Moar Than Three - No. 8
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OMGSOTIRED. I'll write a better note thingy after I get some sleep. XD

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thats... not nice :I
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HerculesMulligan|Hobbyist General Artist
No, it's hilarious
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Cubeninjas1990's avatar
XD just maybe...
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Odoovy's avatar
Light, you my good sir, are evil!
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Emiko666's avatar
I found this both adorable and hilarious. ^ ^
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erisama|Hobbyist Photographer

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RecycledDreamz's avatar
Hahaha, this is so depressing xD
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Helena-1640's avatar
I bought the last picture in badge form at Otafest today :D
I love him xD He's so cute!
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G1990's avatar
Awww What a cute, power hungry psicotic; god complexed murderer :3
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spooky-noodle's avatar
happiest ending...EVER!
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GizesNumbers's avatar
Hallo, I just wanted to ask if I could have your permission in using this image in a project I'm doing about memes. Also, it's brilliant. I mean that. I'm not just brownnosing in the hopes of getting permission. No sirree bob, I'm not.
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princessmacaron|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, go ahead. :3 Hope your project goes well.
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Ianflowforever's avatar
When I saw 'L, diabetes' I laughed so hard!
I always though 'How the heck, does he it 10 times his weight in candy, each day/episode, and not get fat, or a disease?!'
This comic makes me so happy!
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tacochance's avatar
XD Funny, I saw the shirt based off of it too, I want it!!!
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Window-Climber's avatar
Window-Climber|Student Traditional Artist
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nschang|Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, wow, that has got to be one of the most painful ways to make L die. ^^;
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Shannondorf's avatar
lol dr stiles. :iconimhappyplz:
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Kirika-chan's avatar
Oh that's evil :D
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CrazyProject's avatar
If Light didnt do that then L would've died of obesity.
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Elthenai's avatar
Hehe fab!
Sucha perfect end for L ^_^
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Hisoka-kun's avatar
This is beautiful. <3
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MistressChickenbone's avatar
Wow, that was great. xDD
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Miniatureowl| Digital Artist
This is ftw. Jeez I wish I had all that cake.:c
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Capri-chan|Hobbyist Writer
That is terrible. Seriously.

And I love you for it. XD
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