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What Happened on That Trip?! (Transformers RP) by PrincessofDreams123 What Happened on That Trip?! (Transformers RP) :iconprincessofdreams123:PrincessofDreams123 2 0
TF Fairytales: Snow White Part 4
    The Dinobots returned to the cabin that evening.  They were startled to see Sunriser lying on the floor, not moving.  "You, Sunriser," Swoop said.  "Get up!  Us Dinobots back!"  No response.  "You Sunriser get up!"  Still no answer.  "This not funny!"
    "Me Grimlock say you wake up!" Grimlock demanded.  No response.  They tried everything they could think of to wake her for ten minutes, but there was no change.  Swoop started to cry. 
    "What wrong with her, Sunriser?" he sobbed.  She still had her colors, so she wasn't dead.  But why wasn't she waking up?
    Snarl noticed the piece of energon fruit on the ground and picked it up.  There was a bite in it.  "Evil queen..." he said.
    The Dinobots realized that they didn't know how to help Sunriser.  They were very sad.  Not wanting anything else to happen to their friend, they made a nest
:iconprincessofdreams123:PrincessofDreams123 2 0
He's a Pirate! But I Love Him Chp 1
Chapter 1
A Handsome Stranger
I do not own Hetalia, it belongs to Hidekazu Himaruya ©.  

I only own my OCs.
    “Ugh!  I can’t believe that man!” Alexandra cried as she left the carriage with her basket.  “There is no way I can be persuaded upon to marry him.” The redhead stepped out into the fresh, salty air that could only be found at the harbor.  She needed to get away from her now ex-suitor.
    Alexandra was the younger daughter of James Meadows, a respected English merchant.  She, her mother Rose, and her older sister Clara lived in the port city while he sailed with his many fine ships all across the seas.  James had built a great fortune through trade, much of which he gave back to the community, supporting charity schools, poorhouses and helping young soldiers and sailors obtain commissions.  He also looked after his employees, making su
:iconprincessofdreams123:PrincessofDreams123 2 0
Mission Hydrangea (Version 2) by PrincessofDreams123 Mission Hydrangea (Version 2) :iconprincessofdreams123:PrincessofDreams123 4 2 Mission Hydrangea (Version 1) by PrincessofDreams123 Mission Hydrangea (Version 1) :iconprincessofdreams123:PrincessofDreams123 4 0 Looking Through (Version 2) by PrincessofDreams123 Looking Through (Version 2) :iconprincessofdreams123:PrincessofDreams123 10 7
Christmas in the Kingdom of Glansreich
I do not own The Royal Tutor, it belongs to Higasa Akai ©.
I only own my OCs.
Heine Wittgenstein had not expected Christmas to be this hectic.  Well, given his experience with his four pupils he should have expected it to be more complicated than the Christmases he had been used to, but this exceeded all his expectations.  
The tree that was in the ballroom was possibly the largest pine in all of Glansreich.  If you were to stand at the bottom of the tree, you would be unable to see the top. Heine wasn’t sure how the servants had been able to decorate to the top, but somehow they managed to do it without getting hurt.  Little Princess Adele was so excited.
“The tree is so pretty!” the little princess said with glee.  
The Queen mother smiled.  “It is my dear, it truly is.”
Adele’s brothers all smiled, even Leonhard.  Despite their many differences, they all loved Christmas.  Heine just hoped that this woul
:iconprincessofdreams123:PrincessofDreams123 1 0
Happy Holidays 2019! by PrincessofDreams123 Happy Holidays 2019! :iconprincessofdreams123:PrincessofDreams123 4 0 Christmas Gift For RachbakN :) by PrincessofDreams123 Christmas Gift For RachbakN :) :iconprincessofdreams123:PrincessofDreams123 7 19 Misplaced World (Transformers RP) by PrincessofDreams123 Misplaced World (Transformers RP) :iconprincessofdreams123:PrincessofDreams123 0 40
Transformers Mythology AU RP Prompt
In a far off time and place, the world was ruled by a vast pantheon of gods.  They ruled over natural forces, culture, and emotions.  Over everything, good and bad.  The gods did not always get along, and the repercussions could be felt in the realm of mortals.  But the gods are needed and mortals can win them over to help them.  This was also a world of great heroes.  They battle monsters and evil beings.  Their stories are told in story and song over and over.  Many times, the realms of the mortal and immortal cross over.  What new myths shall be told?  
First off, do you want the characters to be in...?
A. Bot form?
B. Human form?
And who is your character(s)?
1. God/Goddess?
2. Demi-God/Goddess?
3. Ordinary Mortal?
4. Mortal or Demi-god Hero?
1. NO 18+ content of any kind.  No sexual themes, extreme violence, intensive gore(A little where necessary is alright, but not gore for gore's sake
:iconprincessofdreams123:PrincessofDreams123 0 0
The Femme with No Voice (TF Rp) by PrincessofDreams123 The Femme with No Voice (TF Rp) :iconprincessofdreams123:PrincessofDreams123 1 1,766 Prowl the Literary Critic Pt. 9 (The End) by PrincessofDreams123 Prowl the Literary Critic Pt. 9 (The End) :iconprincessofdreams123:PrincessofDreams123 0 0 Prowl the Literary Critic Pt. 8 by PrincessofDreams123 Prowl the Literary Critic Pt. 8 :iconprincessofdreams123:PrincessofDreams123 0 0 Prowl the Literary Critic Pt. 7.5 by PrincessofDreams123 Prowl the Literary Critic Pt. 7.5 :iconprincessofdreams123:PrincessofDreams123 0 0 Prowl the Literary Critic Pt. 7 by PrincessofDreams123 Prowl the Literary Critic Pt. 7 :iconprincessofdreams123:PrincessofDreams123 0 0


