Thank you deviantART by LimKis (print image)


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I've always wanted to say "Thank you!" to deviantART.

It has done a lot for me as an artist.

When I just came to deviantART, I was merely a beginner in the digital art and I really needed other's support and attention to know I'm doing things right and to see that people could like what I am doing, that my hobby (I mean digital art) could be more than that, could become my profession.

deviantART has helped me to achieve a certain success, a certain level, it's given me a lot of commissions - they've proved, that my art can become my profession.

I believe deviantART is a great place for an artist, this place is a source of support and inspiration. There are so many artist here with so many various styles, with unbelievably creative imagination, and when you see others, you really want to improve, to grow.

Besides a very friendly and welcoming audience, the administration of deviantART is very supportive too, it helps the artists, drawing attention to them with "Daily Deviation" and many other campaigns.

No matter what style you have, what you create, here you can always find you audience.

Thank you, deviantART and deviantART members!
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