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Life- like art
draws him
to deep pools with shades of past,
where pines reach blue skies
and his hands, rough from pen and sword,
dive in with a splash of rain
to birth truth
:iconprincessnavi:PrincessNAVI 0 10
Nighttime Games
In time with the moonswept waves
flows a midnight rave's pulsing beat
lemon-lime toenails scatter the sand,
which glides lightly through the gale
and sticks to splashing tanned feet
Flames chained to blackened log holsters
leap free into the sea,
enticing moths to crystallize,
close their eyes, changing into fireflies,
materializing throughout the night,
in light showers and darkening sparks
The breeze dances unsteady in the balmy air,
blowing through flowing hair and towering palm trees
the stars blink to the tune
following the lead of the moon's sinking silver beads,
reaching down to bathe the beach
The sun sneaks, stealthy in the morning sky
peaking over the horizon to find
a silver bracelet, half buried in the sand
and drawn with the tide
away from land and the dying embers
of last night's flames, cast out
by the entourage, moving on to daytime games.
:iconprincessnavi:PrincessNAVI 1 14
A spectrum of light,
banished with a drip.
:iconprincessnavi:PrincessNAVI 0 11
A blue green hum fills the air.
:iconprincessnavi:PrincessNAVI 0 2
Silence falls in ringing bells,
only white.
:iconprincessnavi:PrincessNAVI 0 12
Towering to infinity,
The broken oak heralds the evening rain,
Saddened by it's silence,
I try to ease it's pain
:iconprincessnavi:PrincessNAVI 0 7

Random Favourites

Dust encrusted tapestries line the hallways -
lively scenes of revelry cotton-captured,
left to rot in catacombs; time-abandoned  
memories fade, fray
blur to grey in weakening contrast, age-veiled
vision pales to monochrome cast in shadow,
vibrance lost from memories life embroidered -
formed then forgotten.
:icondarkcrescendo:darkcrescendo 9 92
Quiet Interlude - Fix by silentkitty Quiet Interlude - Fix :iconsilentkitty:silentkitty 378 144 Fall by liiga Fall :iconliiga:liiga 1,111 112 Freak Upon the Wall by littlenicky Freak Upon the Wall :iconlittlenicky:littlenicky 2 1
Love is a VERB
let go
bask in the glow
of luminescent venerability
freeze in time the shape of pink skin
that rests upon silk lips
trust the passionate rivers
washing over entwined bodies
absorb the liquid sensations
in naked comfort  of arching backs
reveal secret ambitions
like fingertips that drum sweet songs
and hold onto saving grace
like smooth welcoming arms
let go
:iconnelsmiley:nelsmiley 5 23
Hello. by hrist Hello. :iconhrist:hrist 3 6 Standing Tall by floozy Standing Tall :iconfloozy:floozy 3 5
Steel your Lips...
Steel your lips
Against my words
Hold your heart
Away from my hands
These things complicate
A simple plan
Wasn't it supposed to be?
It became
Your heart, my lips
My fears, your truth
Binding us
Weaving me into
You lingering
In my thoughts
Fingers like string
Attached to your heart
Pulling us
Wrapping us
:iconviciousvitality:viciousvitality 1 2
What is to life
but a simple memory
which no one accepts
and no one remembers
An existance unknown
a face unseen
a shadow of a person
a dark broken dream
No mirrors show my reflection
no eyes will ever see me
No hands can ever touch me
So why should i try to show myself?
I never existed in this world
Yet i continue to try
for all my life, i have suffered
And yet, no one hears my cries
I try to hard to be seen
To be more then just a memory
But with every attempts comes another failure
And a dream dies once again
I wait, in my darkness
why? because i care
And yet i'm the only one
Who will never stare
I judge no one on apperence
and i always give another chance
Yet when i'm the one who is being judged
I'm always shot in the head
I'm nothing more then a memory
No more shall i try
And to the world that will always pass me by
I will forever lament and die
:iconangelstar107:angelstar107 1 5
Tainted Utopia by kReEsTaL Tainted Utopia :iconkreestal:kReEsTaL 25 63 mad fun bike ride by urfacelookslike mad fun bike ride :iconurfacelookslike:urfacelookslike 3 11 Nightly Forests by enayla Nightly Forests :iconenayla:enayla 15,350 2,630 Saffron Skies by azhrarn Saffron Skies :iconazhrarn:azhrarn 14,494 2,163 Rear Window by downwiththesickness Rear Window :icondownwiththesickness:downwiththesickness 3 7
To remember a day in a year
is to remember a minute
in an hour.
And to name a star in the sky
is to name a seed
in a flower.
To sing a note in a song
is to sing a word
in a letter.
And to make the sun hotter
is to make the ocean
even wetter.
To heal the cured with a touch
is to heal the dead
with a kiss.
And to love the unloved with a whole heart
is to love the devil
and not miss.
To want more when you have nothing at all
is to want nothing
when you love what you got.
And to want nothing when you have nothing
is to want it all
when you hate what you naught.
:iconbakanohoshi:bakanohoshi 11 51



Melinda Navielle
United States
Current Residence: In a place, in a time, in a dream, and in my mind
Favourite genre of music: Indie, Classic Rock, Alternative rock, J-pop
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Why, hello again! Wow, so much has changed since I have been on here. I am now 19 and a sophomore in college. I am majoring in Creative Writing at Bowling Green State University. My English classes start next year, my freshman year consisted of core requirements and the adventure of a lifetime, but more on that later. I decided to rejoin Deviant Art because of the way the vibrant writing community nourished me and encouraged my growth in the past. I hope I can become part of the community once again. I will be stopping by many pages I used to frequent and see how much has changed. Hope to talk to you all soon!


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ministerofevil Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2004  Professional Traditional Artist
thanks for the +(*)
Lyesmith Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2004
thank you for the much needed critique on my poems. :hug:
and about the poems, some of the mistakes are there because i am not an native English-speaker, and those slip-ups happen quite often.
otherwize, i agree with your comments on my poems; the critique are greatly appreciated.
echo-si Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2004   Writer
You ROCK ^_^
EmuiousElixor Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2004
Thanks again for the criticism. Your poetry is wonderful :)
BlueLoserPony Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2004   Writer
:hug: yay you! ::gives you a cookie::

have a lovely day!
livingbyair Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
Some of my stuff: [link]
livingbyair Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
darkcrescendo Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
My thanks for the watch.

I hope you enjoy yourself!

lemontea Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2004
Hola you, thank you very much for the devwatch :)
echo-si Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2004   Writer
Have you read any of ~fallingsilver's work? It isn't fantasy, but it is extremely long and might give you an idea of what you're allowed to get away with.

She was very briefly a pupil of mine, but quickly surpassed her teachers to become, in my opinion, the single best poet on this website.

*catching is also very gifted. His works are not as long.
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