO logo, and mention of EXO, EXO-L, and Kai are copyright S.M. Entertainment, and by right of official fanclub membership, used respectfully with admiration and not for any monetary gain or purpose.
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