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1 paragraph soap opera
"Jasmine, you are so beautiful on the inside. I know, because when you ran out thatday to the ER... I... was your lead surgeon."---To be continued? (Probably not)
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 0 0
Only A Week
It was only a week... Only a week? 7 Days of unity 6 Nights of passion 5 Morns of harmony 4 Priceless gifts 3 Tons of chocolates 2 Lovers entwined 1 crushing goodbye... It was only a week, but a week is not enough! how much longer must we wait to meet again?
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 4 0
Every passing dayBurdens we could once shrug offTurn harder to heal
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 4 0
Wounded Dog
The morn after the fight
A wounded dog is limping
No one stopped to stare
No one stopped to care
The dog's been kicked
the dog's been beat
stabbed by circumstance
If the dog could tell it's woes
maybe some might hear it
Had the dog not picked a fight
he might not have felt the bite
"Why'd he do it?"
"Why attack?"
"Did he expect we won't bite back?"
"Everything was in good fun
yet he was the only one
who ruined it for us."
The night before the fight
A wounded dog was limping
Hoping to find refuge
in the kennels
His shame consumed him, yet it bleeds
Why else he'd bite the hand that feeds?
These are not the best of times
These are but the worst of times
The mourn after the fight...
A wounded dog is limping
his bloodstained bark - a curse
So Judge this dog if so you must,
But He'll judge himself worse.
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 2 0
Highway Witch
Highway witch,
Oh, highway witch,
Guide the lost without a hitch
Nevermind Who you'll find
Treat 'em kind, dear highway witch.
Me, myself and I got stranded once upon a time,
My phone dead, and my wallet shy of bus fair.
A pretty maiden spoke to me and took my two cents for a dime
The bus came, but she vanished to thin air.
A gypsy sat right next to me but did he see her, too?
I told him of my story and he said my eyes spoke true
He spoke of wonders wandering the roads that lead to Rome
And of the witch who wanders, blessing travelers to get home.
"The Highway witch!
Great highway witch!
Flies to lift those in a ditch
She'll watch your back,
Yet leave no tracks, that highway witch."
Wherever a teenager is hitching a ride home,
Wherever a good man just missed the last bus for the day,
Wherever there's a lost soul who has no choice but to roam,
A prayer on their lips that highway witch show them the way.
Now, you may doubt this highway witch, but I know she treks on.
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 11 0
The Smile God Gave You
(Ai-oh, ai-ai-oh, ai-oh, ai-oh)
Would you ever - on a whimsy - simply dance the night away
if the world around you never know?
Do allow me - on a whimsy - as we laugh and cry to say
Some things are just too good to be true.
But have you ever - on a whimsy - smelled a rose before?
somewhere in the stars - a blessed few
share that striking smile God gave you.
(Ai-oh, ai-ai-oh, ai-oh, ai-oh)
Have you ever - on a whimsy - tasted starlight upside down
picked ripe from an autumn-coloured tree?
Ever wondered - on a whimsy - why birds sings when you're around,
flying through the world you mean to me?
And have you ever - on a whimsy - smelled a rose before
and set all of your melancholy free?
So quit asking if it's "meant to be."
(Ai-oh, ai-ai-oh, ai-oh, ai-oh)
Our weekend will end soon,
those horseplay afternoons
will be forgotten like the old man's song.
let's cherish them, my sweet,
'till the next time we meet,
like distant memories that linger on.
You obliged me - on a whimsy -
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 5 1
Axys Tirne: Powerless Ch1
“Is this thing on?”
I double checked my camera, to make sure it was rolling and streaming, I adjusted my script so it would be visible and would read along as I go, a red streaming dot glowed faintly, and the Earth date was set to match my calendar: March 12th, 2119.
“All right, everybody, Roxanne Here, and I am coming to you live from New Washington Street, right here on the Naig; doing a pilot stream for my ‘Then and Now’ assignment!”
I flourished my introduction with down-to-earth formalities. If I was stuck with an assignment, I may as well have fun with it.
I turned my hand-me-down, hand-held camera towards my neighborhood.
“This skyscraper neighborhood complex is my home. It’s built upon a small cluster of terraformed space rocks. I live up on apartment B4 of the USNA… 1G5… ES9, but save yourselves the headache and just call it the ‘Naig’.
“The Naig is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the entire No
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 4 0
The drafting board
A mad man with a pen
Jots down a scribble every now and then
A universe within
But only complete fables can begin
Another day to write
The hands of an artist hard at work tonight
Scribbles of a fable will emerge one morn
A mad man and his universe - artiste reborn
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 9 7
Outside (a 232-word poem)
Outside these events, as they unfold, my life was in and of itself, getting old.
Outside working hard, to earn one’s keep, felt like I’d only count the days, maybe sleep,
Only time would tell, if I would swim, or sink into a penniless fate most grim.
