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The Faceless And The Scarred Ch. 8
Chapter eight - A World Keeps Turning.
Late that night, at the ungodliest hour, the black carriage clip-clopped out of Sh'ol's dreary, shadowy ghetto, and slowly crossed the Manhattan Bridge back into the streets of New York. A most strange path indeed, given it was not the way either of them came in.
There were more cars on the streets now then there were before, even this late past the witching hour, but the few drivers around them switched lanes without thinking, much less noticing that they made way for the coachman and his four horses. Inside the carriage, Gary and Penelope sat across from each other in uncomfortable silence.
"So..." Gary tried to break the tension. He breathed once more into his inhaler in Lieu of something to say. 
"..." Penelope remained silent, letting out one-third of a sigh, as something was clearly on her mind, but she couldn't say it in front of him.
"Care to explain how this hap--!" Gary began to inq
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 2 0
Marathon of Sprints
It will never end!
Every time the line is crossed
Starts another lap
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 8 3
Across the freckled night sky,
I am a falling star.
Make a wish
and I will grant it,
though I seem so far.
You sit there in the car park
and eye the city street.
in what self pity
gnaws upon your feet.
Beyond your orbit, somewhere,
the universe aligns.
the asteroids down,
should they cross the line.
We're like twin comets, mid-drift,
just trying to collide.
How we burn
to hear the same
three words we feel inside!
Across the freckled night sky
I am a falling star.
Make a wish
while I disintegrate
And break
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 14 7
Retail Truism
The dark side of man
Does not hide behind mirrors
When before a clerk.
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 6 0
TWYNTH (hope/strength) bookmark by PrinceZahn TWYNTH (hope/strength) bookmark :iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 2 0
The Words You Need To Hear (Hope/Strength)
There's still a cause to hope.
You can't ignore the voice that screams:
"You missed your chance",
No matter who tells you that
-- I think you can do it,
And who would you rather believe?
It seems impossible,
Yet in the grand scheme of things
This great cosmic order remains.
And you might be convinced that
The chaos will pick on you once more,
Or at least until
You'll learn to love yourself for real,
So just try to let it go.
Hating your life is easy
It's okay to be afraid.
Much happier days await you.
So just keep going,
In the middle of the night.
A brand-new dawn will break
And it's time to wake up.
A precious reverie lingers
Until you rest your eyes tonight, as
You'll show your inner strength
(Now read the lines from bottom to top)
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 8 9
In Search of Dystopia
My life is mine to live.
Silence is yours to give.
I know I can't be my own boss,
But your horizon won't set me free
Whatever becomes of these roads we cross
Please, don't ever leave me.
I have so much time to kill, and you are my knife.
I have a whole world to burn, with you as my match.
Who knows what I'll eat in a fruitless life
Who knows what I'll hunt when there's always a catch.
But there was never an angle with you, was there?
Never a skeleton unaware?
I have everything to lose, but you have all you can get
So why is it that around you I fret?
Why do I fret that these tears you will toss
Away with your antipathetic debris?
Why does our bond taste like rust and moss?
Still, don't ever leave me.
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 15 8
Belated Eulogy
Do you remember
that cold December evening, when I cried looking for you?
I feel those tears burning again, sometimes, out of the blue.
Our days were finite, someone should have told me
even if, deep-down, I knew.
Another sunrise.
You'd look into my eyes, with youth I'd never get to see
if you and I had never met, and fought to set you free.
I gave you life, but you gave so much love and something new
to cherish for eternity.
I'll cherish you for all eternity.
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 7 0
The Creator's Box
To every newborn masterpiece
Is one I wish I made. 
To every one of those - a project
Doomed to rise and fade.
Did God make Earth in seven days
Or did he plan for eight?
Imagine what perfection
In eight days he could create.
Up in my attic's memory
A subtle trace of rosemary... 
Teardrops In a dusty box 
