Ganai by foukou (print image)


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Overlooking a stone wall painted completely white like the wall in the upper right of this photograph in the small village of Ia on Santorini (an island in the Cyclades of Greece) one might see this idealic scene. One mat, or perhaps, one door, two rocks, and three pots resting in the shade of a wall dividing the visible side with a sheer drop down into the Aegean, into the caldera of Thira.

Aside from a small increase in saturation and shadows, this photograph has not been touched. I found no need to change or remove anything, anywhere. One might argue that I could have removed some of the grayish spots on the walls, but I don't see a reason for this. The photo already portrays an ideal location (I'm in love with the village of Ia, so perhaps this is a bit biased), why not allow for some "fault."

There's definately a few ways one might be able to interpret what's to be seen here. One should be sure to not over-look the shadow cast by the flowers, the contrasting blue door, the mat, and the steps leading down from the left. I consider this a conceptual photograph because of this.
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