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The vengeance I would quite happily wreak that Halloween night all began with the bra in my backpack. Innocently changing in the locker room at the end of P.E., when pulling it out of my things I couldn't tell if someone had just gotten our things confused or if it was just another bullying attempt, albeit this one was much more bizarre than usual. Hearing the characteristic hyena-like laugh from Jocelyn (one-fourth of my usual tormentors), I realized it was the latter, though I still wasn't getting the joke. Stretching it out in full, I saw it was meant for a much more...endowed girl than me. Were they just trying to tease me about how flat I was? Wouldn't be the first or last time. I balled it up and prepared to toss it somewhere unpleasant.
Suddenly the gym teacher and Debany rounded the corner. Blessed with F-cups and happy to flaunt them, teasing over my petite proportions was something she got a weird and unhealthy kick out of. I immediately recognized the "prank" as her handiwork.
"There!" Debany gave a realistic gasp and pointed at me accusingly. "Vanessa and Erin saw her digging through my spare clothes."
I looked over at them, Erin holding back smiles and Vanessa nodding sagely, of course lying through their teeth. Anger flashed through me. Debany was the uncontested ring leader of antagonizing me, but the others all too happily and often took part.
"Stuff would go missing all the time, but we never knew who was doing it." Erin added. "Look! She's even got it in her hand!"
The instructor sighed and made a 'go-on' motion with her hand, and I reluctantly unfolded the scrunched up undergarment. Before i could even defend myself, Jocelyn jumped in.
"She told me it belonged to her." She interrupted, and for a half-second I thought she was defending me. Debany gave a rehearsed-sounding snort, crushing the idea.
"Are you kidding?" She scoffed. "That thing wouldn't fit her if she stuffed it."
I flushed, ready to give her a piece of my mind, when the gym teacher began reaching for my arm. I grimaced. She'd never believe me over four "witnesses". Suddenly the bell rang, and on a sudden impulse I leapt to my feet. I was not going to get in trouble because the coach believed a pack of lies. I took off, feet pounding out of the room. Saying a silent thank you that it was the last period of the day, I continued running straight out the front door.

I couldn't help fearing pursuit, and I ended up not slowing until I was closer to home than school. I desperately hoped everyone would forget about the incident before fall break was over. Now that I ran, there was no way anyone would believe me. I looked down at the bra, still in my hand. Tears stinging my eyes, I angrily hurled it into the road, hoping it was a favourite. I was sick of them. Two. Whole. Years. I'd put up with this garbage, and there wasn't a thing I could do about it.
I normally didn't let them get to me, but I was embarrassed to say they'd hit a sore spot. It's not that I want a big bust, I was just tired of being teased about it. Yes. That was all. It also didn't help that the four of them were all fairly chesty, the smallest only centimeter away from a C.
I shook my head. I had thought more than enough about stupid boobs for one day. Giving the underwear a final kick into the bushes, I stomped towards home, not seeing the scurrying shape reach out and grab it.

I heard my parents call greetings but didn't respond, still bitter and annoyed. Getting my younger siblings' costumes ready for trick-or-treating tonight, they didn't press me on it.
Stepping into my room, I collapsed onto my bed. I couldn't help but break into a gentle sob. I'd stopped wasting my time thinking about cup sizes at least, but the frustration and exhaustion had me overwhelmed. School was almost intolerable at this point, and all because they thought it was fun to antagonize me. I don't know how long I lay there, but before I knew it, I'd drifted to sleep.

I woke to the sound of flapping. Night had fallen, the digital clock by my bed reading 8:42. They'd have left for trick-or-treating by now, so that noise... Groggily, I reached out and clicked the lamp. Searching for the source, I looked up at the ceiling and gaped.
Less than a foot tall, what looked like a blue skinned boy hovered in place in front of my bed, grinning with cockiness. Tiny horns peeped from a mop of dark brown hair, while a thin pointed tail hung underneath him. He wore a very skimpy leather vest, which exposed his scrawny chest almost entirely. Short shorts matched it, just as skin-tight and miniscule, evem for his 11-inch height. Most strangely though, was the bra I'd thrown away earlier dangling from his hands.