Forlorn treasures - sealed away
"Please do not forsake me —
Come back to me one day."
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 10 9
In Contemplative Bloom by PrinceZahn In Contemplative Bloom :iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 5 0
A World Between (Feat. Psychichexo)
Overgrown garden, fallen down chairs,
Children playing and curtains pulled.
Washing hung for sunlight’s reach,
From my world, is what I see.
Flowers grown, beauty seen,
People look and sneeze too much.
Spring now brings a pollen land.
Clouds fill the sky, threat of rain,
People running and doors slam.
Darken sky now, time ticks on.
Water flows, ducks swim by,
People fish but empty hands.
Nature flowing, peaceful pond,
All - and nothing gained.
Wide open pastures, strawberry fields,
Mauve-tinted clouds follow me home.
Cranes stand tall, the setting sun —
On this world God gave to me.
Cars are parked, windows shut,
Sweating in the twilight drought,
Spring cooks the suburban land.
Smoke rises up, cackling fire
Children dancing round and round
Singing in the dark of dusk.
Indigo; radiant
City lights but empty skies,
Traffic flowing, peaceful palms
By my windowpane.
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 8 0
Making History (Duet)
I'm leavin' home tonight,
I pray I shall one day come back
The sandstorm will cover my tracks
And keep my out of sight.
You got nothin' to do,
And you got nothin' left to say
Just hopin' it'll be okay
Is just not right for you.
So what say you, sonny?
Even though it's lookin' bleak
Give it a chance to pull through
This ain't no feat of the weak
We can make history, just us two.
As days and months pass by,
Never lose faith in what we've done!
Don't lose faith after all we've gone through,
Never question why!
It don't look like a lot,
But give it time and it'll grow
It only needs a chance to show
That it ain't all for naught
So what say you, sonny?
Though it stings without relief
This ain't no time to give in,
Don't give up what you believe
And make your history through thick and thin.
I think it's time we part ways,
You're on your own, I'm sure you will be fine.
We're perfect for each other
and I swear she will be mine.
Even you abandoned me!
You're nothin' but a dirty doub
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 5 3
This red envelope
Hides the love I could not give
Lest you push away
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 10 0
Restos de la Clemantina by PrinceZahn Restos de la Clemantina :iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 1 3
We Promised
The endless strain
The chilling blow belittles you
As you cry in the rain
It ain't the water, but the tears in which you sink.
The best
Get their requests
They know full-well this way they'll part
With those whom they detest
They're anger-driven to the very brink.
I fear
For you, my dear,
We may never see again the way
We thought our lives were clear
But we can't run away, as tempting as it seems.
'Cause we promised we'd stick together
'Cause we're meant to be a team!
We promised we'd last together
Regardless of anything!
We promised we'd be together,
Or was that all but a dream?
I wake,
As the day breaks,
And we're all looking forward
To the choices we could make
Celebrations fill my heart with self-esteem.
'Cause we promised we'd fight together
'Cause we're meant to be a team!
We promised we'd stand together
Regardless of anything!
We promised we'd stay together,
Was I lied to, like it seems?
(Accompaniment stops)
I wake,
As the day breaks,
But the riverside's d
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 7 0
Rakkeet's Art of the Protector 5
Lesson five:  The point of breaking
With all the expectations,
And all that I demand from you,
you should have figured it out.
If you were already perfect,
You would not be here.
To live unchallenged
Is to live beyond fiction.
No mortals,
No magic,
No legends -- and no gods
Can transcend success and failure.
The pursuit of perfection
Is romantic---it's life.
But you, too, will fail, my pupil,
If you like it or not.
Sometimes there may be no choice but to fail,
And sometimes there will be no going back,
But there will always be a path to go forth,
Tommorow's star will still point north,
So quit your belly-aching!
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 6 0
My poems stem from a delicate heart and soul, coupled with a brain that thinks far too deeply into things. and a whimsical smile.
As of late I have given a lot of investment to my feelings, and the story they wish to tell, I evolve. With rhythm and words, with every day, every word, and every muse.

