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by JuddJoy

I think your tutorial is lovely but may we see you using colors. Also maybe turning a my little pony oc of each kind, pegasus, unicorn,...

Awesome ending I give you a 5 star for all and this is how it should end...this is AWESOME... and that bump had to hurt. im running out...

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True Colors (Chapter 1, Splatoon Story)

Chapter 1 -A Hero is Discovered-
"Do you think this is a good idea, Callie?" Marie asked as she looks around the stage that she has planned to perform on.
"I don't think why it is a bad idea. Can you image, us singing in front of a crowd, floating on a suspended stage. Even the fans all the way at the back can see us," Callie said with excitement.
"I can understand that part, but why on Hammerhead Bridge?" Marie asked as she looked around.
"Come on, Marrie, what could go wrong?" Callie asked nonchalantly.
"Now that you said that, anything," Marie commented in an sarcastic tone.
This isn't something the Squid Sisters would normally do, performing outside of Inkopolis Plaza, but it is for a special occasion. It's Inkopolis' 30th anniversary to be the hippest city in the country, and Callie though it would be cool to celebrate it with the concert on Hammerhead Bridge.
"Now then, shall we discuss the song list for the sho
:iconthecreator7777:TheCreator7777 16 8
Just Tell Them by TamarinFrog Just Tell Them :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 1,363 248
My Hero Academia - One Of A Kind - [Prologue]
Various X Tall!Reader
“First day’s suck.”
A young girl mumbled this as she approached Yuuei academy with her hands stuffed in her pockets. Flashing her new student ID, she shuffled past the huge gates and let out a yawn, blinking away the tears in her eyes.
“What the heck?” Once her vision was clear from the tears, she immediately caught a suspicious figure, sneaking towards the entrance of the school.
Raising her right brow in a lazy manner, she used her abilities to emerge by his side and spoke up.
“How did a villain like you get in?” Her voice startled the male and he glanced at her with wide eyes before his eyebrows scrunched up in anger.
She simply rolled her eyes, using her enhanced speed to dodge the attack he sent next.
“Don’t even try, asshole.” Paling over her words, his expression morphed into astonishment as soon as his eyes caught the change of two of her specific teeth.
:iconkhriky:KHRIky 61 6
Feeble, Feeble! #10 by hujikari Feeble, Feeble! #10 :iconhujikari:hujikari 120 12 Feeble, Feeble! #8 by hujikari Feeble, Feeble! #8 :iconhujikari:hujikari 118 14 Alone in the dark. by PONYMAAN Alone in the dark. :iconponymaan:PONYMAAN 11 37 The Mystery Skulls Misadventures: 'Wounds' pg34 by Scyrel The Mystery Skulls Misadventures: 'Wounds' pg34 :iconscyrel:Scyrel 988 278 DANGANSLASHERS by AlexisRoyce DANGANSLASHERS :iconalexisroyce:AlexisRoyce 13 0 Meanwhile 20 by pinkeevee222 Meanwhile 20 :iconpinkeevee222:pinkeevee222 62 9 The Princess and her Dark Knight Pt1 pg5 by Chauvels The Princess and her Dark Knight Pt1 pg5 :iconchauvels:Chauvels 76 30
When the Villains Fall [Sonic Forces]: Prologue
"We did it...we won!”
“I can’t believe it!”
The murmurs gathered into cheers, piercing the veil of fear that once lay over the crowd.  They’d done it.  The villains were defeated, the heroes victorious.  Sunlight, bright but gentle, filtered through the clouds of dust and smoke, as clear a sign of any that hope had triumphed over all.
And Infinite…
You could see it in the girl's face, reflecting an eerie sort of pulse in the air.  Power.  His power.  Fading.  Fading but fighting, though for what it wasn’t clear.   Then nothing. And that was all, giving her an ache in her chest and a sense of overwhelming dread.  Everything that had transpired--every escape, every battle--it was all  scattered, like a blurred dream whose pieces refused to align.  
No one spared the jackal a glance as she walked towards the tower, tail sweeping over the earth and leaving not so much as a line in
:iconwickedlyelphie:WickedlyElphie 14 2
FrekOps's Guide How to Make Sonic Fan Characters.
FrekOps's Guide How to Make Sonic Fan Characters.
Sonic the Hedgehog and its characters (c) SEGA and Sonic Team. I, myself, do not own any of characters created by SEGA and Sonic Team.
You DO NOT have to follow this guide strictly, even if prompted otherwise.


