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Fake Pokemon - Sturmjaegr

By Prinny-Dood
Height 11 Feet 6 inches
dex entry: An ancient predator of coastal cliffs, Sturmjaegr are known to hunt from the air. They are known for their extraordinary aerial control, capable of easily maintaining flight in powerful sea storms.

evolves from at level 85 with use of a water stone. Fluidon must have never held an everstone.

Sturmjaegr is an old idea I had to give all my starters a hidden dragon evolution, since they were all dinosaurs. This was basically my own version of a Mega evolution, before Mega evolutions were a thing. I kept putting off drawing these forms until Mega evolution came about, at which point I simply decided to abandon the concept altogether. Recently I decided to just go for it anyway. I always liked the idea, and while similar to Mega evolution, I feel like it is still unique.

Known as an Ascended evolution, it is far more powerful than the normal evolutionary line, and unlike a Mega evolution, it is permanent. By keeping Fluidon from evolving at the time it normally would, it builds up evolutionary power within it's low energy body. If held back until level 85, a water stone will trigger an Ascended evolution. If held beyond 85 however, the evolutionary energy within Fluidon becomes too much and permanently cripples the body, similar to blowing out an over inflated tire. Everstones cannot be used, as they do not hold the energy back but rather suppress it altogether in the case of preparing for an Ascended evolution. If an Everstone is used, or Fluidon surpasses level 85, it will still be able to evolve into it's standard evolutionary line.

Sturmjaegr's design is based on a wyvern, a european dragon archetype typically depicted with wings instead of forelegs. (technically they're often considered related to dragons and not themselves dragons, but whatever.)

Name is a combination of sturm (german for storm) and a corruption of Jaeger (german for hunter).

Characters, artwork © Chris Carter - Prinny-dood
Pokemon © Nintendo, Gamefreak, and Ken Sugimori.
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hello, i am making an original pokedex fic (basically expanding pokedex entries ala birdboys pokedex, but using fakemon) and i would like to use your fakemon. Is that ok? i would credit you.

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Sweet I got a custom evolution of my own! :D Welcome back! Can I please use your Fakemon for my Pokemon RP?
This creaton looks very nice, I like that wyvern style. Also the colour palette is great.

I am a 3D-artist trainee, do you mind if I use this design as input for a 3D (low poly) model? Only for a small hobby project, but I might as well 3D-print the result as well.

I'm not planning to publish anything though, but I think it's always nice to ask first before using anyones ideas!
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That actually sounds really neat! Sure :)
Great! I spend the day drawing today, I sent you a note with some screenshots, maybe you like it. It's still a bit rough, need to finish the details as well as start rigging for animations.
Been a while, but here a screenshot of two 3D Sturmjaegrs battling against each other. What'ya think?
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It's pretty suspicious that you announced these right before Pokemon gen 7 was revealed............... You sure you don't work for nintendo? 
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lol you know tbh I was thinking the exact same damn thing. I'm not even the best pokemon artist out there (by a looooong stretch) but I swear it feels like they stalk the shit out of me lol
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Don't be too hard on yourself. You may not emulate the pokemon art style perfectly like some artists can, but regardless the designs you come up with are some of the best I've seen. Like that rapidash evo you did is such a great idea and fits perfectly! I also loved your lilith stuff. :) 

Well we'll see if Nintendo steals some of your designs for this gen just to make sure.  :P
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I would want this Pokemon :)
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