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twilight book one rant
[[[Okay..  I have to say one thing. Stephenie Meyer sure can trick a lot of people into liking this, After I got to about chapter 14 last night I got into a slight trance state and couldn't pull myself away form the PDF form of the book that I downloaded.  The book has no real good parts. A few parts made me fall off my seat and laugh. I will list the parts/quotes that were funny in the stats section of my rant below.]]]
Based on the story, which was boring, lifeless and having characters that pop out of their realm of origin. This book has one, no right to be considered a novel. Two, has no right to have a pretty black and red cover. And three, has no right to have the name "Twilight".
The reasons this book has flaws are listed below.
One,Bella is a spoiled brat that is too emotional for her own good. Mainly because she forced herself to move to Forks in order for her mother to follow around some loser. Also,she should not be so upset about living with her father ,
:iconprincessofheartbreak:princessofheartbreak 8 5
twilight movie rant
Anti twilight movie rant
By  K&K
Twilight The Movie Stats
-******  Negative 6 stars
Too damn long[2:00]
Okay, well.. I downloaded the twilight movie last night. Because mainly I wanted to see how bad it failed. Now, When I read twilight, I thought that was bad, weird and completely fucked up.I also thought it was addicting and mindless. When  I watched this movie. I just realized how horrible a movie can get. Forty minutes in I was begging my cat mittens to rip through my wrists and kill me but he refused and told me to fuck off, then he left me to the doom of this horrid movie…
Here are my reasons it sucked
For one:
The movie was not coordinated with the book at all. Unless the book somehow got erased from my memory[[It's sad cause  it hasn't]] I'm right.  The movie cut off and shortened about 95% of the book. I know that the book was too long to actually make a full movie of, besides costs, the actors probably don
:iconprincessofheartbreak:princessofheartbreak 1 0
twilight symbolism rant anti
-Cover: White hands holding an apple-
Cover Symbolism:The fruit symbolizes that Edward is a forbidden fruit to Bella like the forbidden fruit was to Eve in the bible..
Title Symbolism:It is to reflect that Bella is going into a darker time in her life.
New moon
Cover:-a bleeding tulip-
Cover Symbolism:This cover apparently has no meaning as Meyer said due to the fact the publishers normally pick the covers. Although it can symbolize the fact Bella is suicidal in this book.
Title Symbolism: It represents the fact that Bella is in the darkest part of her life[Resulting because Edward left her]
Cover-A broken red ribbon-
Cover symbolism: This mainly symbolizes there is never a clean break. Obviously this is dealing with the fact that Bella is havign to chose between Edward and Jacob
Title Symbolism: An eclipse is when the moon blocks the sun. The sun signifies Jacob, the moon signifies Edward. This name mainly represents Bella's choice.
Note: out
:iconprincessofheartbreak:princessofheartbreak 1 2
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Hey everyone.

I'm leaving dA. Well at least I'm leaving this account.

I'll be on another one. Due to certain reasons I am not going to be posting the link to that account either. So, If you find me again, Watch me. You should know me by my familiar comics/poems.

Farewell my watchers and friends!!


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