Jesus by kazmierczuk Jesus :iconkazmierczuk:kazmierczuk 135 28 There's Science... by VixessRin There's Science... :iconvixessrin:VixessRin 5 1 . : DeviantartID 2019! : . by AngelBunnyMiki . : DeviantartID 2019! : . :iconangelbunnymiki:AngelBunnyMiki 22 19 Fragile by maryine Fragile :iconmaryine:maryine 72 10 TFA colored by subtilisin TFA colored :iconsubtilisin:subtilisin 34 6 Romania (Hetalia) by Sandra-Floree Romania (Hetalia) :iconsandra-floree:Sandra-Floree 5 1 Romania (Hetalia) by BlazingStar2111 Romania (Hetalia) :iconblazingstar2111:BlazingStar2111 38 3
Valentines Day RP Prompts
So, seeing as how I basically dislike Valentines Day, I wrote most of these out of pure spite/need to distract myself from today. Because while I hate Valentine's Day traditions(why go out to a fancy dinner, when you and your S/O can just be together at home watching stupid B-rated horror movies? To each their own I guess…) I love romantic stories, when done right. My top two examples are The Princess Bride and The Shape Of Water. So, here you are everyone! These are indeed open to do(and I’m gonna use them to get back into the swing of things. Hope y’all don’t mind.)
Prompt 1 - Can’t Help Falling In Love(Literally)
It’s been a long day for you. While most enjoy the heart-filled holiday, those in the retail industry have more than a couple of things to say - and yeah, you’re one of them. It’s about near the end of your shift, when you get to witness the strangest event of the day(so far); a young adult - who looks like they should be on a
:iconjojo419:JoJo419 4 40
Dino plushies by Swiper-dA Dino plushies :iconswiper-da:Swiper-dA 50 6 Prowl by Mawnbak Prowl :iconmawnbak:Mawnbak 23 8 America Pastel Stamp by Angelinia America Pastel Stamp :iconangelinia:Angelinia 71 24 Pastels Stamp by Kuqqiz Pastels Stamp :iconkuqqiz:Kuqqiz 89 2 Dragon Rider 2P Nyo Sweden by JettwinsFan Dragon Rider 2P Nyo Sweden :iconjettwinsfan:JettwinsFan 4 5 Pottertalia: Year 1: Part 5: Part 2 by jt-designs-123 Pottertalia: Year 1: Part 5: Part 2 :iconjt-designs-123:jt-designs-123 11 2 hot chocolate date by hetaliadutch hot chocolate date :iconhetaliadutch:hetaliadutch 6 2 Floating Hearts - Free Use Icon by r0se-designs Floating Hearts - Free Use Icon :iconr0se-designs:r0se-designs 21 2


This photo conveys a powerful message to the viewer. The meaning can immediately strike one without having to read the title. It is bea...

by tanaw

Wow. First of all, this is an abosolutely gorgeous piece. Really it's no wonder it got a Daily Devation. I love the use of color. I lov...