Thank You!

Hey There! Thank you so much for visiting my page! I hope you'll like what you see here, and read some of my works!

As of April 2018, here are some of the highlights that you can find on my page (though there might be others since I last updated this so look around!):

Also, check out some of my favorites from other deviants!

...I need to read and browse more for art here.


Would you wish me luck on my college exams? (6.29.18-7.30.18) 

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The Prompt Challenge
In 2018, I invite you to challenge me creatively - give me a prompt (either a word, a phrase, or a quote), and I will write a poem or prose of 300 words or less, (your choice, unless you don't specify) while drawing a strong inspiration from the prompt you gave me. From the day that you challenge me, I have 2 weeks to write the poem, upload it to Deviantart and earn through it at least 5 faves (with or without yours) (If you look at my galleries, you'll see a lot of my works don't even get that). If I win - you pay me 20 points. If I lose - I pay you 20 points. If I win and you don't/can't pay me - who cares? I wrote something cool today. This event expires on Jan .26 so act fast and---

Bring it ON!!!!!
A Haiku Just For You
For a token fee of 10 Points, I will write and dedicate a haiku for you, You may choose for it to be a Drowsy Haiku if you'd like.
Commissioning here should be quick and easy - write to me in your request what you want the Haiku to be about (unless you just want something dedicated), add any details you think deserve attention, and I will make it for you (However, I will notify you if there is a problem with writing your request.)

Reminder that if you don't like the haiku, revisions are free until you are satisfied. For more information, see my commission details:
OPENING UP LITERATURE COMISSIONSHi everyone! My name is Nathan, AKA :iconPrinceZahn: PrinceZahn  . I see some free time in my future so I think it's a good opportunity to practice writing on demand. I take pride in my extensive vocabulary and patience when working with people, and will write poetry, song lyrics, and short stories and dabble in fan-fiction once in a blue moon. I especially offer my services to those who know what they want to say but can't quite put it into words. I accept points.
Assortment of things that excite me,, in no particular order:
*Genres: Emotional, Comedy, Romantic, Slice of life, Fantasy (Particularly Medieval, modern, and "Gaslamp" fantasy,), worldly folklore, gothic horror (but nothing TOO scary) animals and Nature, historical (Western History), Supernatural/magic, Supeheroes(though my knowledge of them has gaps)
*Music (primarily: rock n' roll, soft, country/folk, world music, pop, indie rock) 
*for anything else, ask me, I'm pretty ope
Free Verse for... (Wait a minute, what rhymes with "verse"?)
I will write you a free verse poem about anything you want, with a length roughly equivalent to the examples above! this section here is for people who want to save the notes going back and forth on prices and details. Just tell me in your request: what you want the poem to be about? Are there any particular theme(s) you want me to focus on? Do you want it to rhyme? what other details and context you feel could make the poem what you want it to be? the more detailed the request, the more likely your work will come out how you want it to. (within reason, of course, don't write me 50 pages for a 4-6 stanza poem! :XD:) If I need more information, I will of course, ask you, and revisions are free until you are satisfied with my work. You can read more information about my policies and services on my commission sheet: OPENING UP LITERATURE COMISSIONS!
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Hello again, my friends.

If you were keeping track of my activities, a recent poll I made hinted that I have begun my semester exams. It is certainly taking up a big portion of my energies and my will to live in some ways (not literally, God Forbid!) but I'm hoping for the best that I'll be able to do everything I need to do without too much of a hitch.

However, my friends, you might also miss something because of this. You see, I am in a time where I need to devote as much of my creativity and strength and strength into my studies, and after that, there is still much to do during the summer, so I won't be out of the woods even after the exam period. Don't worry, I'll still be writing, I gots ta for my own soul, even if I have been somewhat neglecting my poetry I still write as I'm inspired. I'm talking about something else, that I'm not sure if I spoke of before:
By the time that I'm writing this, the number of notifications from all the people I watch stands at 11,490 deviations. among those are 3,452 deviations, most of them I'll realistically never get to read or watch, let alone appreciate or give any sort of feedback, constructive or otherwise, I regret to say that if you're counting on me reading your work, then I'm sorry, I probably won't be doing much reading of your work, or that of others I watch or who watch me, even if I can read something occasionally I probably won't get a fraction of it done in several years, and it will just keep on piling up. I'm really sorry but I'll never read and see everything you have to offer, and I hope you will have sympathy on a busy student with too much to commit to already, and not stop reading my own work because of it if you already follow me.

