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ღ Scarlz ღ
Artist | Hobbyist | Design & Interfaces
United States

🌺 Milady Lightning | Femme | Transformers | Autobots | Aesthetics | Rakyah | League of Legends 🌺

"They say, I don't know when to quit. Like that's a Weakness."

🌺 Lightning Xayah Flares, is my name. I am a artist, gamer, and a editor. My favorite fandoms are Transformers and League of Legends, I did do Overwatch, but little by little, almost interest. I am a bit more of a League of Legends person, because I do forget that I played it before I joined the Transformers fandom. Either way, I love both fandoms.

🌺 If you watch me and I watch you, please, no don't thank me for the watch! I love to support others by their arts. I mean, why not? It is great to support! Plus, if you favorite my art, I'll favorite your's! I love to fav peoples amazing arts! You will recieve a comment like this.. "Thank you for the favorite, I will favorite one of your arts too! 🌺" Have a wonderful Deviant Day.
Name: Lightning (My friend, Nikita call me, Lightning Xayah Flares when she wants to.)

Birthday: May 5

Relationship Status: Single

What do I do: Random Arts, Transformers Videos, Live Streams w/friends, Skype calling, Playing Warface/Overwatch (STARTED), Listen some music then do a dance for it, create custom banners/backgrounds/icons, save some amazing photo's of Rakan and Xayah.

Facts: I am a Pastel Goth person, a random girl, too much obsession of Transformers, likes Crosshairs a lot, Flannel person, edits on part time, SODA IS BAE!, Linkin Park fan, has 4 Optimus Prime figures, always reading Transformers x reader stories, easily bored, regrets smiling during every photo but keeps smiling, has random weird funny friends, husky lover, teenagers is life in a diary, is in therapy, I am a Cy-Gate shipper FOREVER!! (Cyclonus x Tailgate), earned 2 Grimlocks, has a friend with obsession towards Cross-rift (Crosshairs x Drift), always called by Lightning Xayah Flares a lot at school.

Games: Overwatch, League of Legends
🌺 Milady Lightning's Quotes 🌺
"My name is Lightning Flares."

"We got our war, you got yours. It is time for you to save the world. We need your help."

"Feeling no trust doesn't mean that you will hate them. It means that you never gotten to know them. It isn't too late."

"Crosshairs, treat others kindly. You didn't even change when I met you. What is wrong with you?"

"Optimus Prime, sir. I've returned with information."

"Being a warrior isn't about being a hero. You are a member in our team. You still got more to learn."

"Stealth is always the thing to do when it is need for battle."

"Magnus, I know you don't feel okay with the change here, but if there is anything you need. I am here."

"Listen, I just lost someone who I deeply cared and loved. I know you also lost someone you cared and loved too. But, how far we've gotten and how far we known each other.. I'm just not ready to say goodbye."
🌺 Being an Editor 🌺
When I first started being one. I was inspired by everyone's. I was so amazed by what kind of design and films they used for their edits. So, I decided to join and have part of the fun to begin with. I started struggling of what I should use but I quoted:

"Listening to music makes me get the idea of what I could do."

It helps me a lot. Adding to that, I got friends who are editors and they helped me. I mean, they are great editors. And great film. Talent there.
🌺 Inspirations 🌺
Your amazing arts of your Oc's, friends Oc's, and Transformers characters! You got me into drawing Transformers characters, even though they are so hard, I can do them! I hope for you to continue on your beautiful arts, and your life with your wonderful man. ≧◡≦

Your arts of your Oc, Causeway is getting popular! She is a wonderful character, I believe my Oc, Lightning Flares will not let Causeway down on any mission she takes. You have given a gift to show everyone that everyone's arts are really fantastic and that shows a lot of love and effort to do them. Even when others take anyone's arts, you gave out the word to warn us all. I hope you, your husband and your wonderful baby are doing great. ≧◡≦

Ever since I saw your DeviantART profile, a lot of amazing arts there! Plus, too many Crosshairs. ≧◡≦ I heard from you by my friend who showed me lots of your arts. I was amazed at how you drew them in human and your favorite fandoms. They are fantastic and very detailed. I am looking forward to see more of your created arts. Plus, YOU GOT ME INTO LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, YOU DORK!! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

I truly love your arts, literally. You put so much love and devotion towards the arts you created. I was inspired so many of them. You showed a lot that they may have some emotions towards yours, I believe. But, you are an amazing person, and I know, you are the one that brought my days to my light. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

You're in a daydream. I am joining with you. ≧◡≦ You bring such inpirations I see in my eyes. I love all your beautiful arts. They bring me to a wonderland to a daydream I never get to be in. You are such a daydreamer I like. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ I hope to see more daydream arts from you!

You are such a sweetheart! I adore lots of your cute arts and plus, your Oc, Spacesaw. She just finally became my favorite Oc of yours. ≧◡≦ I am hoping to see more of your Transformers arts. (●´ω`●)
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Image result for TF4 Crosshairs gif

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Thank you for coming to my DeviantART Profile, I do hope to see you again. Good Bye.


Made a new friend with someone who played Talon, easily. xD Xalon is friendos. (Xayah and Talon = Friends)



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