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Thank you all for coming

Cmm KingHammerBro by PrincessPolly63

Will host another one tommorow!
    Starting at 3PM (Central Time) I will host a livestream doing sketch commissions!
    Gonna need help covering the internet bill. So I'm taking live commissions to help pay. Drop on in!
Some time around 6PM (Central Time) Will be doing on stream sketches and coloring.

EDIT: 7:30 CT
Okay so I had a hell of a weekend. (Sarcasm)

    Anyway on Friday I actually had a good day. My Professor didn't showed up at all so it was basically a free day. So I went ahead and decided to doodle on one of the open dry eraser boards at the college. Went great, both the college students and the visiting elementery students loved my artwork. I even got complements from the teachera and got to explain about how taking art classes helped me :)

And then things go to shit real fast.

Next day my internet got disconnected. At first I thought I've must've caught a virus from watching illegal cartoons. Turns out my neighbors were tearing down the house and somehow cut the wires from my house. 
If that wasn't bad enough, my one drive files arn't syncing, and I forgot to save copies of the refrence materials for my Essay! So yeah I couldn't work on my commissions or my homework.

Of course my sister's trying to blame it on me saying I didn't pay on time. Jokes on her. I had help *wink wink* (thanks guys) Funny enough she's taking it worse than me, for the wrong reasons, Netflix...

So yeah I'm gonna have to talk to my professor about the problem and hope he gives me an extension. In the mean time I'll finish all the commissions as much as I can.
Gonna be testing out one of the touchscreens at the college to see how well they do.

This is kinda public so I won't be doing any adult characters. I can however still do cute littles :)
     A simple question    How would you like to dress up as a princess for halloween? 
    Or would you rather face me in an intense video game?
Cause I'm gonna do both!

If this wasn't a clear indication that I was gonna do this, than I really need to work on better hints.

Anyway for this YCH What I'm gonna do is draw people's OC's dressed as any of the disney princesses.
The difference, unlike the past YCH's that were done, each character in a fixed pose, you decide who is put in there, etc.

What I'm gonna do different, I already design the outfits, and basically you buy it for your OC to wear. Posing is entirely up to you aswell.

Why disney princess? Well it's halloween and since dressing up as a princess counts for some reason we can do like some sort of costume thing. :3 Also because I'm really excited for Wreck It Ralph 2 especially since they're gonna be part of it via meeting Vanellope.

Disney Princess Outfits0001 by PrincessPolly63 Disney Princess Outfits0002 by PrincessPolly63
I've already design outfits based on the 1st 8 Princesses, if enough attention is drawn/or if all 8 slots get filled and people still want some I will add more outfits! Although they are in a rough sketch I will draw a more detailed YCH chart tommorow!

Each slot is $20 (Cell shade). One slot per OC. Each of you will recive a PNG single character image with said OC wearing the chosen outfit.
One it's over all OCs participating will join together for a group peice :)

Payment must be done in paypal only. 
Send me a note if you're interested!
It's funny, sometimes when I try to google specific characters I might actually run into one of my art pieces, however I didn't expect to see it from a different website.…
On one hand it's kinda nice to see people appreciate my art, and the fact it's spreading accross the internet is, helpful i guess.
On another, I don't see any actual credit to me. Hell you can actually see that signature I left on the far left side of the flower backdrop!

Seriously though, should I be consierned about this?
    Note to self:
Stop pulling all nighters to finish homework.
And start looking at the planner more often.

Have a party to go too and it looks like I wont make it back till way late.
Gonna be finishing the timeslot commissions and work on a few things.
Stop on by :)
    How would you like to dress up as a princess for halloween? 
    Or would you rather face me in an intense video game?

Cause I'm gonna do both!
Personal wise. English class is kicking my ass. Having to put more work to it over art.
REALLY doesn't help when family also gets in the way.

Art wise. so far okay.…
Well there goes my hopes of developing online flash games in the future :T
Ironic this occurs around the same time Windows 7 dies.
Wait what's gonna happen to all the flash games on deviant art once 2020 comes?

This sucks because I was a decent animator in high school using Adobe Flash. and sadly I wasn't able to put that skill to good use for a while!
Well in light of this discontinuation, I can still do animations and upload them to YouTube :P Since that was my original plan. Just sucks I can't really make games with adobe Flash for online especially since according to the thing, most/all web browsers won't support it anymore. Well I could just make them downloadable EXE files and go from there, but still. Kinda suck.

What are your thoughts about this?
Me... not to pleased with this honestly. Both because of the removal of something I was able to learn, that and the constant bombarments of seeing stuff I like about to be discontinued. I'm still not over the loss of WiiShop!
    You know how with a YCH, it's usually (from what I've seen) a basic sketch of a character doing a certain posture, and when you buy it you pick out the OC to use + outfit.

What would you call it if instead of a character sketch (or base if you want to get technical) and you only sell an outfit/costume and the buyer picks the OC and posture...
TS PicketFurret by PrincessPolly63(halfway done)
TS Yuhi-Tan by PrincessPolly63(more or less halfway done)
TS Cure Twinkle by PrincessPolly63(Almost done)
    Gonna finish coloring some of the Timeslot commissions that I've managed to ink.
    Due to family issues. Have to attend a Funeral. Distant reletive died, going for moral support
Was hoping to come back to do interweb stuff on Monday but holiday. The College was closed.
Anyway thanks to some help, the internet should be back on my place tomorrow. If all goes according to plan, I should be able to host the livestream for Coloring the Timeslot commisssions. If not, I'll just upload everything Friday.

Speaking of commissions, how would you all feel about a Videogame/arcade group YCH?
Money this time will go to a new drawing tablet for streaming. 
Current laptop's still doing fine but even my mom thinks it's time to upgrade. 
    My mom forgot to check when the bill was due, about a week ago.
Thankfully All I need to cover it is only $80 :)

Though untill it gets turn back on I won't be able to stream anything.
Don't worry to those who bought a colored version of their Timeslot, I will be doing those offline still.

    Thankfully now that I'm in college again I can use the school's wifi to access the web!

Thank you for your paitents