Within the period between the end of July and my birthday on August 10th, I will be Nuking my notification's inbox, saving only a handful of pieces in it that I keep close to my heart. but I also want to give you, my readers, my watchers, my literary and artistic peers and those that I look up to a compromise. I just don't want you to feel like I'm forsaking my fans and my idols in any way. If you are reading this post and want me to read anything very important to that you wrote - or any art of yours that strongly resonates with you, that I haven't read, faved or commented on, Now's your chance to tell me to read it:


Reply to this journal with a link to 1 of your works which you feel is either best representing your work, or that you are most proud of it. (I can't realistically read more than that) I will read that work or look into it as best as I can. as always, I do what I can, when I can do it, so please be patient. 

If it's literature, I humbly ask of you to keep it under 500 words please. if it's an image, I ask for nothing NSFW or nightmare-fuel without a fair warning of what to expect when I click on the link.

thank you for reading, I hope that you can understand why I'm doing this, and not take any of it personally. those of you who follow me, and/or that I follow mean a lot to me, and I don't ever forget how good you make me feel by following me. I hope that one day, I'll be able to return the favor and great debt I owe to every single one of you.

Best Regards,
Prince Zahn.



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Nathan S.
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Prince Zahn

Nathan S.
Artist | Hobbyist| Literature
I'm israeli-american; Young and naive in body,
old and wise at heart. But I'm a kind stranger,
which is the best kind of stranger. ;P

Heart-n-Ribbon Divider (Black-Red) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre
A very special thanks
to DragonEthrealth:icondragonethrealth:
and to PsychicHexo:iconpsychichexo:
for generously keeping my CORE running!
You are both beautiful souls and a true
inspiration! Check out their stuff, when
you're done looking at mine!
And don't forget to say hello to these angels.
They deserve our love and attention
and every good thing that comes to them! :heart:
Heart-n-Ribbon Divider (Black-Red) - F2U! by Drache-Lehre




Chapter eight - A World Keeps Turning.

Late that night, at the ungodliest hour, the black carriage clip-clopped out of Sh'ol's dreary, shadowy ghetto, and slowly crossed the Manhattan Bridge back into the streets of New York. A most strange path indeed, given it was not the way either of them came in.

There were more cars on the streets now then there were before, even this late past the witching hour, but the few drivers around them switched lanes without thinking, much less noticing that they made way for the coachman and his four horses. Inside the carriage, Gary and Penelope sat across from each other in uncomfortable silence.

"So..." Gary tried to break the tension. He breathed once more into his inhaler in Lieu of something to say. 
"..." Penelope remained silent, letting out one-third of a sigh, as something was clearly on her mind, but she couldn't say it in front of him.

"Care to explain how this hap--!" Gary began to inquire when a nasty coughing fit befell him. Out of desperation he fumbled again to place his inhaler in his mouth, and pressed it's lever.

"Oi!" The coachman said, hearing the coughing louder than his horses clopping, he stopped the carriage. "--Is everythin' a'ight in there?"

"We'll be fine, Mr. Driver, he always does that." Penelope reassured both the coachman and herself. "Just keep taking him home, okay?"
"If ye insist, but I do strongly suggest we ge' 'im to an 'ospital first."
Penelope was nervous around the aging hero who saved her life. Gary, who's cough was gradually dying down, gestured that he will be okay. "He will live, sir, just please take us to his home."

With his asthma kept slightly better in check, he gave her the eyes that said without a word 'I know you're hiding something. Start talking.'
"Fine, if you must know."

Penelope took the time to explain her predicament, anger escaped her lips as she described the shock she woke up to in an unfamiliar parking lot, about Jossie and Marilith, as that anger transformed into fear, and finally tears within minutes, as she told Gary all about the horrific things she saw in Sh'ol on the way to the church of midnight. About her golden cut... and, of course, about the Shadow Bishop himself.

