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Well, I haven't been here in a while. I suppose that life just hit me over the head with so much at once. This year is incredible. I don't like my english class, but I really enjoy all the reading and writing assignments we've had. I guess that's a big reason why I just can't focus on writing other things. Well, that's not entirely true. I've written one or two things but I can never find the time or the motivation to edit. I also got a rather large role in the school play. It's only a one act play, but it still seems like a lot to memorize. My religion teacher this year is awesome. We're studying World Religions this year, which is so much nicer then the usual narrow course on Christianity. My friends have been great this year, and I spend at least one day a week doing something with someone. I don't know, I guess this is all just a list of excuses. I was spending far too much time online, and it wasn't doing me any good. I needed a break. There's a few people here who I plan on catching up with, but I'm just going to ignore the 303 messages in my message centre. If I can learn to budget my time, you can expect me to spend some more time here. I really am grateful to everyone who has taken time to help me out, this year time and time again I've been amazed at how selfless teachers are, here and everywhere.
I'm back at the point where I have to feature my most recent deviation just to make it show up on my main page. Ah well, experience tells that it will show up eventually. I am paticularly inspired right now, and thankful for everyone that has taken enough time to help me improve as a writer. School starts soon, and this year's english course focuses heavily on metric feet. It should be pretty good. I wish art 2 fit in my schedule, but what are you gonna do?
Many, many thanks to :iconecho-si: for adopting me and helping me to improve as a writer more then anyone else.
I love this summer. I went to the fair with my Sarah on Friday (we got to pet the goats!) and then on Sunday I drove all the way to Maryland. That took about 8 hours since I'm not an experienced driver. My aunt, uncle, and cousin had just moved from one part of the state to another, and we were visiting. The trip back only took six and a half hours, but my dad drove some of it. He wouldn't let me drive down the steep side of Mount Summit :(. It is a scary mountain though. I'm working on revising some of my poetry (I got a thesaurus up in Maryland,) but my dad's off this week, so we're out doing things. Next week will be much better for that.
I was in a hurry when I wrote this so,
Many, many thanks to :iconecho-si: for helping me out. And look! It's a clubs! :iconpure-placebo:  :iconpoetrycafe:
I got bored and started a thread in the thumbshare forum. Of course, it hasn't been responded to because it requires you to give back. Here's how it works: you give a good, well thought out comment to the last link in the forum, and then you can post your own.… I was wondering if anyone here is interested :shrug:. Anyway, I am SO excited about the rock for change concert coming here. Bright Eyes, R.E.M., Bruce Springsteen and John Fogerty. Bright Eyes is probably my absolute favorite band, and R.E.M. is pretty close. And come on... THE BOSS. I don't know much about John Fogerty, but my dad assures me he's great.  Finally, living in a swing state pays off. Haha... I'm not sure why anyone would change their political opinions based on what a band or singer says, but whatever. Tommorow me and my Sarah are going to the country fair to pet goats. Not that specifically I suppose, but I do love goats. MAAAAAAA!
I finished reading Spoon River Anthology. That took forever... I don't think I really got much out of it. Just one more book to read, and I can read enjoyably again. I've started Bradbury's From the Dust Returned, and it's a promising read. This is such a great summer. I love to lie in the grass with a good book, and some kitties watching me. On weekends, I've done something really great with most of my good friends. The only thing I haven't done is go hiking, and I like to do that after school. It's a bit hot this summer, but I'd rather be hot then cold. Besides, on the hotter days I go down to the resevoir and swim. There's fish there, and they're really cute. I'm optimistic about school this year too. I won't have to put up with chemistry again. I'll have two math based courses, and art 2 is going to be awesome. I won't have to deal with computer class, or some certain teachers. But right now, the poetry is with me. It's great to be able to write when I feel like it, and some awesome people have been helping me out. Top among them is of course :iconecho-si:. Go, check out her work, she's awesome. Hey look! It's a clubs! :iconpure-placebo:  :iconpoetrycafe:
As you may have noticed, or you may not of, I've deleted most of my deviations. I have them all saved and plan on editing and re-submitting alot of them. I've finally obtained the ability to edit (I know, I know... that's kind of sad), and I plan on using it. I only left the poems that I cannot edit anymore on my own and that are not paticularly horrid. If anyone can critique them I'd be very grateful. Thanks to :iconecho-si: for being VERY supportive and helpful. And yeah, :iconpure-placebo: is cool.
Hmmm... yes, I have not submitted in a while. But I am not dead! I have a work in progress (erm.... very slow progress....) But, most of my creative energies have been focused on art class lately. Right now I'm working on a pointallism piece...and before that it was a still-life. None of this will ever make deviant, for an abundance of reasons... including lack of scanner. But anyway, I haven't forgotten about poetry... and I'm still very grateful for :iconecho-si: and still checking in on the club :iconpure-placebo:. Ummmm... *waves*
A thousand thanks and :hug: s to :iconecho-si:


maybe later I'll write a journal entry to go with this.... :D