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After realizing the Buttmonth YCH was partially a failure due to not realizing I had no access to deviantart due to the internet getting cut off, and after hearing suggestions from both NowiGreen and PaddedCureKeiko on alternet ideas for income, I've pretty much decided to go the Patreon route, (mainly due to one of the websites I can still access)
YCH Buttmonth Beach by PrincessPolly63
    Gonna be working on the base sketches for the YCH's and buttmonth pics
Streaming with :iconstinkysheepie: and :iconpastelhime:
    Hiya. Been quite a while. If you're wondering why there hasn't been some cute bab art, or why I have suddenly stopped apearing in the Owl/Pastel streams, I have been helping my brother move out to his new house.

He plans to take everything with him, including the cable, duh he obviously paid for it :P

Remember that HDMI capture card I bought a while back that refused to work with my laptop? I was able to capture some of my favorite shows from the cable box, using OBS as the recorder! 
Trying to capture some of my shows as much as I can before the cable is gone. 

Also been thinking about weather or not to do another YCH. (This time with swimsuit models and for butt month)

Guess now I have a legit reason to get a Switch!
    Since she was nice enough to help me yesterday, I want to returning the favor!…
My friend, :iconstinkysheepie: is going to host stream commissions for this month. She's a pretty talented artist and a nice friend.
Now I'm ready to start accepting commissions!
    We're finally getting thunderstorms here in texas so this might put me off a couple of hours. 
Last storm we had caused a power surge!

Fuck it, I made a promis and I'm gonna keep to it. Well atleast untill shit gets worse and then I'll have to end it!
    Come on in, Gonna be doing commissions for the internet bill!
Sitting too long and had to stop and rest. Will continue it tommorow moring for the rest of the day
    OMG the Hype is so REAL!
I cannot wait to see it. Honestly wonder how they're gonna handle the movie

Come to think of it I wonder if they're gonna have a fledged out story for this. Atleast with the 1st movie it took place in the arcade and they had to stop Turbo before he takes over. So there's that. And oh my god with the internet idea in this, this is gonna be a massive world for them to work with. Though I feel like they're over compansating by making the internet version of Disney the best part of the web. 

Disney Princess cameo's I know you're gonna ask, "What does Polly think about the Princesses in the preview with Vanellope?" Well let me tell you. I'm honestly happy they decided to do this since Vanellope is still part princess. ("But she's a Preside...." Shut the hell up!) Them talking about the cliches they all experienced gave me a bit of a chuckle. Little disapointed Elsa and Anna are there! Still hoping Sofia the First is in there. Hell they got alot of Disney's property in there, I hope they refrence something from Disney Jr. Better yet I wonder if Princess Peach or Daisy will also cameo. Dude thing about it. Vanellope ditches the Disney Princesses to go Go Karting with my 2 favorite princesses. 
This is gonna be a quick stream as I'm only coloring tonight. Though I can still take reservations for sketches tommorow!

EDIT: finishing coloring stuff then to sketches!
Gonna be taking commissions for today!
Gonna host another commission stream later on tonight at 6pm CT (To those that cannot convert times, it's 6hr 30m from now)
    How many times do I have to sepify that I can only take art trades, commissions, or collaborations!
Unless specified, or if I'm in the mood during streams, you will not be able to get a request from me!
with StinkySheepie and nextGENN

Gonna be working on coloring commissions and ButtMonth related pics

Come shill with us!
Gonna be working on a comic and some sketches.

Come hang out
So... uh
Besides Roselia, can you name cute grass type pokemon that would look perfect in diapers?

No particular reasons <.<
    I have been informed that I should open a patreon to help support myself. 
Most of the income will be for the internet bill but I feel like there should be more to it. Then again I don't like the idea that I'm getting money without giving something back. That's why I like doing commissions over patreon, cause it's a garanted that I'm earning it. Currently reading up on it and figuring out how I'm gonna make this work.

Real question is can I use the same bank account/paypal with 2 seperate Patreons? or am I forced to use one?

2ndly. Something else I've been thinking about doing for a while. collect new and old girl pullups, take them appart and scan them for refrence materials for you ABDL artist!
Part of the earnings would be going to getting me some diapers :3 
    You have 2 computers open. One containing a shit load of open Windows filled with NSFW pics and documents. The other, an innocent looking computer with nothing to hide. (Atleast on screen). 

Some one barges in opening the door, and in a flash of panic, you reach the keyboard and try to hit a key that either hides all open windows or locks the screen (If you're running Windows 7-10) 

BUT unfortunetly. You hide the wrong PC. Leaving the exposed NSFW docs out in the open. 

One of my many nightmares when working on ABDL pics. 
Same thing applies with the Safe For Work stuff. I can't even draw Toddlers or fanart, or anything that doesn't have to do with ABDL. 

Thank god for locked doors am i right fellas?