Daurgus by foukou (print image)


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Allow the eyes one possesed to take a glimps around a white wall to view a red fence behind which a structure stands supporting bells, the Aegean sea in the distance. This is the path I was hoping ones eye would follow when I took this shot. The idea was for the blurry wall on the right to grap the attention of the eye, from where one would look left to the red fence, and then through, over and behind the red fence eventually finding it's way to the blue of the ocean. For this reason I left in a large slice of the blurred wall on the right. At f11 I decided I would be best able to get the effect's I desired. Blur the wall on the right by getting very close to it, have the fence be very sharp and clear, and have the background be clear, but not very sharp but also not too blurred.

Shot in October, 2004 on the island of Santorini (in the Cyclades of Greece), in a small village named Ia. My goal with this photograph was to provide an interesting perspective of some of the local structures.
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