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All systems are valid!

Q: So... What IS a system?
A: A system is when a separate person is created in somebodies head for a variety of different reasons, and is a separate person from the host body. These reasons can include Mental illness, commonly Dissociative Identity Disorder (Formally, Multiple Personality Disorder) and Other Specified Dissociative Disorder (OSDD-1) but systems have been reported from other mental illness's as well. Systems are typically created due to trauma (Traumagenic) but systems that are not formed by trauma (Endogenic) has been observed. There is also quoigenic (origin unknown/unspecified) and mixed-origin systems which have also been observed. 

Typically some systems also have a "core" or "host", one that identifies entirely or partially with the body, but some systems do not, and simply work together to make the body function. 

This stamp is to say you accept Traumagenic and Endogenic systems of all kinds!

personally, i am open to the idea of Endogenic systems because not much is known about systems and how they're formed, and I feel with the limited knowledge on the disorder we have, it's too soon to blatantly claim all endogenic systems are "fakers" 
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