Sea Wings, 2012 by snowmask (print image)


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30x40" oil on gessoboard

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Circa January 2009 -

Circa August 2009 -

So I keep coming back to this one. It's a great concept.

My first serious oils! And it's massive. This is to scale!

This is actually not yet finished. It's one of those types of oil paintings that can take on dozens of glazes. I'd like to keep building on this one, establish even more contrasted and distinctive lighting.

However I have to stop at this point as this is going to a show from April to June in LA, The Eastern Aesthetic at La Galeria Gitana. I have 4 other paintings for this show, all of them watercolours.

So I'll be revisiting this painting amidst my concurrent projects. It'll be interesting to see it develop, and who knows how long it will take before I decide to stop for real.

My warm thanks to my dear husband `zerocomplex and good friends ^sphilr, `wroth, and `johnpaulthornton (who will also be at the show!). Your support and guidance are always deeply appreciated :heart:

And thank you all for looking!


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