"That man... that Anthonini guy. He--He's dangerous, Mr. Brandt." Penelope choked up in tears. "B-Before he had even said anything, I was convinced that everything would be better if I, if I just... lay down this life and just... disappeared into wherever his cosmic judgment sent me."
"What do you mean?" Gary started with wide eyed attention, as if Penelope was imparting her deepest secrets.

"Around him, I---" She struggled to find the strength to say her words. "--I felt like I had to sacrifice myself, Mr. Brandt! It was almost like an impulse---I didn't know, and yet...  around him it all made sense at the time."
"Listen, I don't know what that man said to you, or done to you, but you stay as far away from him and his henchmen as you can, got it?"

"I don't want to disappear, Mr. Brandt!" Penelope shouted in the carriage, as he sat there and watched her cry. Should he hold her in a time like this? Would that be too invasive? Gary did not know what was the right thing to do, so he remained silent and gave her space to cry.

When they got to Gary's apartment building, dawn had just begun to rise, the tired Doorman was there to see Gary inside, yet payed no acknowledgement to Penelope and her imperceptible, tear-stained face. The blanket was still there, but had been moved since they left.

Gary called down the elevator as he watched Penelope covering her face with the blanket. She's been through hell while he was struggling to sleep like he always does. She's still a kid, he thought. It's hard to tell what would happen if he wasn't there to look out for her.

"Hey, kid." He sighed as the elevator opened, and she turned to him with turmoil in her eyes. "Penelope, right? You coming upstairs or what?"

"But... I thought--" Penelope was confused. "Didn't you---"
"I got a couch bed in the living room you can sleep in for now." Gary pushed the elevator button again as it started to close. "Last chance before I change my mind."

Gary wasn't alone in that elevator that morning, as it dawned on him that it was a work day and he didn't get any sleep, even though he had an evening shift that day.
Penelope hadn't quite gathered herself, but she held Gary's blanket in her hands, focusing on them not falling off but ultimately failing and trying again.

Gary opened the door to his home. June waited by the door, snorting, wheezing and wagging her curly little tail in excitement. Gary bent down to hold her.
He laughed slightly as June kicked his face. "Hey Junepug, yeah, daddy's home now, breakfast in a bit."
Watching that display evoked a small, distracted smile from Penelope as she gazed at this completely different side of him - a friendly Mr. Brandt.

"Help yourself to what's in the fridge, or take a fruit on the table. Though June usually eats more than I do."
"It's fine." Penelope nodded. "I'm still digesting all the food I ate yesterday. There's something about food though, that even though I eat it always feels artifi---"
"Hey, would you mind if I watched the News?" Penelope then realized that Gary wasn't even listening. 
"Oh..." Penelope lowered her head. "You don't need permission, it's your house."
"Alright then." Gary clicked on the remote control as the screen lit up, and within minutes popped a breaking news bulletin as he was just feeding June:

"The strange case of Penelope Gardner continues!"

Exclaimed the news anchorwoman.

"The New York Police Department reported last night of alleged paranormal events in downtown NYC.

"An unidentified female woman, presumably in her teens, entered the police department last night with a box filled with lost wallets and phones, using recent hit-and-run victim Penelope "Penny" Gardner's name as her alias. A leaked video of this woman inexplicably manipulating the minds of the police officersin the midst of a recorded interrogation has gone viral. A passerby also recorded the events occurring outside the NYPD on his smartphone as the events unfolded. We see Jane Doe running out of the building with officers in hot pursuit.

"The officers stop their vehicles as she runs around the corner, and claimed afterward that they have no recollection of the person in question or why their sirens were sounded."

"Crap." Penelope spouted out of her mouth as she listened in. Gary was in shock at what he's hearing on the news.

"The Names Penelope Gardner, and "Faceless Jane", as she's been called on social media, have become a viral controversy overnight, with heated arguments on Twitter and Facebook over the  authenticity of the footage, and whether or not these acts are anything more than just a hoax devised by a petty thief. Recent evidence suggests that these events may mark the beginning of a new wave of potential terrorism. This encoded message leaked overnight may shed a new light on the story:"

"Is that a mask you're wearing? Why are you hiding your face?"

The other side of the conversation sounded like incomprehensible static, but Penelope covered her mouth. This was her conversation with Mrs. Leggieri back at the flower shop yesterday!