"Is this yours?" He oozed with smarm.
Part of me wanted to scream and hurl objects at him out of fear and another part of was infuriated by the fact a demon had shown up in my room just to tease me about my chest. My shirt wasn't loose, and he could clearly be able to tell it wouldn't fit me. I didn't answer, but my brow automatically furrowed and he got the hint.
"Want it to be?"
He swooped down to the foot of my bed, landing near my feet. He settled into a reclined position as I yanked my legs away from him.
"Who are you?" I finally asked, ignoring his comment for now.
"Just an imp who wants to do you a favor." He replied nonchalantly.
I stared at him for a while, then took a deep breath.
"I am NOT giving you my soul for returning some underwear I threw on the ground." I asserted.
His smile dropped and confusion took over.
"Wait, what?" He asked, aloofness broken.
"How does that even count as a favor if I never wanted it? I'm not letting you steal my spirit, or-or, enslave me over-"
"No! No!" He said frantically. "I knew it wasn't yours, I just brought it to be symbolic and dramatic and all that garbage!"
"Well I'm still not agreeing to any 'deals' or-"
"I wanna make your boobs huge!" He blurted.
I stopped. We sat in silence for a while.
"What?" I finally asked. He actually blushed.
"I was gonna be all allusive and tantalizing but you had to start yelling about your 'immortal soul.'" He glared at me like this whole scenario was my fault.
"Fine." I crossed my arms. "I'm listening."
"What if I told you," he began, confidence returning in droves. "I could not only give you boobs as big as you wanted, but also let you have some payback against those girls at your school?"
"Wait, how would you know about that?" I interrupted.
"Demon magic?" He suggested uncertainly. I narrowed my eyes at him. "Okay fine, I was hiding in the girl's locker room until I heard someone complain they were too small. It never happened and the closest thing was them teasing you."
"That's kind of creepy."
"Can you just tell me no already if you're so opposed? Y'know, so I don't waste any more of the night?"
"No!" The possibility of losing this made me fully comprehend that I actually wanted this. I wanted a supernatural event. I wanted at least some kind of vengeance. And I wanted...well I wouldn't mind being a little more developed, only if that's what it took to get revenge of course. "Sorry. How would we...?"
He smiled, pleased to finally be in control again.
"Halloween night's boosting my magic, so I can temporarily turn you into a vampire and you can fly to their houses and suck their boobs into yours." He said this as if telling me what day of the week it was. I opened my mouth to point out the myriad of flaws, but he shushed me into silence.
"I'll take care of the details. Make sure they're asleep, you'll be near invisible, modify a few memories, all of it." He unfurled a rolled up piece of paper seemingly pulled from nowhere. "All you have to do is sign."
I took it. I'd expected a huge, thick packet of tiny print and lawyer-esqe setences but all he'd handed me was a mere slip of paper with a sentence or two scrawled in crayon.
"I failed my contract class." He explained defensively.
I ignored him and read it over. I was starting to trust him, but I had no intention of losing my soul over fine print.
" return for the handsome imp's services you will allow him to nestle in your expanded..."
"NESTLE IN-" I started, flabbergasted, but the imp quickly interrupted me.
"Just a few minutes! Isn't it worth it?" He was extraordinarily flustered.
I had expected some horrible life-binding secondary condition, not...this.
"Just...why would you..." I shook my head. "Aren't there succubus wherever you came from who'd let that?"
"I'm an imp! Bottom of the barrel! We're legally allowed to be eaten in some areas! No succubus is going to give me the time of day."
I thought as he continued ranting about imp abuse. Just a few minutes of satisfying a harmless perverted desire, and I'd not only get payback for all they've done, but huge...I'd think about that later. I gnawed on my lower lip and sighed.
Still blabbering about social standing, he didn't notice I'd signed until the paper poofed into reddish smoke. He let out a happy cry as the red cloud seemed to drift into me.
"What happens now?" I coughed, choking on the mist.
"Now we just wait for you to finish-" I clapped my hand to my mouth as a sudden, new sensation took hold in my gums. "-turning into a vampire."
