Nightmare Promises

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Dean was lounging on his motel bed, watching an episode of Dr. Sexy, M.D. when he heard the tiny shriek of terror coming from the nightstand. It was on the very edge of his hearing so he clicked down the volume on the TV and strained to listen more, this time his ears picking up on sniffling.
Hearing that spurred him into action in a heartbeat. Clicking off the TV, Dean slid off the side of the bed to kneel in front of the nightstand. He lightly tapped on one of the books he stacked on the bottom shelf as he whispered, “Yuna?”
He waited a minute before slowly removing the books, his eyes instantly falling on the small form bundled up in one of his spare shirts. Once the last of the books were gone, Yuna peeked out from under her fold in the shirt. Even with the limited light, he could see how red and puffy her eyes were as well as the tears glistening on her cheeks.
“Hey, what’s the matter kiddo?”
She didn’t answer. Instead the tiny seven-year-old wiped some stray tears off of her cheeks before holding out her arms towards him.
Dean’s eyes softened as he gently reached in and gathered her up in his palm. Resting his back up against the side of the bed, he cupped his hand over his heart so she could bury her face into his shirt with her two tiny fists latched onto it. Letting her cry into his shirt, Dean carefully used a thumb to stroke her back to help calm her down.
Dean stayed like that for a few minutes, waiting to see if he could get her to calm down as well as seeing if she was going to talk. Eventually, Yuna stopped trembling and just kept her face buried in his shirt.
“Hey, Dean?” she whimpered.
Yuna sniffled some more before she craned her neck to look up at him.
“You...you’ll always come back from a hunt...right? I mean, there’s no way that...you’ll ever let the monsters kill you...right?”
Dean couldn’t deny that he was taken aback by this. But when she turned to glance at his arm, or more specifically the stitched up wound on his forearm, did it make sense. Honestly, he was surprised he didn’t expect this kind of reaction sooner after what happened earlier in the day.
It was a simple salt and burn but the vengeful spirit had managed to slam him through a glass window, thus slicing up his arm pretty good. Nothing overly serious but after dealing with the spirit, Dean made sure to stitch up his arm in the Impala before returning to the motel room. If he could help it, he wanted to make sure Yuna couldn’t see it in the hopes of not causing her to worry. Unfortunately, after he came back it didn’t take long for her to notice when she noticed some of the blood on his jacket.
At first he tried to simply change his jacket in the bathroom while telling her it was from when he was fighting the “bad thing” (when Dean first tried to explain what he did for a living, he just told her he dealt with “bad things” as not to scare her telling her monsters were real). Though once it started to get hot in the room, Yuna piped up and asked why he was wearing his jacket if it was so hot.
In the end, after a huge amount of internal debating, Dean finally told her the truth. After taking off his jacket, Yuna was instantly distraught seeing the wound. It took a few moments to reassure her that he was fine and her to calm down enough for him to begin explaining everything. From how he got hurt, to what a vengeful spirit was and why she was the “bad thing” he had to deal with, and finally, the biggest truth he wanted to avoid--that there really were monsters out there and how it was his job to deal with them. Amazingly enough, she seemed to take it all better than he initially thought. She even looked at him in awe once he finished explaining his role as a hunter and asked, “You mean...like...the heroes on the tv?”
Dean had smirked a bit and ruffled her hair with a fingertip at the time. The rest of the night was pretty much the usual after that. From finding cartoons on the tv to watch, dinner, and ushering Yuna to bed at eight.
Dean figured knowing what was really out there would be terrifying for such a young (and extremely vulnerable) kid. Hence why he wanted to do everything he could to avoid her finding out but it was inevitable sadly.
Dean cleared his throat as he responded with a, “Yeah, of course, I will.”
Yuna wiped away the remainder of her tears.
Dean gave her the best reassuring smile he could muster.
“You bet. I made you a promise remember?”
“So...you’ll always come back?” she asked sheepishly.
Yuna giggled when Dean poked her in the side with a finger.
“Always,” he smiled. “Now how about some TV before we get some sleep?”
The seven-year-old smiled and nodded.
Dean got up, curling his fingers so Yuna wouldn’t tumble off his hand, and laid down on the bed. He propped himself up with the pillow before placing the tiny girl on his chest, her self-proclaimed favorite place to watch TV. According to her, she found it funny the way that her feet sunk into his chest and even on more than one occasion used his stomach as her personal trampoline, hopping up and down. The first time she ever did it was actually in an attempt to try and wake him up because she was hungry, though when Dean admitted he couldn’t even feel her doing that, she took it as a sign that she could do whenever he was laying down.
To be honest he had mixed feelings about it. While he was glad it was an easy way for her to burn up all the playful energy she kept bottled up, he also was constantly worried she would somehow hurt herself doing so. All it took was him moving in the slightest and the girl would go flying.
Turning the TV back on, it thankfully didn’t take long to find some cartoons and for Yuna to be completely engrossed. Dean smiled as she started to relax and lie down, yawning as she got comfortable. Not even ten minutes later, Yuna had fallen back asleep.
Dean simply went back to watching Dr. Sexy, M.D. instead of getting up and moving Yuna back to under the nightstand in fear of waking her up. Every once in a while he glanced down to check on her but she was completely lost in the land of dreams. And thankfully she was now sleeping peacefully, not a trace of a nightmare. For a split moment, all felt ok in the world.
And naturally, Dean’s usual misfortune decided right then and there to show up again. In this case, it arrived in the form of his cell phone going off, alerting him to a text. Doing his best to not cause so much movement to disturb Yuna, Dean reached over and grabbed the phone. Casting one more glance at the slumbering seven-year-old to ensure she was still asleep, he flipped it open to check the message.
The text from an unknown number was comprised of just two words.
Haven, Kansas
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Finally managed to finish this @_@ So...much...writer's block

Anyway, got into :iconnightmares06:'s Brother's Apart Supernatural AU a good while back and decided to try my hand at entering her contest! Link to it here: www.deviantart.com/nightmares0…

After bouncing around between soooo many ideas I finally managed to stick to one and ended up with this little piece. Because who doesn't enjoy some (literal)big bro!Dean? And me being the person who enjoys leaving cliffhangers couldn't help but feel the need to end on one.

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed my crappy writing!

Supernatural and Dean Winchester (c) Warner Bros
Yuna (c) :iconprincessxheartless:
Brothers Apart (c) :iconnightmares06:
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