Bee Patient Change Will Come.colony collapse dis o by DeadNettlez (print image)


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Pencil and Watercolor on Paper 3 ft by 8 feet

This Painting is a Triptic. The Left panal represents the Outside world where the bee's forage for food.

The center panal represents the entrance to the hive and where the bees gather, meet and dance,

The Right panal is where the bees build comb and work.

I have dreams constantly about the bees and what they are telling us about our planet.
they say

"Dearest Humans, Help us to share your home. We want to speak to your subtle shell. We live in your gardens, We pollinat your crops, Almonds, Peaches, Apples, Pears, Blackberries. :sunnysideup::silentkitty:"

Please consider supporting the pesticide action network. [link]

KMO and Larry Lowe Discuss co-indigenous intelligence (which i think Honey Bees are one of several)..... crealm

original line work
Desktop Wallpaper

The painting started as a drawing on 3 yellow papers big big big on a whole wall. Then I scanned in little parts with flat bed. then I painted with the Gimp by creating colorfull layers underneeath and erasing the top layer.
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