Opening my mouth, I poked a finger at my now sharpened canine teeth.
"Do vampires even have anything besides these?" I asked garbledly, running my tongue over the fangs.
"A few things." He said cheekily.
With a fwoomp, my ruffled school clothes exploded into a voluminous black dress that wouldn't look out of place in a fairy tale. Expansive, billowing skirts swirled around my socked feet. The waistline was trimand intricately patterned, leading up to a very genourously sized bodice which didn't fit me at all. The top part was mesh and very open, which I assumed was for exposing the wearer's cleavage. On me however, it mainly just lay in a slumped fabric blob around my chest.
A rush of excitement flowed over me as I examined it. In any other situation, this reminder of my under developed form not fitting the dress would've annoyed me. But since I'd soon be filling it...
I shook my head. The only reason was because I thought the dress was pretty and wanted to wear it properly. My exhilaration had nothing to do with boobs. Absolutely not.
My thoughts were interrupted by a strange vibration coming from my back. I peered over my shoulder just in time to witness enormous bat wings much larger than my body burst out of me like lightning. I jumped, but soon curiosity overcame my surprise and I attempted an experimental flap. With glee, I realized that I was moving these wings as easily as I would my arms.
"Ready?" The imp smirked at me.
I couldn't help but give a fang-filled grin back.

It took a few attempts, but soon I was soaring gracefully over the trick-or-treaters down below. I couldn't help but laugh with jubilation. If the imp wanted to convince someone to sign, all he'd need to offer was flight. Despite my laughter and the flap of my wings, we remained utterly undetected.
The imp, flying about a foot away from me suddenly pointed to a nearby house. I changed direction to glide towards it. It was the second of their houses we'd passed tonight, but a poetic part of me wanted to save the resident of the first for last.
New yet natural instincts kicked in as I approached the open window, and I automatically wrapped my wings around me to dive straight through. Landing on the bedroom floor with a roll, silent as the night, I was very much appreciating this vampire stuff. Just like the imp had promised, Vanessa had gone to sleep early and lay motionless across her bed. I stood over her uncertainly as the imp fluttered in.
"What are you waiting for?" He huffed. "Bite her already."
"It won't really hurt her, will it?"  I didn't want to kill her or something, as much as I loathed the four girls.
"She's probably gonna sleep a little harder than usual, but she'll be fine." He said impatiently. "Go on. Do it."
Still not entirely sure what I was doing, I leaned towards her neck, opening my mouth hesitantly. With little warning, once again my instincts kicked in and suddenly my fangs had broken Vanessa's flesh and liquid was gushing into my mouth. I'd expected the metallic taste of blood, but to my surprise, a thick, chocolaty taste was sliding down my tongue instead. I suckled for a few moments longer, until the flow trickled to a stop. Licking my lips, I retracted my fangs from her neck. Despite my drinking, Vanessa remained fast asleep, breathing peacefully.
I felt no different at first, then spotted the missing lumps in the blanket where her chest should be. I looked at my own and nearly squealed. B's? C's? I didn't really care. For the first time in my life, I was normal sized! The dress was still pretty loose, but was fitting much better. I raised a tentative finger to prod my newly-enlarged chest, feeling nothing out of the ordinary. On impulse, I raised a whole hand to squeeze and-
"C'moooooooonnnnnnn," the imp whined, interrupting me. "That vampire spell only lasts so long, and besides, it'll be more fun to touch yourself when you're bigger."
I turned scarlet.
"I wasn't 'touching-'" but he was already out the window.
I looked down at myself. Did I really want to keep going? I was totally satisfied at this size, but...I couldn't help but think of all the insults, jibes, and jokes at my expense these girls pulled and my face hardened. It wasn't the biggest payback in the world, but it was all I was getting. Even if they don't mind losing their size, (though I knew one of them would) messing up their wardrobe was more than enough for me. I leapt out the window, flying away from Vanessa's flat, slumbering formand thinking only of revenge. And not breast size. Definitely.

