- the eye of Flicka by fragilemuse-org (print image)


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*cue horror music*

just joking..
this is the eye of my pet starling, Flicka..
i took this while she was sunning under her favorite lamp. she kinda goes into this birdy trance when she suns, so i was able to get the camera really really close without her caring.. =D

Flicka is a starling that my husband and i found cold and dehydrated on the sidewalk last May. We took her in and fed her (thanks to all the help on Starling Talk). We wanted to raise her for release, but unfortunantly i had to force feed her and she imprinted on me pretty quickly. When a bird imprints on a human they grow up thinking that they ARE human and as a result find it almost impossible to relate to other birds. This is why it is quite bad to release an imprinted bird as their chances of surviving on their own in the wild is about 2-5%. Because of this we decided to keep Flicka and raise her as our companion. She is an extremely intelligent little thing, and quite opinionated as well! What mommy has Flicka MUST get, no matter the methods used to aquire it. I love her dearly :heart:

you can read all about her baby days with us, as well as her older starling pal Bird-bird (his story is on the website) here =D
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