Palaepliou by foukou (print image)


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While I don't believe Palaepliou is an actual word, nor is it derived from any combination of words, it could possibly be a place. Perhaps not a place in this world, but perhaps in another. Perhaps Palaepliou is the sacred land of a society we know nothing about.

I find the rings around the grass in the foreground in this photograph interesting. Though I'm not entirely sure what has formed these rings, I would speculate that wind blowing the grass blades around form circular trails as the blade's ends touch the sand, carving a little sand away. As this is repeated over and over, the circles are formed around the grass.

The major changes or enhancement made to this photo are relatively evident. A increase in saturation and the blue hue, a common change for photo's reflecting scenes interpreting actual locations in my fantasy world. Additionally, a small plastic bag was removed from the dune.

The photo was taken on the island of Sylt, near the town of Westerland. Sylt is an island in northern Germany right by Denmark in the North Sea. The island is covered with sand dunes, which make up more or less most of the island. To my understanding, the branches in the sand act to hold the sand in place.

I hope that I can share a piece of the world's sight's and my own fantasy world with you with this piece.
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