Many people here tried to make a Sonic FC, and soon after finished, the FC was accused as recolor or Mary Sue by people. Others doing the worst thing: Recolor without their ackowledgement.  Or trying too hard to make a perfect Sonic FC, with undesirable result. Everything, living or inanimate aren't always perfect, but can improved to be better. This long-ass texts is purposed to give people a guide how to make a decent Sonic Fan Characters.
Want to see?
Really want to see?
Let's Go to the Process Already!
1. Concept
Let's think what your FC gonna be. Would they will like after yourself, air specialist, fast runner (not as fast a
:iconfreak-ops:Freak-Ops 6 3
Sonic boom x human experiment!Reader 1
"Mrrrrmmmmm..." the human muttered while twisting a rubix cube. Eggman only stared in silence at the 13 year old sitting on the floor, cross legged.
"Hmmmm... orbot?" Eggman turned to the smaller robot companion.
"Yes sir?"
"Does (y/n) look... older to you?"
"No. Why?"
"Hmmm... maybe it's the lack of my evil sleep. I guess... hmmm..." Eggman looked at the child closely, noting the fact that they have completed yet another rubix cube.
"Wow! That's 15 in a row, (y/n)!" Cubot yelped, admiring the cubes stacked neatly in a corner.
"Sir, I must say though, her intelligence has grown immensely!" Orbot said.
Eggman walked towards the other human and robot, staring down at the human once more.
"...wait... orbot. Bring (y/n)'s records."
"Yes sir!!!" Orbot said, disappearing behind a corner.
"Have you been growing...?" Eggman muttered to himself.
(Y/n) looked up from their cube with wide, excited eyes before letting out a rumble of acknowledgement and looking down at the cube, turning i
:iconnyanpheonix101:nyanpheonix101 10 4
Amy x Lonely! Silent! Reader: A Trusting Friend
~Reader's P.O.V.~
You sat all alone up in a tree, hiding yourself away from everyone. You weren't ever going to show your face ever again, not after what happened earlier today. Your so called friend had tricked you into trusting her, she was just using you to get into a popular clique. The worst part of it is that she humiliated you right in front of them, making fun of you just because you never talked. And so you ran away, blaming yourself for ever thinking anyone would want to be friends with a quiet girl like you.
It was then you decided to hide here in this cherry blossom tree forever, you just couldn't bare the thought of going out there and being laughed at again. You sighed and buried your face in your hands, 'Why am I such an idiot!? Why do I keep falling for the same act time and time again!? Its just not fair! Why does every possible friend I meet turn out to be a big jerk who uses me for their own selfish purposes...just why?
Why does everyone choose t
:iconinvaderskittles432:InvaderSkittles432 13 183
Here Comes A Thought... by ClassicMariposAzul Here Comes A Thought... :iconclassicmariposazul:ClassicMariposAzul 317 42 ' Friend ' - 19 - FINALE by ClassicMariposAzul ' Friend ' - 19 - FINALE :iconclassicmariposazul:ClassicMariposAzul 233 76

Journal History


Anyone wanna be friends on Pokemon go?
did anyone else get a hot topic thing say that your cool and They`re proud of you? Does anyone know what thats all?
Ok now this isn`t really going to be a common thing is it?
Green moon: Maybe, but this is important.
Ok so i completed some of my Schedule thats good isn`t it?
Green moon: Yes and no.
Also where are the other 3.
Lion Tree: We`re still here we`re just being quiet.
Green moon: Fact is that you still have projects and things you need to complete.
Ok besides the goals-
Green moon: We addressed that in the last meeting.
So why are we still here?
Green moon: Simple we need you to get serious. 
What do you guys need me to do???
Green moon: We`re making the list as of right now. We`ll be back to you in a bit.


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