plotemo 3 -charred angels by EveryDeadPetalFalls (print image)


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this is a new drawing, i started it this semester during class, as usual. i draw back and forth between plotemo 2 and plotemo 3, and yes, it is a very slow process, and mostly likely neither plotemo 2 or 3 will be done by the end of this semester. i only do a two square inch section of these drawings at a time, and the composition is very precise and well thought out, at least in my mind, and im the artist so i guess thats all that matters. (by the way, if you have been checking out my drawing deviations and have noticed that my artist comments seem kind of snobby and arrogant and "out-there", i'd like to apologize, but dont judge the art by the artist, judge it by what it is.)
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