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Hi everyone.  Just as last year, here are some of my goals for the new year.  Due to anxiety, heavy schoolwork load and burnout, I did not complete a lot of my goals last year, so I am going to try them again this year, along with some new ones.

I've decided that the only way to deal with my anxiety about new phases in my life and to climb out of the burnout pit is to stop putting off what I want to change and do, and just start actually living.  It's going to be hard because it's not really something I feel like doing and I'm not used to taking a lot of control over my life, but I know I need to do this.  I'm not gonna start feeling better, physically and emotionally, until I do this instead of putting it off or waiting around for a disaster to kick me into gear.  Praying this goes well. :) :heart:

Keep a new devotional journal

Do the weekly prayer project book I got for Christmas

Learn how to take the county buses as an alternate form of transportation

Make a new reading list and complete it(especially with the new cozy mysteries I have to read)

Start doing book reviews on here (and maybe on Instagram)

Start learning more about photo editing and camera techniques

Read the Bible chronologically on my Olive Tree Bible App

Catch up on my Nancy Drew and Awakening games

Complete at least 2 Ace Attorney games on my DS

Further develop my new OCs and create new ones as I get new ideas

Create an rp schedule to help with replying to my rps here and on Quotev

Get my AU fics done

Get my Autism Blog REALLY going

Start Autistic tips on Instagram stories

Start an Ask-the-OCs blog on Tumblr

Get my Hetalia Magical Mishaps series off the ground

Try Duolingo again

Try Pilates to build strength

Get a job at a preschool/daycare

Search for volunteer opportunities in my community

Use Pacifica to take control of my anxiety

Sleep and eat better

Try to be more organized in school

Finish some of my fanfics and think of a writing schedule for them

Be the best friend I can be. :)

All I can think of right now, but I'm hoping to hit most if not all of these.  Praying that I will. :)  I look forward to another year on here with all of you as well.  I pray this new year is one of your best yet! :hug:  Good luck to all of you! :) Good Luck 


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello everyone! I've been watching this site for a while and finally have an account! I'm just a regular girl who dreams impossible dreams and NEVER wants to grow up. My motto is "Be the best person you can be, yourself." I'm looking forward to my time here. Have a wonderful day! Copyright ~ image by Nimylu

I'm Christian and proud of it. :) I thank God for all my inspiration.

I'm straight.

I don't judge people for their age, religion, sexual or gender identity, nationality, or anything of the sort. :)

Current avatar by: :iconr0se-designs:

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My Autism Blog:

My DA Sisters: :iconperdylexie101: and :iconghostiesdesk: :iconpixie8: is also my DA sister. :) I love my sisters! :D

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Hey there! Name's Nickolas (autistic 20-year old big-hearted dreamer who's doing fine)! How's today and yourself? What's your name? Do you role-play in notes or comments? What are your favorite cartoons, movies, books, comics, shows, video games and anime/manga?
PrincessofDreams123 Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm okay. :)  I go by Chloe on here.  Or Dream.  I typically do it in comments, but I'm open to notes.  And I have a lot of favorite things.  
Club-Dreamiverse Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Total Drama? Percy Jackson? Pokemon? Danganronpa? iCarly? Totally Spies? Victorious? Drake and Jake? Zoey 101? Hannah Montana? The Suite Life of Zack and Cody? Sonny with a Chance? Liv and Maddie?

You into a adoption role-play?
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I do like Percy Jackson.
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Thank you for the FAVEs!! :D
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I love your tagline. You are right: with compassion, everything is possible.
Watching your page, if you don't mind. :)

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