Travellers by Scortis (print image)


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Somewhere in space, there was a very advanced race called "Travellers" that even reached the space.
In their system was only one planet and it had one moon. But the exploration of space brought also some negative things. They found even more advanced race than they are. They races made an nonaggression pact but our second race has turned traitor and almost defeated Traveller race on planet.
But what they didn't know about was the fact that Travellers also colonised their moon and then developed the moon shield ,superweapon and interstellar drive drawing energy from the core.
Then they rached homeworld of the traitor race and now they are using their superweapon to take vengeance on them.

The rest can you see on the image ;)

Technical parameters:
:bulletred:6000x4000 (without borders)
:bulletblue:about two weeks of work
:bulletred:PSD file size reaching one gigabyte:o
:bulletblue:Photoshop CS4, Cinema 4D, Vue

Wallpaperpack available!

Widescreen 16:10

Widescreen 16:9 (Have special borders ;))
:bulletorange:1920x1080 FullHD

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