Scythe Dancer by Serio555 (print image)


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Well, this one follows my old formula of "girl in front of moon" drawings.

But come to think of it, Lotus flowers are one of the favourite seat cushion for various Eastern gods and goddessess (Buddha, Kuan Yin, etc). Considering a lot of those gods/godesses are rather....... heavily built, those flowers would be pretty much single-use only, so I'd imagine that those gods go through a LOT of flowers every week.

So in the forgotten, untold part of the eastern mythology, during full moon not only the moon bunnies make rice cakes but some of the handmaidens from heaven would have to come down to earth and pick some lotus flowers for their liege. Of course, since the gods are always depicted as physically large (and thus have a proportionately large a***), the lotus flowers have to be large ones, and a wimpy little knife simply wouldn't suffice, so they'd have to be equipped with scythes.

Thus far no one have seen these flower pickers since they'd probably use the scythe to cut more than just flowers, because if people find out about these huge flowers they might think that the gods needs excercise. Plus the flowers have been specially designed so the gods don't get piles from sitting too long.

Adobe Photoshop CS, Corel Painter 8, and lots of caffeine and glucose from various sources.

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