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Sasha’s Pokemon Adventure: Region 5 (Sinnoh) 

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18 deviants said Cynthia
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6 deviants said G.C Mars & Jupiter
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Penny and her sweet treat
What’s this!? Prinny actually drew something that’s not like a hot air balloon o3o?

Yup, this is actually my first bottom heavy drawing I’ve ever done and not only that but it’s the second drawing of 2019. All it took was a RP on a Discord server last night and I just couldn’t turn it down >3>;

So short story goes:
Penny was on her way back home and noticed a candy store that was closing down and we’re selling boxes of their candy, Penny decided to go in and was lucky enough to grab the last box of ‘Choco-Bars’ since out of everything in the store, it was the most popular item to go and was nearly sold out. Mainly because each box contained 200 bars of sweet chocolate bars.
And let’s just say that Penny couldn’t resist and ate all of the chocolate bars thus giving her a bottom heavy figure.

Penny belongs to me ^3^

“Scouting Report: Where do I begin?” Red XIII Final Fantasy Abridged Ep

So a lot of stuff happened over 2018, ups and downs for me, So let’s start from the beginning.

So this year was basically the year where I finally finished college basically it was wave of relief knowing that I had finally got my Applied Biological Sciences all done and it was great. Plus after that I was basically on holiday to Benidorm with my Mom, her friend and her daughter. It was a fantastic holiday.

But after the holiday and I was back home.....Things started to turn low for me.
See I use to have two part time jobs both in the Sales assistant department but I was made redundant in one of them which sorta made me feel a bit low at a certain point especially since I knew that wasn’t going to be getting the money I was getting before.
Luckily I got more overtime spots at my other job and I’m hoping to get a upgrade from a part time contract to a full time contract.
As for art, It’s been a slow but good progress for both drawings and Kisekae, I started doing point commissions near the end of October and it’s been a great kind of motivator to draw. Though it sorta does put a hold on my Kisekae (Like I have a lot to do on it ^^; ), so hopefully in the new year I can get more motivation to do both ^3^.

Not to mention this year gave birth to a new OCs as well as a new female Persona, one by the name of Penny ^w^.

Penny (Fem.Persona) by Prinny129

Since I’m talking about October, might as well talk about how my birthday went on December.

So a funny thing happened that morning while I was taking my dog Archie out, The pavement was covered with black ice (Which is just a term for slippery pavements) and I landed on my butt (to be a bit mature) and man was it painful but over time it started to have this “funny pain” feel which was a lot cause it made me laugh a bit (turns out I think I just bruised my backside XD) .

After that, I went to work from 4-9pm (Don’t worry even if I wasn’t at work today everyone was at work).
So hours past and we closed up for the night and a few co-workers and supervisors that were they’re all got together and got me a gift of a bottle of Strongbow cider and a box of Maltesers which was lovely ^w^

And then when I got home my mom bought me some big bags of Skittles and a brand new dressing gown (which in my honest opinion was a great choice cause it made me look like a king wearing it plus it was super cosy too X3) R.I.P old dressing gown.

And that was it for that day except I still have to talk about the DA side ^w^

So I know everyone has been sending me “Happy Birthday”’s on my Profile and I’m really happy with the amount I haven’t been able to reply to them all because I was at work for essentially the entire day plus all this Christmas work I have to do, not to mention I got a few new watchers which is a lovely little addition too.
With that comes to the final part the gifts I’ve received from my friends ^3^ :la: :

A big birthday surprise (Gmod stuffing) by lucasbasher649:iconlucasbasher649: Can’t make a surprise party without inviting two favourite waifus over X3.

-GIFT- Princess Sashette by Sergy92:iconsergy92: presented what happens if the inflationist herself gets hold of that Super-crown.

Birthday Balloon by Prinny129:iconimbapovi: I think what’s happened here is pretty straight forward: Penny + Air Magic= One big party balloon.

(B-Day Gift) P-Ballooned Penny by WarioTheInflator:iconwariotheinflator: Penny always seems to be a P-balloon magnet no matter where she is, she’ll encounter one of those pesky (But yet loveable) P-balloons.

Yuyuko Blueberry by ParallaxTheDarkOne:iconparallaxthedarkone: To answer your question Parallax, all you need to do is look behind you and see the culprit who ate all the food X3.

Birthday Blimps by NoahTigerDragon :iconnoahtigerdragon: Two perfectly puffed up balloons all thanks to Sasha. ^3^ 

Penny's Puffy Predicament (Happy B-day Prinny129) by Shadowbonnie5 :iconshadowbonnie5: I'm absolutely amazed and impressed by this shadowbonnie, Such a fantastic b-day gift and well worth all the effort you put in.

B-Day gift - Cake filled bellies by CarterTheEmolga :iconcartertheemolga: Sometimes the inflators don’t even need to do anything, all they can do is sit and watch two girls eat up all the birthday cake that was made X3.

Lil'Penny by Prinny129
Yeee, Lil'Penny: A convenient and essential pocket Mage X3 

To all who wished me a Happy Birthday and who made B-day gifts for me, I would like to say "Thank you!! :D" from the bottom of my heart. 

So with that finally out of the way (It took me nearly the whole month just to make this ^^; ) I just would like to say that this year for me has been....

....Alright for the most part, most of it was explained above. I’ve made quite a lot of new friends especially new ones like :iconpuffylover1: , :iconmetroidfan59:, :iconfiledotwav: and many many more.

Here’s hoping that 2019 will bring good vibes to me and to all of my friends here on DA.

Till then see ya later Doods ;)

A talk about 2018
I know that it’s 2019 and I’m late for the whole review of 2018 and what not, but I had a lot of work to go through especially around in December. ^^;
Are you ready for wizard Freddy? XD

Filename by Prinny129
Heading off to work today, 4-8pm I’ll see you guys later on after 8.

I’ve also been getting back into the swing of Kisekae :D, So hopefully I can get something up this week or weekend.

Anyways see you guys later ;)
Going off to my works night out

See ya guys later ;)


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United Kingdom
Just a guy who loves the Disgaea series (games), Prinnys, as well as female body inflation and blueberry inflation

What to know about me:

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The Secret Santa Idea was the fact that even with their rivalry in inflation both Serena and Naomi are still great friends and they decide to get each other gifts for Christmas but not knowing that they were the Secret Santa to each other.
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