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$illy me somehow I missed the change in deviation sharing ^^; For those unaware you now need to select the share on deviantART tab near the twitter crap or the little arrow thingy and it will give ya a thumb code most often :slow:

As the curtain closes on dA's 11th birthday and its weeks worth of celebrations we raise the curtain on a new week *drumroll* It's :devStaffApprciation: Week All week long Aug 8-15 2011 we celebrate the first ever Annual Staff Appreciation week to celebrate the dA Admin$ Who do so much for dA and have kept the site afloat for 11 Glorious years and counting :la: Check out these Journals/Blogs/etc.…

*Will be update periodically*

Day 1 interview-

Any way I also need ta bring my featuring back so I figured what better way than give Admin Journal features as a way to give back to the Admin$ that give so much to the community :dalove: $o every day for the next week I'll try my best to feature some staff deviations and such. Also this is ta show you all that staff are sill deviants just like anyone else :la: So here goes The first round of features


:bulletblack: Community Relations Head sometimes goes by the name Dani or moonie13 ;P

:bulletpink: Dani is truly a very giving and caring Admin. $he supports many charities off dA but on dA she gives 110% into the community. She goes to great lengths *and sometimes pains* to help foster the relationship between community and Admin$ Heres some great deviations by her:

Yoda by Moonbeam13   Sanctuary by Moonbeam13   Bogart by Moonbeam13

I'd give you more features Dani *Not that any Admin$ will read this* but your Gallery is kind of sparse ^^;


:bulletwhite: Community Operations Head

:bulletblue: fourteenthstar A.K.A. Fiona is the Yin or Yang or whatever to Dani. She runs :devcommuniyops: which focuses on some of the more technical aspects of things :-)

Here's some of her work:

Well that's it for the first feature. I'm behind so look for the second within the next 16 hours ;P

Of course I would like to thank the Admin$ for making dA Awesome for 11 years :-) Keep up the good work :thumbsup: Oh and dont let pachunka fall asleep with dA in Read Only mode :lol: XD :slow:

Celebrate Staff Appreciation week :la: AUG 8-15 :D…

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conniekiddHobbyist General Artist
"Community Operations Head *don;t know her real name ^^; *"
->Check out her ID :) $chix0r is called Fiona.

Nice features! C:
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PrincessKoohHobbyist General Artist
Thanks. My bad ^^;

Celebrate $taff Appreciation week :la: AUG 8-15 :D [link] , [link] & [link]
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conniekiddHobbyist General Artist
No problem. :aww:
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Moonbeam13Hobbyist Photographer
I have 161 deviations I'm not sure I'd call it sparse but maybe it's just not stuff you like :)

Thank you for the feature!
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PrincessKoohHobbyist General Artist
Sorry I wasn't paying attention ^^; And OMG thanks for reading my journal :eager:

And you're welcome :-)

Celebrate $taff Appreciation week :la: AUG 8-15 :D [link] , [link] & [link]