Swooping into Erin's room, I noticed an empty bed next to her occupied one. Probably a sibling out trick-or-treating. Ignoring it, I quickly slunk over to Erin and prepared to bite. Before
I sunk my teeth in, I made sure to place my hands over my bosom. Now that I knew what was going to happen, I wanted to feel the growth myself. I knelt and bit.
A general fruity taste met my tongue, but my attention was quickly torn away by the way my breast-flesh oozed over my palms and in between my fingers. I stopped pressing as tightly and simply enjoyed the way they bloated into my hands until I'd drained the last of Erin's bust.
This time I couldn't resist, no matter the imp's complaints. I gave my assets, now probably DD's and officially large to anyone with eyes, a single, hefty squeeze. Just to experiment of course. The dress also looked like it actually belonged to me for the first time all night, though it was still far from tight. I couldn't help but snicker as I imagined how far down the alphabet my girls would be once the night was over. Good luck calling me tiny then.
I must've been more caught up in my fantasies than I realized, because I didn't notice the girl who'd come into the room until she dropped her glass of water with a thump against the carpeted floor. I whirled to face her. Mouth a perfect O of shock, what I presumed to be Erin's younger sister couldn't be more than nine. I glanced at the imp, who shrugged unhelpfully, then focused on her again. The vision of me, huge bat wings scraping the ceiling, ebony dress swirling around like brimstone, fangs exposed and dripping as her sister lay motionless beneath me was all too much for the poor girl. Her eyes rolled back and she fainted to the floor with a thump, only slightly louder than her water glass.
"What do we do!" I whisper-screamed at the imp.
"Get her in bed?" He suggested hurriedly. "I've got an idea."
He darted through the open door as I dragged the unconscious girl by the armpits.
By the time I'd gotten her head on her pillow and wrapped in blankets, the imp had returned with a box of spaghetti, which he then proceeded to scatter around the floor.
"What are you doing!?" I hissed.
"'A vampire came into my house and threw spaghetti on the floor?'" He scoffed. "Now no will ever believe her."
I considered arguing, but settled for a disapproving look. Then my gaze inevitably wandered back to my inflated bust, and I struggled to resist immersing myself in my fantasies again.
"Okay, I'm done! Let's go." The imp called, and soon we were in the sky once more.

Jocelyn was much less eventful, though her small window did require some squeezing for me to fit through. Her blood, or whatever it is I've been drinking, had a lovely caramel taste. I felt my now udder-resembling chest surge out and bump her body as I leaned, draining the last of it. Pulling back, I grinned. I wasn't sure what cup size I was now, but the fact that each of my mammaries were nearly as big as my head was enough of a hint. No way Debany could even hope to compare to me now, especially not when I finished with her.
One thing that worried me was the dress. The mesh was getting quite snug, and would almost assuredly be at least straining, if not ripped entirely once I'd absorbed Debany's unfairly sized balloons. But then again, if she had balloons, then I was about to get a blimps. I would enjoy that purely for outsizing her, obviously. I was not getting any other pleasure about this. Especially not boob-related pleasure. That'd be weird.
The imp coughed behind me and I quickly started for the window. I'd learned my lesson from the last house, and wanted no repeats. I folded my wings in close, burst into a sprint, dove through the window and
Stuck. For a second I couldn't understand why I no longer fit. Than I noticed the pinching sensation. I looked down at myself to see my bigger breasts squished tight against the windowsill and corners, jamming the opening entirely. I wiggled unsuccessfully as the imp squeaked in alarm, still inside the house. Unexpected pleasure jolted through me as the phrase "too big" sailed across my mind. Me. I was too big. My size fully sunk in for the first time. Centimetres. Inches. Feet. How big around could they possibly be? Could they possibly   get? Mental images of a larger me jammed in even wider openings flashed through my mind and I shivered with delight.
With a sudden mysterious force slamming against my rear end, I popped out and nearly fell to the ground, rapidly flapping at the last second and just barely gaining air in time.
As I rose higher, the mysterious force, aka the imp, soon joined me.
"That should be worth at least another minute." He claimed, panting.
I mutter an embarrassed thank you, but said little else. Getting stuck was blush-worthy, but I was more mortified by my previous thoughts of enjoyment...and the fact I was still thinking them.