Outside holidays, that tend to rise, were everydays and gray routines in my eyes.
Outside my window shine highway lights,they signal yet another day-gone; -night.
Outside loneliness, there wasn’t much, a social life might not always feel as such.
Outside college life, I think I’m free, and yet lacked something that I used to be.
Outside family, it could be worse, but comfort needs another’s mercy – a curse.
Outside media, it’s all so real, I know sometimes the pressure is hard to feel.
Outside of our love, what remains?
Outside giving up, we can’t return, there’s only forward, on your way, So I’ve learned.
Once a day: just smile, there’s always hope, if you try, yo
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 6 0
Why Must We Fight?
I see the skies
you designed on Powerpoint.
Why must we fight?
And I wait
Running late
My fate throbbing in my joints
Why must we fight?
I know we haven't always seen eye to eye
And I'm not always who you want me to be
But I have more to say than just hateful cries,
Do you love me?
Why can't we just say all these things we have to say?
This reverie of harmony will never set us free.
To smash this glass ceiling in heaven standing in our way
At sunrise.
I'm lost.
I'm lost,
I'm running from the cost
Of a losing bet.
It's not fair!
It's not fair...
Hurts like a thousand nightmares
Of your silhouette.
Knighted and chastized
Upon old wounds annointed.
My final stand, I'll never know
Why must we fight?
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 9 3
Chessboard Serenade
Funny how it all aligns;
a chessboard sets at dusk.
You are my queen,
commanding all,
free to go anywhere;
standing by me.
Read my moves between the lines--
this wooden heart has dawned.
You made me king
behind these walls,
but it just isn't fair;
You could be free!
In white and black,
these fractured hearts
Apart they cry
By checkered grids.
Like kids we rhyme,
The time we fill,
Until the day
We may unite.
Funny how it all aligns;
a chessboard sets at dusk...
You are my queen,
even if you fall.
Free to go anywhere,
just you and me.
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 7 0
Romantic Thriller (Prompt: Love)
Together, we're an opened script
From your romantic thriller—
Chased all through the night
With all we treasure; turn the page —
We kiss, a duet; turn the page... 
Such passion—
turn the page—! 
What shall we write tomorrow?
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 4 0
Your Voice
We all have a voice in our hearts, to be sure!
It cries should we ever feel lonely, 
It sings Ode to Joy when it tastes the allure—
The one that we feel is our only. 
We all have a voice in our minds, don't you know?
It screams that the heart must be bonkers!
Both wronging the rights, turning high into low—
Through doubts—it divides 'til it conquers.
We all have a voice in our souls, deep inside. 
It reads what the other is feeling.
It sees who we are;
Does our rush
So far, 
Your dear crush
Ain't revealing!
We all have a voice, in a cage, in the dark
Sealed up so the others won't fear it. 
Don't hide it! I know you're afraid of it's bark—
But we all have this voice
Just for that one to hear it. 
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 11 5
The Folklorian Magician 5: Athens
And down the labyrinth our hero fell.
Long gone were man and woman from the Earth,
Remain'd uranium across this hell;
(At least Zamos could get his money's worth.) 
A shadow crept along the ruin'd hall
And follow'd him across the eerie mud,
When Zamos turn'd around - no one at all...
"Pursue the path of dung..." Whisper'd the blood.
He went --- and in the darkness he was struck!
His rear was gor'd by future bull machine! 
The warlock call'd the sands - but had no luck ---
The minotaur had almost ax'd him clean! 
The fight went on until the wand unleash'd
When Zamos zapp'd the bull to magic quiche. 
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 3 2
Joshua's Twilight
I wake to hellish noise in disarray
The heavens - full of clouds of respite thin
What rapture of cold water on my chin
It's hotter than the devil out today!
The morning starts with nightmare debts to pay
It's not a way for daydreams to begin
Tonight, is my one chance, I feel, to win
Tomorrow I would wish this fate away.
So how, dear Lord, this present day ye judge?
Are thee to damn the day into the night?
Thine life belongs to all, thine faith - for some?
I promise, lord, that I won't bear a grudge
Thou giveth mercy long prior to might
But have we what it takes to overcome?
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 3 0
The loud laughter
The call to be a thief in the sky!
A handkerchief, bearing on a whimsy --
The cat, and it’s cool place.
The laughing in the dark
Will not make them happy.
Now January and I Fight for freedom
Of the world, in the world, for the world.
A little more salt to the point,
This hot summer, You and I have no choice
But to be a team,
but will it fit for the other world?
I mostly just wanted to say
I know you have been busy
But I hope you’re doing well…
I hope you're doing well.
:iconprincezahn:PrinceZahn 8 2
My poems stem from a delicate heart and soul, coupled with a brain that thinks far too deeply into things. and a whimsical smile.
As of late I have given a lot of investment to my feelings, and the story they wish to tell, I evolve. With rhythm and words, with every day, every word, and every muse.




