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Hi friends. :)  I hope your October is going splendidly.  

This October brings some mixed feelings for me.  Last October brought a very scary time into my life.  On the 9th, some of the worst wildfires in the recorded history of my beloved home, California.  Both the North and South were hit with over 9,000 fires, and they fires raged for weeks.  My county, last I checked, lost the most people in my area.  My heart aches for those who lost their loved ones.

I'll not soon forget the terror that gripped me when I woke up in the wee hours to one of my dad's crew called to warn us that a fire had struck the town where I go to school and was spreading fast.  My mom immediately had us all pack in case we needed to evacuate.  I could not stop crying.  For days, I slept in my clothes in case we needed to leave.  I knew that we might lose everything and could be put in a life-threatening situation.  I frantically texted my friends, trying to find out if they were safe.  They were, but nearly all had to evacuate.

My time was split into thirds.  Either I was having a meltdown, emotionally numb, or praying and trying to distract myself.  My grandma's town lost cell service, and we couldn't reach her for a long while.  Fortunately, she was safe and got to a place where she could text us. 

My college was shut down and became an evacuation center.  My hometown was never evacuated, but many evacuees came here seeking safety.  So many... :cries:  One of my friend's dad is a firefighter, and we were so scared for him.  At least firefighters died, but thankfully, he was not one of them.  The National Guard, as well as firefighters from other states, and Canada and Australia, all came to help.  Other emergency personnel, and several civilians also helped in countless ways.  To all the heroes, I say, thank you.  And you will not be forgotten.

I'll never forget how I felt the first time I saw the burn scars on the hills that surround the valley.  The hills were black.  Dead plants lay everywhere.  And the towns... Whole neighborhoods were gone.  Many other structures, including historical landmarks, were turned to ash.  There was no question.  These places, my home, would never be the same.  There was no going back to the way things were.  

When the college finally opened again, you could see the change in everyone's faces.  Many of my fellow students lost everything.  One girl in my English had to just grab her phone and her dog, and her family had to escape from their burning neighborhood with nothing but the car, phones, the dog and the clothes on their backs.  Some faculty lost their homes.  Others, like one of the Child Development professors, tried to help those suffering.  My professor opened her home to those who had none at the time.  If you can't tell already, she's a magnificent person. :)

The burn scars have mostly heald, but the rebuilding process has barely begun.  Many people are homeless, and some have had to relocate, even out-of-state.  Some places that were burned cannot be replaced.  Especially the history that burned down.  But some places have been able to rebuild, and they saw a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.  

It sure seems like it will be a journey of a thousand miles.  The rebuilding process is slow, VERY slow.  And though nature has healed (as can be seen from these) photos I took recently from the car:   1 by PrincessofDreams123   2 by PrincessofDreams123   3 by PrincessofDreams123 ) people's hearts, mind, and lives are still raw.  My anxiety disorder sure isn't helped by the memories of those horrific days and nights.

However, I will also not soon forget the way the community pulled together.  People opened their arms and homes to those in need.  Many, many, many dollars were raised to help those affected by the fires.  The center that collected clothes and other non-monetary donations had to stop accepting donations because it was receiving more donations than it could keep track of.  We took ours to Goodwill.  My college worked out deals with publishers to replace textbooks and materials lost in the fire.  Student Health Services offered their help.  Some loaned equipment to the front lines, some even facing the flames up-front, risking their lives to help people and animals escape the inferno.  Some made the ultimate sacrifice to save the life of another.  :cries:

It will be years before we are fully recovered, in more ways than ones.  But we have come together.  To rebuild, to heal, to remember and mourn those who were lost, and to celebrate with those who survived.  This will be one of those things those who lived through it will have to remember for those who cannot.  

I'm sure that somewhere in the back of my mind, I was asking, "Why God?  Why?"  There were times I gave into despair.  But each time, something happened to restore my hope.  My soul sang "Hallelujah!" when the danger finally passed. 

I decided to write this to sort out the emotional baggage the anniversary of these events brings.  I also want to caution people to never take security and all they have for granted.  Natural disasters can strike at any time.  This was the first time I have been affected so directly by one.  Now, I feel even more sorrow than before for those affected by fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, famine, and other disasters.  

But I also want to express how grateful I am that my friends, family, and I made it out the other side.  My college survived and I can still pursue my teaching dreams.  I also want people to be grateful for what they do have.  And to know that even when things seem bleakest, there is still light at the end of the tunnel.  It seems faint in the middle of these things and in the immediate aftermath of a disaster.  But it's still there.  Please try not to give up hope, whatever you are going through.  If you need to talk about something, I'm willing to listen. :) :heart:

On the way, when I took these photos, I was listening to the O'Neill Brothers album, a Notre Dame experience(the university, not the cathedral).  Two tracks stuck out to me: "Peace I Leave with You," and "Be Not Afraid."  During those moments, I did feel a sense of peace and did not fear the future.  We've made it this far, and we'll keep going.  We're going to reach that light at the end of the tunnel.  We might be closer than we think.

Thank you. :) :hug:  


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Hello everyone! I've been watching this site for a while and finally have an account! I'm just a regular girl who dreams impossible dreams and NEVER wants to grow up. My motto is "Be the best person you can be, yourself." I'm looking forward to my time here. Have a wonderful day! Copyright ~ image by Nimylu

I'm Christian and proud of it. :) I thank God for all my inspiration.

I'm straight.

I don't judge people for their age, religion, sexual or gender identity, nationality, or anything of the sort. :)

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