The thought of Debany soon filled my mind, and by the time we entered her (thankfully large) window, I'd successfully shelved my fantasies.
I loomed over her like a specter of death, plus a pair of huge hooters. My eyes lasered in on her own, and with deep satisfaction I realized I was indeed the more ample. And I was about to make our gap even wider.
I knelt down to bite but a vindictive and impulsive thought suddenly gripped me.
"Do I have any superhuman vampire strength?" I asked.
"Yeah." The imp answered vaguely.
"Enough to hold down a teenager as I verbally taunt her?"
"Yeah." He was smiling now.
"I think I'd like you to wake her up then."
I wasn't sure what he'd done, but soon Debany was begging to murmur and shift. Before she fully came awake, I'd leapt onto her bed, pressing my knees against her legs and clamping a hand over her mouth as she woke with a gasp. I held my position, patiently awaiting her sleep-addled brain to catch up with her eyes. It didn't take long, and soon her eyes were wide with fright. Moonlight illuminated the room from the open window, and I saw recognition dawn in her eyes. I opened my mouth as if to bite, (but in all honesty I had no intention of doing so until the best possible moment. In reality, I was just giving her a good look at my sharpened fangs.) and immediately she started spitting out muffled, rapid words under my hand. I removed it.
"-ry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry for making fun of you I'll never do it again I swear please don't hurt me." She gasped breathlessly.
"I appreciate that, but I think I'll make sure anyway..." I leaned into a false bite once again.
"Wait, please!" She shreiked, thrashing, and I pulled back.
"I used to struggle with my weight and you're-" her eyes dropped to my expanded bust, and I was thrilled to see jealousy there. " you were so naturally scrawny and thin, I got jealous! That's why I bullied you." She scrunched up her eyes and awaited my judgement.
I remained silent for a long while. I was 90% sure she was lying, but...
I blew out a long breath of air and sat up.
"Fine." I sighed. "I guess I can forgive you."
The imp made a choking noise as Debany's eyes snapped open. She shifted to a more upright position.
"Really?" She asked, sounding like she could barely believe it.
And then I lunged for her neck and chomped down.
She let out a scream, but as I drank the rich vanilla liquid she steadily decreased in volume until she was snoring in my arms once more. We were too big to avoid mashing our breasts together at such close quarters, so even without my hands on them I felt the process. The feeling of my bosom steadily fattening, pressing tighter and tighter against Debany's shrinking pair was more satisfying than I could have hoped. I sensed the flow ending, and this time I released early, leaving a few drops and Debany with what I felt was generous b-cups.
As I yanked back, my now absurd boobage, more than twice the size of my head, wobbled with the motion in the fully filled dress. I had thought being so bountiful would surely rip it to pieces, but to my delight I found the dress seemed to be specifically made for my watermelon-shaming boulders.
The shape and curve lovingly clear through the cloth, rounded imprints perfectly flaunting my enormous bust. Tit-flesh squeezed out in all the right places thanks to the mesh, leaving my vast sea of cleavage deliciously exposed to the world. No matter how tiny the movement, I swayed and bounced, far too big to prevent their motion. Not that I wanted to. I was enjoying each jiggle immensely.
"Why didn't you take it all?" The imp asked, snapping me out of my bliss.
"Just because I could crush a pumpkin between these doesn't mean they're gonna stop bothering me." I explained, squishing said pumpkin-destroyers between my hands as I did. "A girl boob-crazy as her isn't gonna risk offending me if she thinks I can still take them away from her."
"Oh." His face furrowed up in confusion. "But aren't all human girls 'boob-crazy?'"
"What? No, Debany-" I paused to peer down at my giga globes. "-and me too I guess, are just weirdos."
I couldn't resist giving my pillows a happy squeeze. Weirdo or not, if I was this impossibly huge I might as well stop pretending I wasn't absolutely loving this. A thought occurred to me.
"Wait, what are people going to think about these?" I asked, bouncing them for emphasis.
"Me, you, that girl we knocked out, and the one just now are the only ones who wouldn't think you've always been that size." He replied, examining the curtains.