Journal History

(Prompt challenge below)
Hey all! glad to see everyone again!

these last 3 weeks or so, I've been licking my wounds from a really intense exam season. I'm pleased to say that I did rather well for a first year college student, haha!

As I promised, my inbox was nuked, but it's refilling itself rapidly! I will still stress that I can't keep up with it's pace so please - don't take it personally if I haven't read your work, please! if there is something you feel is important that I see, I welcome you to send me a link to it via notes, so that I don't miss it!

I bought a copy of Ready Player One, which I hope to read before I have to go back to college in October. I heard it's a great book so I hope I can get behind it :D

I've also been spending my weekends watching My Hero Academia. If you don't watch it, I strongly recommend it as an shounen anime that plays on un-shounen-y tropes. if you do watch it, my fave character is Ochaco, who's yours??? I love this show too much but it makes me so happy to watch!

I want to get more writing done this summer, too, so I'm hosting a 2nd PROMPT CHALLENGE!

Here are the rules to Prince Zahn's prompt Challenge! PLEASE FAVE AND SPREAD THE WORD!

+ Buy in is only 30 points! (that's like, what, 0.30 USD or so? maybe less?)

+ to challenge PrinceZahn ("I"/"me") with a prompt (a word, phrase, famous quote OR image), reply to this Journal, or send me a note with the prompt in it to join in on the action

+ You may choose to remain anonymous.

+ The prompt may NOT contain vulgar or mature content, although the the final piece may.

+ I win the prompt challenge if I meet all of the conditions below:
*** I must write a poem or prose that incorporates the prompt(your choice, unless you don't specify) (hereby referred to as "The Piece")

*** The Piece must be published on Deviantart.

*** The Piece must be written in English.

*** The Piece must contain 300 words or less.

*** The piece has to be written, uploaded, and earn at least 10 faves within the 2 weeks of accepting the Prompt - the sooner I finish the piece, the more time I have to earn your faves.

*** I reserve the right to make a second piece. If I do, Faves between the two pieces do not stack, in such a case, Only the second piece counts towards total faves accumulated. I may not make more than 2 pieces for the same prompt challenge.

+ if YOU win - you keep your points, But I will constructively critique any 2 works of yours, or feature 4 of your works in my Journal (Your choice!)

+ If I win: I get your token fee of 30 points. payment in my profile donation box, please!

+ If I win and you can't pay me -  
Who cares! I wrote something awesome today! (Although I'd appreciate a heads up if you don't intend to pay me, we can at least discuss alternative means of payment)

+ Everyone else is encouraged to rate how well the prompt was used in the piece from 1-10. these results will be tallied later for future comparison!

Take note (and I will update this when I have the chance - The challenge expires on Saturday September 15th, 2018!


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46 deviations
"Jasmine, you are so beautiful on the inside.
I know, because when you ran out that
day to the ER... I... was your lead surgeon."
---To be continued? (Probably not)
1 paragraph soap opera
I don't know what to say about this one... other than sorry. (Not sorry)
69 deviations


At first glance, this clay sculpture modestly named "hand" appears to be exactly what it is. To some, might appear as little more than ...


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