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    I can still remember my 7 year old self being tucked in bed by my mother.

    "Mama," my childish words dropped out of my tongue, "what's the outside world like?"

    My mother, a white bat with black points, replied, "It is much different than the underground cavern we vampires live in. While we sleep, the outside world emits sunlight so bright that we would burn in its rays. While we're awake, the world becomes dark, allowing us to get out safely. One thing I like about the world is that, it's colorful."

    "Does that mean it's safe out there?" I nervously sat up on the bed in my black pajamas.

    "No, dangerous enemies lurk in the outside world. They're mortals, as they cannot live forever. Whenever they sleep, we go out and suck blood out of them. However, if they catch us, they'll either impale our hearts with stakes or shoot us with silver bullets, as those can kill vampires. Do you remember what happened to your father?"

    My father, a red hedgehog, was shot with a silver bullet when I was only 2.

    "Yes mama. Am I ever going to come out of this underground world and suck on blood of the mortals?"

    "When you become 13 years old. For now, you must stay underground and lap on blood of deer. Always remember, mortals are never friends. Go to sleep, dear."

    She kissed me on the cheek and pulled the red raggedy covers over me and a doll I constructed out of sticks. Then, quiet as an owl, she paced away and closed the door, allowing myself to rest for the day.

    I, Shadow, am a black hedgehog, living in the 1890's America. I am happy for what I am now, but I can still recall what happened a decade ago. My mother taught me that mortals were enemies, yet I know that's false.
Yay, first entry to my historical fantasy paranormal romance, Sonic the Hedgehog fan fiction! (It's not really a Sonic fanfic but it takes Sonic characters and places them in a different setting unlike the Sonic universe.) This was pretty short but the future chapters will be longer.

Just to let y'all know that this will involve Shadaze.

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November 29, 2016
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