"Perfect. Except for Erin's sister. Hope we didn't traumatize her."
"I finished measuring the window. You won't get stuck this time." He teased. "Let's go before you traumatize anyone else."

I was giddy and giggly the whole flight home. I assumed my "vampiric spine" was the reason my bloated milkbags weren't weighing me down or straining me, but being aware of their size as the wind wooshed against me only enamoured the size to me more.
By the time we walked through the front door, (no way were my girls fitting through my window) I'd all but forgotten about the promise I'd made to the imp. Sneaking up to my room, I collapsed on my bed with a deep, contented sigh, chest unstoppably wobbling as I did. The imp stood at the foot of the bed. As he tapped his foot impatiently, I recalled our agreement.
Sighing, I sat up and undid part of the dress, sliding it down just enough to expose the grand canyon that was my cleavage. The imp took a tentative step forward.
"Just get it over with." I groaned.
I saw a flash of a smile, and then he'd dove straight between my marshmallows. I'd been dreading this all night. A cup or Z cup, I didn't particularly want anyone digging around down there. I felt him making himself cozy uncomfortably perceptibly, and at first it was just as disconcerting as I imagined.
Then I realized how easily he'd been completely swallowed. How much wider, taller, thicker, and overall bigger just one of my breasts were than his entire body. How they were capable of just engulfing things like that...
And before I knew it, I'd sunk right back into obsessing over my inflated mammaries, forgetting their occupant almost entirely.
Then I shrieked at the top of my lungs as a full size hand burst out of my cleavage. I could only watch in horror as the imp, now human height, magically climbed out. Within seconds, he'd fully emerged, stretching on my bedroom floor.
"WHAT WAS THAT!?" I yelled, scooting away to grip my lamp like a weapon. "Was this all a trick!? Are you going to steal my soul now!?"
"Nah." He said, utterly shameless. "I just didn't explain why because I figured you might say no if you knew my goal was to 'become a stronger demonic entity.'"
I relaxed slightly.
"What just happened?" I looked down at my bust. "What'd in there?"
"I thought the easiest way to upgrade was to become an incubus. I had to have a lewd, consensual experience to transform. I found out it'd work for humans, and here we are." He seemed irritatingly nonchalant about the entire event. My annoyance must've showed, because he put his hands up apologetically.
"Since I'm an incubus now, I can help you out more too! Look!" The contract I signed poofed into existence once more, this time with TITS scrawled across the bottom. "I could only let you keep one thing from the night and figured you'd want that. But now, since I'm more powerful, I can give you three! Isn't that worth forgiving?"
He tossed the contract to me, and I looked it over. Immediately I wrote down "spine" because without that vampire boosted strength my colossal bosom was likely to sprain my back. For the third, I was extremely tempted to write wings, but kept my desires restrained and simply settled for "dress". Even if it wasn't the only article of clothing I owned that currently fit me, I did think it was gorgeous. With a poof, the contract vanished once more, swiftly followed by my wings and fangs. I'd miss them.
"So..." I began awkwardly. "Do you need to go then?"
"Yeah, I have to do a bunch of boring stuff about registering as a not-imp and junk." He shrugged nonchalantly, and a dark, swirling blob materialized behind him.
"Bye?" I wasn't sure if that was what you said when a friend was about to enter a black hole.
"Bye. I'll be sure to drop in next Halloween, just to visit." He smirked cheekily. "And maybe help out if you decide you want to get any bigger." I snorted, and he disappeared through the portal with a blink.
I stretched, allowing my swollen lady lumps to dangle. Watching them bounce around like that, I couldn't resist hugging them to me with a contented yawn. As nice as this felt, I had no desire to further this. Seeing how they stuck out nearly a whole foot in front of me, I was certain I had more than enough.

Contains breast theft and oversized ones too

Happy Halloween!
Not my best work, but I enjoyed writing it nevertheless. It also took a lot longer than I wanted it to, (not to mention how busy I've been lately x.x) but I should be getting back to my average upload time.
Mainly I'm just happy to have gotten a Halloween story out in time.
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