Big Guide to Drawing the Body by Majnouna (print image)


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This is the revised and final version of this tutorial, though some details are not included I'm including them exclusively in the book :)

Hands have their own tutorial here:
And feet here:
All my tutorials are listed here: [link]

Get all of my human anatomy tutorials in one convenient book or e-book!

Some advice to use this tutorial:

Use the above guide as a supplement to gesture drawing. Reading and memorizing all this won't help you as much as sketching from life; this guide simply provides the understanding that will make your sketching a learning experience rather than a random process. So, carry a sketchbook around and gesture-draw people around you, especially people in motion. This way you are forced to use fast gesture drawing and not go obsessive over the details, and that is how you can achieve a solid grounding in grasping form and movement before moving on to worrying about surface additions such as clothing and expression. Think of the human body as an assortment of volumes, not as lines put together. This will change your life, trust me.

See also this article: [link]

Now about the tutorial itself. It is large, so if you find it intimidating do start with my much smaller guide right here: [link]

Drawing the Head and Figure, Jack Hamm
Le dessin anatomique facile, Burne Hogarth
Experience and (believe it or not) martial arts
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