"Kidnapped?" It was, indeed, Mrs. Leggieri's voice in the audio recording, even if it was modulated.
"Penny Gardner was kidnapped..." 
"This is terrible... please let go of my face."
A clutter of static rose between the moments of silence.
"No! We can't let them take poor Benji and Lorenzo as well—there must be something we could do!"

"I... I don't know if I could. I don't have that kind of money to take care of two more boys..."

"I...I'll see what I can do."

"I need to make some calls. I might know a couple in Denver who might be able to help them. if not... perhaps a foster home might—"

The static intensified.
"Alright, I won't call an orphanage." Mrs. Leggieri let out a censored bleep to express her frustration, when the recording was cut off.

"The confusion is still going strong, just who is the real Penelope Gardner? Why has she and her family been targeted? Why has her name been borrowed on several occasions in numerous criminal contexts? Here to discuss the Penelope Gardner controversy is criminologist Dr. Frank Phillips. Dr. Phillips, have you ever seen anything like this before? What can we expect from this sort of criminal activity going forward?"

Gary flicked off the television screen, breathing into his inhaler and trying to think for a moment about the mess that Penelope caused for herself.

"Mr. Brandt..." Penelope said as Gary got off the couch and wearily walked into his corridor and towards his bedroom. "All that stuff happened before we could possibly---"

Gary slammed quietly shut the door to his room, as Penelope remained in the living room with June, and all she could do was think about just how much trouble she has caused as a dead person.
The Faceless And The Scarred Ch. 8
I know it's long overdue, but here's the latest chapter of "The Faceless and the Scarred." - A world keeps turning.

You can find the rest of the story HERE

"Faceless" tells the story of Penelope Gardner, an orphan teenager caught between her world and the next, and Gary Brandt, a middle aged ex-firefighter ill with PTSD and several other ailments. In this chapter, we reflect upon the events that transpired over the last few chapters, as Penelope finally begins to truly face the consequences of her actions. Did you really think this whole story was going to be told forever without anyone noticing all of her shenanigans?

I don't know when I'll get to write the next chapter of Faceless, as I am deep within exam season right now. I may take some more time off it afterwards, as well, to outline how the next "arc" of this story will continue. No ETA yet, though.

The story isn't over yet though, as I intend to continue writing Faceless all throughout my B.A, if not further afterwards. But I hope that you are enjoying it so far, and I hope that the next arc of this story will be even better.
Guys! Two days ago I discovered that bibliotherapy is a real, and really awesome profession! I think I may wanna aim for the field!
It will never end!
Every time the line is crossed
Starts another lap
Marathon of Sprints
Not a drowsy Haiku, but I'm keeping it there anyway because it's based on a dream I had last night, where I just kept running. I ran out of breath and kept going as fast as I can with nowhere to run to and nothing to run from.

I'm deep into my exam season, and needless to say that I'm exhausted, trying to survey the material like my life depends on it when there is so much to do, I feel like if I take a break, I'll pay the price for it later. I feel fatigued and in pain, but with another bottle of caffeine in me I hope I have what it takes to keep going. I just have to push through this last month. it is, after all, the money time, as my tutor tells me.


At first glance, this clay sculpture modestly named "hand" appears to be exactly what it is. To some, might appear as little more than ...


PrinceZahn has started a donation pool!
80 / 10,000
You can pay for art commissions here. Make sure you read my
commission sheet, don't pay for the commission until we both agree that I'm doing it for you, okay?

Alternatively, If you'd like to be the most awesome friend or visitor EVAR! You are welcome to donate a few points. Points added here will be used to commission art from artists who need a little extra cash, and to return to groups and friends on special occasions (I factored a generous surplus into the goal, if the 10,000 points goal is ever reached, the plan is that at least 35% of it will be be given away). names and avatars of awesome donors will be on show here, so every single point counts! :D

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Of course! You earned it justly!
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Thanks for the Star
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You're welcome! And thank you, you are very talented! :D
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thanks for the fav! :) :huggle:
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thanks again for the favs! :D :hug:
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